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  1. Ah but Barbie & her friends can get plowed over thou!!!
  2. I saw him advertised on one of the game preview sites so it caught my attention. (at least it's "current" BDW....ah the wonders of getting old) After reading the first of the new adventures I got today, there was a creature called Chain Brute Ogre in it. Ok, what his specialty other then a chain-wielder. Looking him up on DDB I see he has a whirlwind & a mighty overhead smack. Pretty cool variant. On to see if there was a prepainted mini for him.....nothing but I did come across this lovely fellow: So I have one of those already, so I'll be adding in a couple more with my next order. I did get a decent size jewelry chain & some craft wire to anchor the chain to the mini. Simple conversion but I really like that one. Beats printing off ogres when I have so many Reaper ogres already.
  3. Yah one of the reason I liked going into Home Depot!! (well beside the fact that store is one big wish catalog for my wife & I....).
  4. Something that I came across while surfing bookeyFace (Anycubic Photon users group) this morning: Beer glasses printed with primacreator water washable resin transparent
  5. Was Mr. "Colt 45" out yet or was he just announced? (ie Lando for those you don't recall the beer commercials he did back in the day). Heh, I didn't even notice the those were on the open mat, until I posted this. Nice!
  6. “duh duh duh duh duh duh FLASH! Ah-ahhhhhhh!"
  7. Newest file from the latest Fat Dragon KS redeemed, so pdfs acquired: Annelyse's Revenge - The 3rd & final adventure in the "Tasha's Kiss" trilogy. Gruesome, visual encounters, great story. Love it! Creatures are unique so acquiring look alike minis might be a pain. Latest Baldman Games Adventure League trilogy "Dark Moon" (Dark Moon Rising/Dark Moon Marching/Dark Moon Bound) Love the Baldman Games offerings & so far so does my players! Looking forward to running these for my players. Finally, acquired something I didn't think I'd be able to get: Portland Winterhawks "silver hawkhead" logo t-shirt. Since I don't like the regular logo (it's the Chicago Blackhawk NHL logo), as I'm a Blues fan & even before I jumped to the Blues I've never have liked Chicago's hockey team, but I've wanted something of Portland's hockey team. Enter this alternate logo (which tbh, I think would make for a excellent replacement logo with all the uproar in native american imagery being used as mascot these days) which was used on a alternate uniform they wore a few times. Eventually I'll pick up the hat, but for now, I'll sport the tee!!!
  8. I have to admit that is a powerful clerical domain. I made up a npc dwarf cleric for my Saturday games & thought even at 5th level, it has some amazing abilities. After realizing, the area the players were heading into, automatically killed dwarves....whoops (no dwarf PCs so no worries about getting around that), I ended up just making a silver dragonborn life cleric of Selune. Probably better as they needed all the healing they could get, even with the addtion of a 5th player to the game. Picked up some pretty cool adventures off DMs Guild this morning. Since Fat Dragon released anther KS file, I went ahead & picked up the newest Baldman Games trilogy. I'll finally get to use the "dark dwarves" including the larger version from Reaper!! Party gets to meet a young farm girl clutching a doll. While they don't fight her I still would like to have something to represent her as she might factor into a battle later, but I picked up awhile back this file: I already had a adventure the wardrobe is a encounter (poltergeist, closed version thou I may add a illusionary ability just to use the arms, ). I even get to use firbolgs!!
  9. Possibly the smell of rain as it hits pavement, aka "petrichor".
  10. You both move into the room, there is just so much broken glass that even sweeping it away you still hear the crunch of it as you step on random pieces. The state of the room & the numerous cobwebs give a unsettling vibe, but there is no other creature, that is alive anyways in this room besides yourselves. Nic, you make your way over to the bodies. They appear to be small size bodies: goblins? Halflings? or the possibility of children makes your spine tingle with anticipation.
  11. I have to admit, I don't think I have a least favorite place. I'm not one to say I'm a traveler, but I do like getting out of this town. I try to treasure each place I visit & just tell myself, I'm not home. I'm not saying Ontario is the worst place to live, just there isn't anything here compared to other places, comparable in size & such.
  12. Any interest? Since I don't GM Starfinder here at home (no interest) but I'd like to freshen up my GM skills for it, I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to try it out. As quoted from the paizo page for the 1st AP book "Starfinder Adventure Path #19: Fate of the Fifth (Attack of the Swarm! 1 of 6)" "As the ever-ravenous threat of the insectile Swarm surges across another system in the Vast, the heroes are part of the defense effort. They must fight back against waves of foes and rescue civilians, including a shirren priest of Hylax whose temple seems to be of particular interest to the invaders. By relying on their wits—and each other—the heroes just might survive the Swarm onslaught. You'll be part of the 5th Battalion of SDF, (Suskillion Defense Force). The SDF is a unified military for the entire Suskillon system, whose mission is the defense of our home world of Suskillon and any outlying regions, by means of deterrence and direct conflict when necessary. You have chosen an exciting and dangerous time to join the SDF, as Suskillon needs every capable hand to drive back the ravening hunger of the Swarm. The Suskillon system is outside the Pact World system in the default setting for Starfinder. The swarm are insect like race bent on consuming whatever comes across their path! There is a Players Guide of sorts in the first AP book. I'll have that up on my Google Drive for any interested players. Probably looking for 4 to 5 players with the possibility of a 6th if interest is high. Character creation can be made using any official Paizo Starfinder book. Post here if your interested!!
  13. Like some on here, I'm looking forward to getting my "poop" load of minis but these days I'm more interested in getting stuff I need for games.
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