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  1. Dragonbane rpg game was a bust. I only had one guy show up. Kinda disappointed in a friend who said he'd show up, but it is what it is. I think I will try the game with my Weds night guys after we are done playing the alternative game & such.
  2. Definitely, Jake, my first cat. He was unique that's for sure. First off, I named him after Jake from Disney's Cat from Outer Space (a favorite movie of mine at the time). If I would hum the Imperial March from Star Wars, he was attack me (still have the scars). Also he loved car rides & if you were holding him & you whispered into his ear "Git em!" like a dog, he was growl like a dog. Finally, we lived in a nice manufactured home (aka double wide trailer) when I had him & it had cabinets with shelf space on top, attached to the wall. Somehow, he got up there & would just stare down at me. I miss that cat.
  3. I gave one my players a inspiration card this week as he helped me remind me of a condition on anther player.....WHOOPS!!
  4. By that math, I lost 153 minutes at ReaperCon this year. Oh well, it was worth it!!
  5. Only thing these days is I'll run a special one shot D&D game that is horror/Halloween themed for my Weds night gaming group. Currently printing up some figures for that game. I think all I have left are some shadow hounds.
  6. Odd, I got a free trail to Arcane Minis today. The 28th of the month & I get a free trial, ok then. I will cancel tomorrow but hey giant spider minis I can terrorize my Weds players with!!
  7. I would think they are piecemail armor. The boulder is probably the "generic rock" that all giants seem to have so they can toss it a the PCs. Damn, it appears I didn't get this when I joined earlier this month. As the link leads to nothing. I read the post he is in & says a folder that doesn't exist anymore as it appears this was August's release for his Patreon. I like MB's stuff but he doesn't put out all of product per month, so I've never joined as a regular subscriber. I will be cancelling later today.
  8. Again, thank you for running that adventure over the course of the Con. It was probably my favorite moments of the entire Con. (granted the TPK I had no part in was up there as far as games I ran....). Memories that will last a few years. I've told my players here about it & they have laughed about the misadventures we had. Also, playing in that game has re-stoked the old-school rpg fire again. I'm thinkin about running Cyclopedia D&D when our current non-Saltmarsh 5e adventure ends. Only 2 more adventures aka months to run for that one).
  9. Unless there are some die-hard North American Soccer League fans still holding a torch for the famed outdoor league, not many sports folks remember the Caribous of Colorado. The club lasted one season in 1978, going 8-22. Yet, the team's kit should not be forgotten. It featured a brown, tan, and white motif, with some unforgettable leather fringe running across the chest of the uniform top. Now, that's special.
  10. Awesome work! I tend to use different flesh tones whenever I paint up these or anything that has stitched flesh. It just shows that the world you're playing in has a variety of races to harvest from.
  11. I think it was officially announced at RCon this year. Like most Reaper KS, I'll probably back, ha ha. Thou I will admit, I'm more leaning toward Dragonbane or Shadowdark as an alternate rpg system to run these days. Still, I apprecaite @ReaperWolf & Reaper's efforts to put out a new rpg system.
  12. Busy month of September for me! Some of this was order either right before RCon or during. Most of this is international ordering, I think even with the inflated shipping costs, the price was cheaper to go this way then here in the US. I mean a model kit was 16 bucks vs 30+? Wtfluff? Anyways, heres an overall shot of everything, minus a few kits I forgot to grab for the photo. Rectangle white box is a desk lamp I got from Big River, as I saw a link on Discord & thought eh, what the hell I'll try it. It's not bright, bright, but combination of my overhead LED & this down near the worksurface makes a great experience. The light blade is thin enough that I have it just above my head & even if I look up or at it, I don't really notice it. Model number is X0020AE1P5. Next to that are some dice. Back in RCon 2022, one of my players rolled these, they are light up LED numbers. They are neat, but I don't think I'll use them all the time. Just not Chessex. Dragonbane RPG GM Screen. I'm gonna run the FREERPGDAY adventure next Sunday (yikes!) at the FLGS as part of a "let experience something new" that my store is trying to do. I also picked up the RPG box set right after I got back from RCon. Wizkids Unpainted minis: Borborygmos (aka huge cyclops), Jetmir, Nexus of Revels (the opened one) & female human fighter. Some reason I thought this was different then what one of my Saturday players is using for his character. It must have been a long out of stock one, as I don't recall seeing it till I opened the box & saw it. White ink marker. I'm gonna use this for tire markings & such on models. Mr Hobby Bellow style pipette. I have the large Mr Hobby thinner bottle & i was just going to use a regular one, but saw these on PlazaJapan & figure eh, what the hell. D&D Prismatic Paints (pretty much the rest of the new D&D ones in that line that I didn't have, that aren't in the rest of the Vallejo line up already - new code numbers) Vallejo Game Color (new) - metallics: Chainmail, Glorious Gold, Silver, & Dark Gunmetal. I tried the brass for a brass dragon wyrmling prepainted I re-painted & I really liked the paint. I like Speedpaint metallics, but sometimes you just need a true metallic paint (my favorite style of paints, tbhwy). Studio27 photoetch - Goodyear stencils for 70s F1 tires. I've got a bunch of older F1 models that I need to airbrush the logos on (thanks to Gy's high licensing fees, these aren't usually in the kits). Shunko decals - Lotus Type 79 1978: Olympus-John Player's Special aftermarket decals Due to JPS being one of those "bad" sponsors, I needed to get these. "Bad" being tobacco logos. Renaissance decals 1966 Ford GT MK2 24 hrs du mans. I will be using the #2 number & striping to do the Ken Miles/Denny Hulme scheme (light blue). Alizero 5e Condition Rings. Nice feature on these, you can use a dry or wet erase marker on the back if you are missing a condition or need an extra. Tamiya Engraving blade holder, 2.0 scribing blade & Tamiya masking tape 1-3mm. The handle is a solid piece of metal. I'll be able to use this & blade to scribe out panel lines on models to make them deeper & more realistic looking. Something I've been wanting to get but the US price is outrageous for these 2 items. There are other blades but the main youtube model channel I subscribe to, uses this size for most of his work. I've never have used the really thin Tamiya tapes, but if it's like their regular tape, should have no problems with it. Tamiya Lotus Type 79 1978 photoetch. To go with the above decal & kit. Just more detail for the kit. "Michael K. Rider" resin cast 1/24 scale figure - aka David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. This will go with the K.I.T.T. model I've been working on. Pretty nice detail. I'm gonna paint it up & then decide, but I think I'll get the Starsky & Hutch & ZZ Top figures as well someday. Number 5 lacquer airbrush ready paints: Type 78 black (aka generic black), Gulf/Ken Miles light blue, Stratos White (aka generic white) & P34/Tyrrell blue. Finally picked up a model sprue holder from Bandai. You fold it into a triangle & then use the slots to hold your model sprues. Tbh, I have no idea why I got this as I really don't take my sprues out when I'm building. Oh well, always handy if I do. Not pictured, but I also picked up the following model kits: Tamiya Lancia Stratos Turbo, Tamiya Lotus Type 79 F1 1978, Tamiya P34 Tyrell 1977 F1 & Fujimi 1966 Ford GT40 MK2 1966 24 hrs du mans (aka Ford vs Ferrari).
  13. Manuel Boria The $50.00 figure is the Herd Goliath. It's a huge figure & the only one that he released this month. Manuel Boria
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