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  1. Thursday night, August 23rd... invading dieselpunk space nazis from the dark side of the moon... landing in Denton, TX. :) http://www.tugg.com/events/1127#.UAsNvqOG6So Normally I wouldn't post stuff like this, but since the nature of the movie, the culture of the gamer geeks likely to be interested, and the location are all so harmonious I figured I'd risk it. If nothing else, I'd love to see Reaper Matt Clark put on his monacle and Reich of the Dead hat again for the movie. ;)
  2. Well in interesting news, the Obsidian Portal community saw fit to give our Dresden Files game a nod as "Campaign of the Month" for December 2011. Dresden Files: Dallas
  3. Well, after it brought home a passel of awards... we started up a group. Anyone else get to actually play this game yet? Thoughts? Opinions? Good? Bad? Caveats? For grins I threw our game up on Obsidian Portal as well in case you're of a mind: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/dfd We played our first session last week, still trying to get a handle on the Aspects system.
  4. I was a young high school aged gamer in the early to mid 90s and at a convention in Dallas I played in a game where the GM gave miniatures to his players. Garath Hawkblade was the first miniature I ever owned and introduced me to both Sandra Garrity and Reaper Miniatures.
  5. Akela

    40K Novels

    Caiphas Cain ... ditto the recommendation. Speaking as an Imperial Fists player... I agree with the warning for Sons of Dorn ... avoid like the plague.
  6. Bought it, watched it, enjoyed it. For a fan-made feature length movie made on a shoestring budget* for some of the nitpickiest fans on the planet I'm not going to knock it. Good on them for making a movie and having the endurance to finish it and put it out there. I hope the blokes that incurred all the debt to make it at least recoup their costs. Only buying will result in these things getting better. * IIRC they had a 9 million pound ($13.8 million dollars) budget to create the CGI, screenwriting, pay for voice acting, and self-distribute a feature length movie. The 5 minute op
  7. To answer the question asked I assume this is for something like Flames of War or Reich of the Dead? Hopefully you're not wanting "historical accuracy" ... that's a touchy subject on any forum. ;) Since you asked for "what are guys using" ... I guess I qualify ... so here ya go. Most of these ratios/options were mixed up by Anne Foerster many years ago. I filled in holes for my own preferences. YMMV. Ratios are listed in parts (3:2 means three parts color A and 2 parts color B). US Helmet = Jungle Moss (9082) Infantry jacket = Terran Khaki (9122) Infantry pants = Earth Brow
  8. Ditto the "cut out the center" bit. I have ribbons I cut apart from years ago, they're still good. I store the two blobs in the same plastic container, separated by a piece of saran wrap to keep them from touching. Perhaps your batch had some impurities from the maker (theory)?
  9. Hmmm. Not being familiar with the figure from Hasslefree, I wonder if in this case plastic (which can be injection molded thinner than spin-cast metal) may fill your requirements? The Games Workshop Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors box set (from which you can usually find broken up as bits on ebay and the like) has one set of legs that might fit the bill: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=400027&aId=4300015 Being plastic, it should be fairly straightforward to reposition the legs into whatever pose suits you. Even the "back foot" which is bent,
  10. Nothing to worry about. If you're really concerned, if you do a lot of filing/conversion work that involves filing = wash your hands when you're done/before you eat. If all you're doing is buying them to primer and paint, nothing to fear at all.
  11. I usually try soaking it for 48 hours (or more) in Simple Green first (slower, but non-toxic) - http://www.simplegreen.com/ - Simple green will dissolve superglue and greenstuff but leave metal and styrene plastic alone. If that doesn't work I use Castrol Super Clean/Degreaser (purple bottle). Soak overnight. Use rubber gloves.
  12. Sorry for coming to the thread so late. I've been running, dreaming about running, playing, or dreaming of playing in various GURPS games for 20 years or so now and these are some observations based on what I've read from the OP on this. Please correct any of these assumptions that are wrong as it is the basis for my comments afterwards 1) Looks like you're looking for a common "reality based" system that will let you still enjoy some of the heroic elements common in other systems. 2) You're looking at GURPS because you're looking to blend genres down the road depending on how your sto
  13. /casts resurrect on an old thread Has anyone looked into asking Battlefoam to make new inserts for the Reaper bags or seeing if the inserts for any other companies fit?
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