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  1. Looks frickin' sweet! And now I see. I was totally wrong on the base. I missed that you were doing water effects. I love it. Bang up work.
  2. Looking great. I love seeing these big models being done.
  3. The pec looks much better. It was too much of a spotlight. But now, very sweet.
  4. Very cool,very cool indeed. Love the color scheme and execution. Very nice brushwork there.
  5. Yeah, the skin looks awesome. And not just because this reminds me of myself in high school.
  6. I love Anne's rendition and will probably emulate a good bit of it. Yes, the face has always struck me as odd, but I think the mask interpretation looks pretty cool. Are these new giants really part of a coming Warlord faction?
  7. I love it, especially the frog! Great work!
  8. On the back view, how far out do his calves extend? Would they get even that much highlight? (That's the comment I always get when I take something into the Asylum, being told that my "lowest" highlights are the same value as my "highest" highlights and shouldn't be). The medallion at nine o' clock isn't blended as nicely as the others. Is he positioned where you want him for the final take? It seems odd that he'd choose to stand on an unstable rock which he isn't quite centered on, though I'm guessing that's temporary. And that leg is higher, I just noticed. If it's a sloped front on the base and you haven't repositioned his feet you might just work some green stuff magic to level him, a rocky protuberance or shelf or something. Yeah, looking at your past pics, it's kind of an awkward pose for positioning, it seems. Something else, when I look at the highlights on the back of the sword and on his shoulders, it seems there'd be more highlight on the front-right part of the sword (viewer's right). That metal flair shooting upwards, whatever that thing is called. Would it catch more light? Nitpicking done. You're doing a bang-up job, and I can see why you're having fun with him. Very cool fig being given a very cool paint job (pun unintended). Ghost White's a great color, isn't it? I've really enjoyed seeing you work this guy up. He's already looking terrific. I find your shading quite instructive.
  9. Nolatari, that looks strikingly familiar to me!
  10. Yeah, the shield is a big visual distraction. I think it'd lend to the overall tone of the work if you did it like the severed head.
  11. Wow, you're really improving your work! Nice work. I love the model and well painted to boot.
  12. Excellent! I think it's fantastic! Great work, you should be proud.
  13. You know I like me some striped pants on Ogres. Looking good. What heroes do you have in mind?
  14. The glaze ratio I was taught by Anne and Jon at Reaper is to use one drop RMS paint, 5 drops of water, and 5 drops of RMS brush-on sealer. Sometimes you piddle with it, and this formula is for RMS paints. I've used it numerous times and had great results.
  15. Looks great, as usual. I love that she has bikini tan lines. What's a cave woman wear for a bikini?
  16. He turned out great. The attention you paid him obviously paid off. I'd love to see him in person. As good as it looks, I bet it looks even sweeter up close.
  17. It went something like this... Moved to Denton, TX, so that my wife could attend UNT and study music. I was looking for Warhammer games and found some, along with a flyer about the the LoneWolf Indy GT in Dallas, which I first attended in 2007. I took a mini, won a painting contest, and Mark said, "Nice mini, you win. Here have all this paint." Then he said, "Come by Reaper sometime." So I took the paint and thought, "Hmm, nice paint." And I went by Reaper and thought, "Hmm, nice people" and "Hmm, nice painters!" So I went to my first ReaperCon and thought, "Hmm, nice paint classes." So now I've joined the litany of people who tithe a portion of their pay each month to Reaper, though I buy far more paints than minis, though I've got the Warlord itch if the rumors of a new faction of giants is true. I've got almost all the RMS paints and some of the RPP paints. I love learning from the highly skilled painters there and have gone from being a good painter to being a better painter and maybe one day will be a great painter.
  18. Excellent stuff. You realized the model very well.
  19. Yeah, pretty much what demonelf3 said. Great job on a tough mini, excellent stitching. I'm inspired to try that myself, now.
  20. Next WiP. Avatars of War chaos mini. Reaper Crusader Casualty Marker. Babylon 5 Vree saucer from Iron Wind Metals. Standard from GW Marauder Horsemen sprue. This will be my most involved "conversion." I generally just glue things together and apply paint. So this will be a real challenge. It's already consumed a lot of time.
  21. Thanks, all. The disc is his "mount" in Warhammer Fantasy. In game mechanics, it lets him fly around and adds an attack. How exactly the disc executes its attack, I suppose, is left to the imagination. My next project will also use a disc rider but is much more ambitious. I have a very challenging Avatars of War model with no broad, sweeping surfaces to paint. I'll have to paint his head and shield separately. There's a large banner to do and then a Reaper casualty figure to go on the base. It's going to take a good bit longer to finish than this fella.
  22. I like the frost giantess. I just purchased Tre Manor's Frost Giant yesterday and will pick up the giantess when she's released. I saw Anne working yesterday on the giantess. I only got a glance, but the hair alone was looking quite glam.
  23. I had a love/hate relationship with this fella. C&C welcome.
  24. They're great undead. Messy, muted, sloppy (but in a well-painted sloppy kind of way, seriously). Very nice. Now just imagine how much you'd get done if not for the O&G, OK, Empire, and Dwarfs.
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