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  1. Funny. My wife & I just got back from it. The Madison character is a very funny addition.
  2. I know historical themed minis usually take up pages upon pages of clearance sales on various e-tailer sites.
  3. You can make me a third person. I prime mine with base white all the time. No problems so far.
  4. I bet the otter pirates are in this expansion, somewhere.
  5. haldir

    Calling out MTG players!!

    This one is perfect! Thanks for looking. If the girl was older, the Chosen picture would be nice as well.
  6. They could make it a separate part & have the user install themselves. I know Reaper likes to make idiot-proof minis but something like this they need to do something like this. Make it a "model". If you can't assemble a model, get a cheap plastic kit & learn!!
  7. Gee, thanks! If it means anything, most of the prepainted are the non-character figures. PCs are either Wizkids Unpainted or Reaper.
  8. haldir

    Calling out MTG players!!

    Really just a normal girl (preferably small child) but in a fantasy setting. The encounter is a picture of a small child (who is a ghost now) but her mother had a portrait made when she was alive.
  9. Anyone know if there is a card with a girl's portrait on it? I need to make a guardian portrait miniature for a upcoming Ravenloft AL game. I used a Magic card for my previous one & it turned out nice so figured I'd attempt it again & actually make the picture appropriate for the encounter. This one is from a UnGlued set & has a woman in bikini on it. (Players thought it was funny thou). thanks!
  10. When I was just a ReaperCon DM/GM (ie my once a year chance at sitting at table for rpgs) I was stickler to get everything painted for the games. I mean, your at RCon, a Con from a mini company, you better have those minis painted!! Now, there is just not enough time for me to get paint on everything, & I've except that. That & my players don't care either way, they are just there to play the rpg. The minis are just a bonus, but are appreciated. If I can make it back to RCon next year, I'll still keep to my have everything painted mantra for that Con thou.
  11. I have to admit Bones Black has helped pushed the overall Bones line up for me. I'm a metal head but with 2 weekly D&D games now, price has become more of a important issue if I don't have what I need for a upcoming game. I still can't stand floppy weapons so that will always be metal but BB does help with that. Thou I will admit, lately prepainted minis have overtaken my Reaper purchases by a tad bit. Is it a trend for me, who knows. I just buy what is needed for my games. I'm not sure how I feel about the Reaper ship if it's just in translucent. I've dealt with trans-plastic from Reaper but only as what they've intended them to be (ghosts, spirits, etc etc) & it works out fine. If anything, depending on the price, I might get 2 & just paint one up as a regular ship. Thou, at the FLGS last night I did pre-order the Falling Star Unpainted, so I do have a regular ship already (or will).
  12. With one with different sexes, it would be as easy encounter thou, as the heads would be arguing with each other enough that they couldn't get any attacks vs the PCs!!! ..............
  13. Bonesack at retail comes with a round base *lipped style.
  14. No worries on anther person. I've always found that 5 is a good comfy spot for rpgs. Also, no worries on starter as well. I'll get it up once people are ready to go.