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  1. Thats true, but the 2 dictators in the example would only have 4 of those and then 2 "spitball attacks" (for lack of a better term) so while the main guns aren't an even match up, it isn't fair to the tators leave off the missiles. if it makes you feel better, we can term it 4 das with an average RAV vs hard targets of 6.5 AND 2 DAs with an average RAV vs hard targets of 1.5 and they still have to overcome 50% more DTs with an average DV thats higher than their own. and thats with 2 less "reliable" attacks than the cougar section would have (or 33% less).
  2. I'd say soon but i'd get shot. I'll try to fire those up tonight or tomorrow for everyone. Very busy time of year for me. As for the Cougar, to lower its points we would have to drop DT's which would then make it easier to kill, thus less sustainable on the battle field. There is no way to arbitrarily drop its cost, it costs what it does because of the stat lines presented. I'd love to see the Cougar's DT drop by one to reduce its cost. I would probably be more apt to field them. I don't know. 3 Cougars are about the same cost as 2 '60 taters. They have better dvs, half again as many DTs, and longer range bands. If you added all the tracks and averaged them out 2 Dictators 12 DTS, average DV 7.83, 6 DAs with an average RAV vs hard targets of 3.83 3 Cougars 18 DTS, average DV 8.5, 6 DAs with an average RAV vs hard targets of 4.0
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