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    Oh and the obvious one, miniature painting & collecting, especially Reaper.

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  1. Well since the plastic versions aren't in stock (amongst other popular Bones figures....), I'd say that is a good assessment. I do see the dark dwarves are coming to Bones USA, so hopefully that helps the IN STOCK issues. I need the figure for an adventure later this month, so I couldn't wait.
  2. Reaper October order placed. Thank to gift codes, order was free!! 01694 Halloween Pokey Tool $6.99 03892 Dark Dwarf Striker $6.99 07064 Giant Snake (44078) $5.99 14092 Khong-To, Reptus Warlord $9.99 14096 T'Kay, Reptus Cleric $6.99 19001 Pizza Dungeon Dice: Dungeon Dwellers Dice Set $10.95 74036 2" Round Plastic RPG Base (10) x2 $9.98 07073 Kaspar Von Mondstein, Vampire FREE 01031 Ghoulie Bag Promotion FREE 77071 Elladan, Elf Ranger FREE
  3. Nope & considering the Southern* part of the US is alive & well in my town, I'm kinda surprised myself. *Southern as in it sounds like a Southern thang...
  4. Problem solved!!!! (thank goodness for Facebook Groups!) When I updated Chitubox to the latest version, it swapped back to the default setting (which for my printer is the wrong resolution setting). After reading the responses, I noticed it had switched back to the default setting. I changed it back to my custom setting, download a file to the usb stick & inserted into the printer & it's business as usual! Thank the Maker!!! (I have a custom order for a friend this Friday I need to work on.)
  5. Oddly, I can't find anything for the Ghoulie bag right now & that is with gift codes loaded up & ready to be used! I wish Reaper would sell the mini (which I love) separately, as I'd be all in on that one.
  6. I'm in! No starter Ontario, OR US only please Awesome!
  7. Did some digging, it appears I have the wrong resolution or something in slicer. It must be related to the firmware update I did, since the files I had on the USB stick were before I resumed printing. The current file are ones, I sliced after the update. Any know how to update the lcd using the generic bin file in this page? https://chitusystems.com/knowledge-base/error-type-ui-error-unknown-file-format-different-resolution/
  8. Anyone know what this means? I can't print. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!
  9. Yah, but after so many years of coming down, I actually might mean it this time. I enjoy coming down, don't get me wrong there. It just I kinda wanna do something else with the funds I set aside for the Con. After the totals of this year, (also didn't help I got raked over hot burning coals by Lyft this year on my trip back to the airport...ugh), I'm deciding whether or not I can really afford it again. As yes, the reminder to actually eat during the day of the Con!!!
  10. @Pezler the Polychromatic I meant to post this earlier, but lost track of time. So sorry to hear about your mom. Moms are special people, keep her memory in your heart & she'll be alive forever.
  11. Well considering it was my own, I hope so!! My wife & I got married in Sept 22nd, 1997 in one of the parks in town. It has a large pond with a arched bridge over part of it. We took pics of us on it, but we didn't actually do the ceremony there, we did that near a grove of trees. (Since I totally spaced off last month quizzle (I blame ReaperCon for that), I will try to hit this one everyday this time around!)
  12. It's kinda hidden now. On the homepage go to FIGURES & then mouse over to Previews. There are no pictures, but if you follow the Kickstarters, you'll notice the names. For the month of October, we have the following: OCTOBER 2022 BONES BLACK Song of the Sirens 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY CHRISTINE VAN PATTEN SKU: 44159 Demonic Temptation: Succubi 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY GENE VAN HORNE SKU: 44160 Demonic Temptation: Incubi 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY GENE VAN HORNE SKU: 44161 BONES USA DUNGEON DWELLERS Kaspar Von Mondstein, Vampire 9/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07073 Baran Blacktree, Veteran Warrior 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07002 Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07004 Orc Warrior of the Ragged Wound 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07007 Luwin Phost, Wizard 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07008 Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07011 Caerindra Thistlemoor 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07012 Orcs (2) 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07013 Liara, Elven Scout 10/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07069 HOLIDAY Ghoulie Bag Promotion 9/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOB RIDOLFI SKU: 01031 SPECIAL EDITION FIGURES Halloween Pokey Tool 9/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOB RIDOLFI SKU: 01694
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