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  1. Very nice work. The face, skull, and shield design contrast nicely with the well-done black armor. It's a cool model and you certainly did it justice.
  2. It's nice. I'm looking at revamping my VC army and need some alternative models. I won't be sculpting my own though because most vampires don't look like misshapen, amorphous blobs. Anyhow, nice work.
  3. Ah, the death rider et al! Thanks, I had missed that.
  4. So I'm looking at a Vampire Counts army for WHFB. Actually, I reconstituting it after having sold much of it. I've painted Black Knights in the past, and they were kind of meh. So I'd like some alternative models I can assemble and paint. I haven't had much luck Googling or go through mini companies. Anybody got some undead love out there? Thanks.
  5. Very nice. I'm a big Wonderland fan, so I'm digging it.
  6. Yes, cutebutpsycho, I'll be there. Not sure how much time I have that weekend, but I'll make at least a couple of classes. Aryanun, I've been there a few times, last Saturday. It's a bit dangerous, you know. I need to leave my wallet at home. Thanks for the warm welcome, all. I look forward to exploring the boards and eventually posting something.
  7. I'm in Denton, TX, Forlorn Hope. Home of the Morrison Corn Kit!
  8. Matt just won a dollar. My name is Luka. Well, it's actually David. Anyhow, howdy, people.
  9. You did a fantastic job. I've painted the unmounted one. The skin looks a bit too healthy for undead, and the aquamarines could have been highlighted up further.
  10. I have 19 more Ogres to paint, not including characters. 4 Gorgers. A Tyrant. A Butcher. And something like 80 gnoblars, 88 with Trappers, which might as well be 8,000 Gnoblars. Like I'm going to paint those, right. I intend to knock these out ASAP and return to Vampire Counts. Got some nice Reaper minis for my Spectral army.
  11. I didn't see an introductions forum, so I thought I'd pop in here and say... Hello, my name is David. I live on the second floor. I paint upstairs from you. Yes, I think you've seen me before. If you see some messy model, some weird colors Just don't stare too long. Erm, that's it.
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