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  1. You don't need more monsters but more variation is always good, especially if you plan to play it alot. Bag of Slimes and Rabid Squirrels are a new type of monster called "Creeps" we don't really know what they do yet other than they are automatically spawned upon entering a tile. I'd say hang fire on them until SPM get back from GAMA and we start getting gameplay videos and such uploaded. I suppose this means I really should get the rest of my SDE stuff painted (Out of everything I've painted the Glimmerdusk and a single Ironscale!)
  2. Finished off the Planetouched today, although after I snapper some shots I noticed I've missed a couple of little details like the buckles on his bracer but I can quickly fix that when I get home before I give him a blast of purity seal. And a close up of the face with tattoo Overall I'm relatively happy with how he's come out. and I feel I'm getting back into the painting groove somewhat (I've not really picked up a brush since christmas!) obviously I still have a lot to improve on but its a start. So, 2/287 Bones painted. C&C welcome as always!
  3. Relatively small update today, didn't manage to get much done last night so brought the paladin to work to do a bit on lunch. He's the first Bones I've noticed to have the missing-nose-itis syndrome which is apparently common of them. Luckily its not so bad as he still has a bit of a nub for a nose that kinda adds to the Planetouched look I think. Spent most of my time copying the design onto his shield, its slightly lopsided but given it's size I can live with that for now. I also copied part of the design onto his face as a tattoo which went better than I expected. Initially it was done with a mix of 50/50 Dwarf Flesh/Shadow Gray and then touched up with pure Shadow Gray. I did his eyes too but they don't show so well on the picture, I wanted them to look slightly glowy but not too much so did a base of Mephiston Red then Fiery Orange leaving some of the red showing, then a dot of Ceramite White again leaving some of the orange showing, maybe when hes done and I get a shot in the lightbox it will show up better. I've started doing the highlights on the armour as well, basecoated Leadbealcher, then first highlight Boltgun Metal and then Mithril Silver to edges. And the original design for the shield http://th05.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/354/4/1/occult_goetic_tribal_tattoo_by_iampagan-d5oma4f.png Well that's all for now. If life doesn't conspire against me I hope to get the Tiefling finished tonight. C&C as always!
  4. He looks a damn sight fiercer with your paintjob than the original! Impressive stuff :)
  5. Wow, she looks awesome! One of my favourite reaper mini's too!
  6. You demand better pics, and I obey! I ha to redo the metallics as the varnish had totally flattened them out so whilst I was at it I added a bit to her spear that I thought of whilst I was at work. Slightly closer up picture: and I tried Photoshopping the backrop, not sure if it makes much of a difference, what do you think? And here's the current WIPS on my "desk" (laptop tray until we move house and I can get my own man-cave): All still relatively early but they're getting there @Evilhalfing: She is a nice model and once I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm sure you can fit one into your game, don't forget to get the king to go with her! He's a nice model too and will be relatively high on my to paint list! Mindflayers are always a good choice to mess with your players. Not sure how they stack up in 4e, we only played about a half dozen session of it before we went back to 3.5, but I always make sure to throw at least one flayer into any campaign I write. Should get a chance to work on more tomorrow but C&C welcome as ever!
  7. So having let them sit and stew for a week or so whilst I decided the best way to go about it I cracked out my paints yesterday and started on the long journey to Bones paintedness! I'm hoping by keeping a log here of my progress it will keep me motivated to keep painting! My initial plan is to break up the small mini's into groups of about 10 to paint then allow myself to paint something big to keep my spirits up. Thats the plan at least, lets see how long that lasts! To begin with I painted a model I've wanted to do for ages Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen. The pics aren't the best but I'll crack out the lightbox tonight and get some better shots. Anyway, pictures! I'm quite happy with how she turned out, especially given that I hate doing skin with a passion! The vanish has really dulled the metallics on her spear so I may go over that again tonight before I take better pictures. Next up on my painting desk are Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin and Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate. C&C always welcome!
  8. Picked mine up from the depot this morning. Not bad actually, one £23.17 fees, much less than I anticipated (I was expecting about £40). Had a quick swiz through and the only defect I can find so far is the Frost Giant Queen is missing her spear. Need to check all in detail though but out of that amount of mini's I think one missing part isn't bad at all!
  9. Actually you'd be fine giving him both. As standard Chaos Marines come with a Bolter, Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon so dual wielding is fine :)
  10. I really like the WGF Skeletons, they have a very "Jason and the Argonauts" feel to them. And the dungeon layout looks pretty awesome too! Hmmm, stop motion, now there's a thought *Strokes imaginary beard*
  11. Looks ace, as a 40k player he's not one of my favorite sculpts but your really made him pop! The pre turning chaos version of him is a much nicer model, back when he was Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, and its from forgeworld so has a lot of really good detail on it.
  12. Thanks guys! ShadowRaven is correct, its the original Kaladrax, so between the huge rock and tha massive lump of metal that is the dragon it makes for a very heavy model!
  13. What better way to start a thread than with an innuendo! Unhappy with Games Workshops offerings on female vampires I've been using Monique to represent my vampire lord in games of Warhammer. Howver she is of infinitely more use when mounted than on foot. So I have set abut to find solutions to this problem! First up is Mounted on a Barded NIghtmare. Fairly simple conversion just a leg swap with the Green Knight model from the Brettonian range. She seems to fit the legs quite well! She's PiP but I'm trying to go for red lacquered armour. Next is my version on a Zombie Dragon! The legs are from the Prince Imrik model from the High Elves which I just had knocking about in the bottom of my bits box. After hacking up the dragon to reposition him I need to do a bit of greenstuff work to fill some of the gaps on the joints but overall I'm happy with the pose. I found the rock for the base on a disused train line that runs past my works. I swapped her sword for a slightly longer one from the Necropolis weapons pack, she'll also have the shield from the same pack. And a final victims eye view shot! C&C welcome :)
  14. I generally dont buy anything from GW directly anymore, if your willing to wait a week or so after release you can pick stuff up much cheaper online from various places. That or I get stuff from Forgeworld, which seems to have become the reasonably priced option now...
  15. And still do. I mean they're not even worth raising anymore. And nobody likes Witch Elves in any edition. Swings and roundabouts though since Ghouls got to be amazing in 7th.
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