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  1. Ball almost springs into action, but there really are a lot of those little kobalds.... she glares at the shaman as it 'freezes' her companion... then asks. "Ball still does not know, what does your dragon look like. Will any old dragon do?"
  2. Ball isn't quite sure how to react to this, so she stays quiet, but ready to leap into action if it proves nessicary.
  3. "Ball did not realize there was another kind...."
  4. Ball follows carefully, distrusting the kobald, returning to her usual silence once her question goes unanswered.
  5. Holding the gem in her hnad (I think) Ball frowns at the kobald and then cocks her head.. "What Dragon look like?"
  6. What is up with the whole lack of posting? Did the game die and I not hear about it?
  7. Ball jumps back from the near slaughter of the familier and looks guiltily over at Mr Wiggle's master.. enraged she is, or was, but not in full Rage and she has a least an inkleing of what nearly happened. She lowers her eyes... and they rest on the gem on the floor.
  8. Never one to let a little thing like possible poisoning stop her, ball whirls around, looking for more foes to smash with her hammer. ((Note, she's not about to try to deprive the fearless bunny of it's rightful foe!))
  9. Ball pulls her hammer free and starts swinging!
  10. Ball looks up at the man. "A penda-who?"
  11. Ball has never been the chatty type, prefering to remain quiet most of the time. She does her job and hopes people understand and let her do it, rather then explain each (or any) step as she does it. Once again, she slips in front of the party as the door opens and steps through, alert for anything untword around her
  12. Ball does her level best to enter whichever room they enter first. Each time the enter a room, she slips in front of the person who opened that door to make sure her smaller, but probably tougher form takes the brunt of whatever nastyness lies in the room beyond.
  13. Looking around the group, Ball grins and comments, "Someone had better open the door, before Ball gets bored again..."
  14. Ball grunts, then chuckles quietly. "Ball has done that enough today."
  15. Ball stands slowly and looks herself over, still feeling the effects of the blast, but she knows she'll recover soon enough. "Ball will live. THank you, priestess. " She looks over at the half-orc with a fearl grin and nods to him. "You make good jokes." THen she looks down at her weapon...
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