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  1. haldir


    I placed a order with my FLGS, last Weds for 2 of the newest Chessex releases: Chessex Polyhedral Dice Set: Festive Sunburst/Red Chessex Polyhedral Dice Set: Marble Oxi-Copper/White
  2. haldir

    floppy hat skeleton wizard??

    Yup!! I've been looking forward to running this one for my gang at the the store. I think I'm gonna alternate between running the current 5th level characters (AL) & starting this one from level 1 campaign every other week. That way the players don't have to scrap those characters for all new ones. Players last week liked the idea. I think thou they really wanna play Saltmarsh as they asked when I'd be starting it up. I told em about a month or so. I've gotta gather up required items & such (read the adventure, minis, other materials etc etc). Since this one gives new Backgrounds, I told them hold off on taking a Background or at least, your selection may get modified according to GofS's new backgrounds & such. Hopefully, they work with each other in regards to character creation, not that it matters to me but we did have a couple sessions with 3 clerics & a ranger in one game. It wasn't bad, just it would have been better with more variety. I think for this mini, I'll work the skull in as his acid bomb. Since it says he lobs acid at the characters.
  3. Anything out there that resembles the iconic floppy hat wizard but in skeletal form? I guess if anything, I can convert a living floppy hat wizard but it would be convenient to have it already. thanks! (Nevermind!!) I thought I'd seen one but couldn't totally recall who made it: RHAUGA, LICH-SAGE Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi SKU: 02614
  4. haldir

    PaizoCon 2019!

    I do believe the bones 4 colors have pathfinder wording on some of the bottles. Looks like fun. Someday il make it up to PCon, someday!
  5. Various online retailers sell both covers. I'm more partial to the standard ones this time around. If course getting it digitally on Beyond, I only see the cover in the app. Looking forward to DMing this one in a few weeks + love the default setting for this is still Greyhawk!
  6. May 25/26: I don't celebrate any holidays, thou I may be incline to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day more then others. I don't drink wine but I do like cheese. Swiss being my favorite kind.
  7. @Crowley? Who's @Crowley? Oh wait, that @Crowley.....
  8. I may get the box out tomorrow....or no wait just remembered I'd like to get some paint onto the group figure. Back to regular schedule.
  9. @Chaoswolf box arrived 5/23. Thanks @Mad Jack!
  10. haldir

    Happy Birthday Heisler

    Happy birthday!
  11. haldir

    Happy Birthday edz16

    Happy birthday!
  12. I do believe the original metal mini, Werner Klocke did the sculpting so it will have a ton of detail. It may or may not have survived the transfer process Correction: Bobby did the gnome, Werner did the beetle. It still has detail. Aztec attire in all.
  13. Especially that really big one in Bones 4! Very nice work in everything. Eventually I need to pick up those doors. I just converted the prepainted "flying door" into a regular one (doesn't open).
  14. haldir

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Um where were these guys in Endgame? Lol