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  1. Ok, sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't see it. When I fork over 50 points for "Armored Nano-Barrier" how does it work? Can I: a) Make one nano-barrier for the game? b) Make one nano-barrier *each turn* during the game? If so, when I make a new one, does the old one go down? Was this changed by the 08 RAGE errata? Thanks, -AJF
  2. Thanks. NEW QUESTION: In the Errata, several vehicles that were Gunships are now listed as Vehicles, but still have the Air move mode. Is that correct, or should they still be Gunships? Or is the Gunship designation going away and now their just Vehicles with the Air mode? -AJF
  3. Are Battlefield Assets assigned to specific models or sections, or are they placed in an "Asset Pool" kind of like the "Strike Pool"? Thanks, -AJF
  4. Just a quick question to further demonstrate my newbness: There were a heck of a lot of errataed datacards just put out. Are those errata just to individual cards, or are the LISTS being errated, so that those are the only things we can buy now? In other words, are the data cards that don't appear in the new errata simply unchanged from what they were, or are they unavailable? -AJF
  5. Hey...I dunno if this is a known thing or not - haven't seen any .pdf's but my own. On my p. 63, the sample data card is goofed up. It is correct up to the first line of stats, then those stats streak into vertical black lines down the full length of the card. Is this a problem with the .pdf overall, or just with my particular download? -AJF
  6. Thanks for a quick and to-the-point answer! -AJF
  7. The Armor Section (for instance - some others section types use a similar format) says: • 4-6 CAV and/or Vehicle Models. • At least 3 of the models must be the Model Role of Attack. • The balance may be the Model Role of Recon or Fire Support. So may the non-attack forces in the Armor section be a MIXTURE of Recon and Fire Support, or must you choose one type to include in addition to Attack? In other words, could I have an Armor section with 3 Attack models, 1 Recon model, and 2 Fire Support models? Thanks, and sorry if this is obvious or previously answered. -AJF
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