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  1. Hey guys, Im fairly new to CAV with only a handful of games to my credit but Im experiencing a disturbing phenomena that I thought I would run by you.


    ECM vehicles would seem to be a wise addition to a section, a handy escort to hinder incoming fire. However, in almost every one of the games Ive played Ive seen just the opposite effect. A stinking Sabre or Nomad draws fire like flies to .. well you know. The opposition is quite aware of the importance of ECM vehicles and typically attempts to take them out early. In the opening stages of the game this is typically undertaken through long-range indirect fire. Now certainly with range modifiers and that nasty little ECM umbrella up its tough to bring accurate fire but in practice it usually doesnt have to be very accurate. Consider a section of 4 or 5 vehicles snugged up around a Nomad trying to stay within his AOE to gain the ECM effect. When an indirect round comes in, sure it normally misses but almost any deviation threatens some of these secondary targets. Unless the firer rolls 8s or above a typical 2" AOE is going to hit something. Ive had my so called "protected" sections dessimated by these potshots in every one of our games. Its gotten so my troops cringe when I assign an ECM vehicle to their formation. "PLEASE SIR, LET SOMEBODY ELSE HAVE THE DAMNED NOMAD!"


    Has anyone else had this experience? Am I missing some point of rule or tactic that would improve their effectiveness?


    Thanks in advance.

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