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  1. Bit of a delay in updates, been busy with other non painting projects, I've got the grave guard (finally) about 99% done, i just need to do the bases and do a bit of touching up on a few of them. I need some help though, as I said last time I wasnt happy with the banner so ive blacked it out but i now cant decide what to put on it so I'm fishing for ideas. Heres the squad as it is now. Also I've been deciding how to do my black knights, ive about 70% finished the squad leader, might change a few things before its done but nothing major. C&C more than welcome.
  2. wow, amazing job on those, love the ghoul queen.
  3. Thanks, Yeah my characters are a bit female heavy at the moment but thats a few years of hoarding models and not painting them all lol, im going to address the balance once I've painted up what I've got at the moment. Just a quickie today, as I've continued to avoid the grave guard... I now have no excuse for not doing the Grave Guard as thats all the characters that I need painting for games at the moment, so I promise I'm going to make an impact on the grave guard tonight. I used this model to practice the glow technique i asked about a few day ago, i think it turned out ok :) any comment or criticisms are welcome.
  4. thanks lunchbox, those look great btw, the tutorial from brush thralls looks alright at the bottom of the first page but after that it looks overdone, so I might just work off that first page. Cheers guys.
  5. Just a quick update, both yesterday and today I lacked the volition to do the grave guard so yesterday I did the Varghulf and today I worked on another of my vampires, this one using the Hyrekia model. Also got a shot of the entire army as it stands atm. This is the shot of the entire army, alot of characters huh? there is a reason for that :P I'm gonna fill in the units later, but I want to get this lot painted first. The Knights on the far right are my Black Knights converted from Bretonian Knights using the new Grave Guard sprues. I intend on doing the horses in a ghostly sort of way to represent their ability to move through terrain. Front, Side and Rear shots of the Varghulf, I love the model but I'm unused to painting large animals so I'm not sure I did it justice, im still fairly happy with the results though. Front and Rear shots of my next Vampire, wheres Monique will be kitted out heavily for combat Hyrekia will be a formidable mage, ill make her a level 4 generating 6 power dice and knowing all the spells from one lore of magic. I apologize for the quality, I'm a novice with a camera.
  6. I agree, and my sense is that this complaint has been made a lot of time, but bears repeating. When you have an established group it doesn't seem to matter, but I have recently moved to my current location, and I can't find any warhammer gaming that happens outside of the local retailer's place. I know it is a matter of taste, but I find the GW vampires (except the Strigoi and the Necrach of 6th ed.) to especially funky. Their whole aesthetic suggests that their first response upon turning vamp is to shreik "but what will I wear?!" For my vamps I have always liked choosing DoW or others and then painting skin tone that made the vampire thing clear. Great joib, though, Mousekiller! The Lahmian vampires were pretty nice models, and i liked the stigoi for what they are but theyre not my style of vampire, currently I'm working on a few vampires for my army, ive got Monique Denoir and Judas Bloddspire which were obvious choices, but I've also got Hyrekia the elf mage and a human paladin since potentially anyone can become a vampire, which reminds me, you never see any dwarf vampires...
  7. looking good, a big zombie unit can be especially nasty, especially in the new rules, its fun to give a vampire the helm of commandment and follow your zombies with him, also throw in a corpse cart and with some good rolls you've got first striking WS7 zombies, which is pure evil :D I like the use of reaper stuff, i do the same thing, though it does mean unless you know your local GW store manager really well you wont be able to play in any of their official game as they wont allow non GW models usually, which is a shame since, I think, GW is th ebest out there for rank and file troops but their character models are severly lacking.
  8. I've seen alot of good uses of the glowing effect but i cant seem to replicate it myself. Ive pulled it off once as a fluke on a Cryx warjack but I cant seem to do it again, so I was just wondering if anyones got any tips or advice on doing it? or even a step by step guide though ive tried google and cant find much. Cheers
  9. i found a good way to achieve it is to mix small amounts of blue or green ink, depending on which way you want to go with some black ink, you need to water down the black a tiny bit bit not much, i also added a bit of GW's 'ardcoat varnish in to to give it a bit more shine but that can mess with it if you add too much since the varnish is cloudy
  10. the cowgirl in the trenchcoat with shotgun looks awesome, it'll be good to see some modern/futuristic models since past converting warmachine and 40k models theres not really alot out there in standard scale. cant wait.
  11. Well, I only just signed up, been lurking for a while here but with my latest project I figured it was as good an excuse as any to sign up. With the release of Games Workshops new Vampire Counts I decided it was about time I started a fantasy army again. The only problem was, I'm not overly fond of GW's new vampires, or most of the old ones for that matter. So I set about rummaging around all the models I've bought but never painted for some suitable models to become my undead leaders. And guess what, Reaper came to the rescue when I found my case of Reaper models that I'd bought but never got round to painting. I stated painting at the start of this week and so far I've completed my overall general, using the Monique Denoir model and im working currently on her bodyguard, currently a unit of 10, soon to be 20 Grave Guard. Front View of the new Monique Von Carstien, no I haven't smudged on the lips its meant to look like shes just fed :P Rear view the runes on the sword didn't go the way I wanted, my original plan was to have them seem to be glowing, but even though I've been painting now for about 10 years I'm new to doing glows and lighting, something I'll have to work on me thinks. Shot with her bodyguard, theyre still very much WIP and I think I may redo the banner as its not as good as it could be. Comments and criticisms are welcome, and ill post more as I get further along.
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