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  1. We ordered items in November that showed up in late January.  I understood for Europe to US shipping.  I was only mildly annoyed by New England or Pacific NW to our SE address taking 3 weeks.


    But when an item was shipped from just a few kes south of Atlanta to us about 30 miles North & that took 5 weeks!! (Normally 1 day, maybe 2), I was torqued off.  I started trying to find ways to avoid usps.  


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  2. On 2/8/2021 at 10:30 AM, Maledrakh said:

    Generally, minis from Bones 3 and 4 kickstarters are in the "better bones" mix. even if they are white. Look for SKU code of 77320 and above.


    This suggests that there is a known (perhaps to anyone less oblivious than I) SKU range for bones.  Does that also imply that there's a known list of SKU codes for each of the kickstarters?   Are the SKUs published/organized somewhere? (Again likely obvious).


    I'd like to know if I have the model already buried in a box somewhere, before I buy another copy for some random idea....I didn't always get every kickstarter option but it would narrow the search down to a general vicinity at least!  :/


    Thanks & Sorry for the thread-jack!

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  3. A bit off the topic, but I'd like to request a store/website feature:   if the bones (white/black) figures could grow a "Kickstarter #" tag, it would greatly help me determine if I already own it or not.  


    Often I stop from buying new bones because I'm doubtful whether I have that one or not.  I didn't get all of the options for each kickstarter so this feature would just be to narrow the search a bit.


    Having the number of the kickstarter would be a great help!   Thanks!


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  4. Just throwing in a "me too" for the Badger Stynelrez.  Use an old .5mm ($20 amazon special...i.e. "junk" airbrush) and it goes on with zero issues.  Smaller nozzles or long sessions will experience clogs but that's true of everything.   


    The Miniature  Monthly classes are based on using this primer too.  


    Using light coats it dries almost instantly.  I still try to give it 24 hours to fully cure, but I have painted over it as little as 5 minutes.


    Will use up the rattle cans on other minis & never go back for more.  Total Stynelrez fan here (now if I could only pronounce it).


  5. The images appear to be darker.  Can I assume this means most/all models are bones black material?  Can we see a list of intended models to be done in the original material?


    I liked the original but I really like the bones black stuff.  Greatly prefer the harder/stiffer stuff.

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  6. If you have a lot of paints, you can use something akin to this:



    The difficulty is in keeping the paints from beating themselves apart while it runs. I put my Valero paints in it for about 5 minutes & it seems to have brought them back (had been just over a year since I'd touched them).


    Good luck.



    p.s. I'm not affiliated with harbor freight. And that price is too high for that thing anyway. If you have such a place, keep an eye out for the X% off coupons!!

  7. ...I like to use tissue paper (not kleenex type...the craft/hobby type).



    Wow, am I dense? I _never_ considered using real paper!! Yeesh, what an idiot I can be!



    But, you can still do it easily enough out of putties. When I need to do a lot of them fast - I simply roll out a ball of Sculpey either by hand or with a pasta press. Once I get a sheet as thin as I want - I use my rotary cutter to slice it into strips and then roll them up. Bake and done enough to fill the shelves in a shop.


    This is what I did attempt. I couldn't figure out how to get it thin enough to look right and get it to roll up without mangling it. I want a rolled up scroll not a wadded paper ball! ;^)


    I assume you bake it after it's rolled up, right?


    Thanks for your help! I'd never have thought of that myself!

  8. For a conversion project, I need to craft a scroll. Something like the ones to the left on this:







    I'm converting "Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief" into a mage for a friend. I'd like to add a rolled-up/tied-up scroll to his belt. But so far, my attempts with greenstuff end up looking FAR too large (greenstuff-paper


    Yep, complete newbie here. All advice appreciated!



    I've thought about just "stealing" from the posted treasure, but I thought I'd at least try to make one before I bought & destroyed that mini!



    Thanks in advance!

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