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  1. Ok, revised this one as it's the one I'm gonna start up this Weds @the FLGS. With the advent of resin printing & actually having a resin printer at home, my options are allot more open. I think this adventure will see the return of me using minis again on the table. We shall see. Salvage Operation Part 3 of Ghost of Saltmarsh campaign Again, spoilers for those that are gonna play this one as players, bla bla bla (come on people by now you should know this!!! ) Of course, if you want to really want to jazz up your encounter there are ships made for 2
  2. I had existing files in there & it added to it, once I clicked the pledge. Just checked out & yes it adds to your existing order/total. I don't mind, I just needed to remember what those files I had in my cart were for in the first place.
  3. I'm in for $15. That'll look nice painted up as a traditional D&D fire giant.
  4. Started & campaign will last 7 days. It's a crowdfunding on myminifactory. There are different pledge levels but you get the same items (bust, mini/base & I stand with La Palma nameplate). Cheapest tier is $15 US dollars. While I don't do mmf's crowdfunding, I will do this one. I just need to clear out my mmf cart or at least see what files I really want, along with the pledge.
  5. Picked up the Jumpstart box on drivethru this morning. I may or may not run a once a month game at my FLGS or see if my Saturday guys wanna change things up 1 week a month. We shall see.
  6. Love Andrew's style on these. Went in for the base as well. About the only physical Kickstarter I'll back instantly these days.
  7. Maybe they are getting a jump on holiday packages (or still digging out from last year.....)
  8. Well my FLGS is participating in FreeRPGDay next month (Sat 16th). I will be getting things before that day, so I can help the store promote the products that day. Pretty much 3 of us are gonna be at the store & if we get enough people to run a game, we'll run it. This year's offerings look pretty good too. I think I'm gonna run the Humblewood adventure as I've been curious on that one for some time. I'm taking that night off so I don't need to rush home around 6 that night so I can sleep before work, so I might run last year's offering of Humblewood as well, or maybe something new from th
  9. Beats a negative amount on hold. I had one time a purchase for like 4,000 dollars with the Apple store. When I went up there to dispute the charge I flat out told the teller. "Ma'am I despise Apple products with a hatred reserved for the gods of old." & it made her laugh & she got the ball rolling for a fraud charge going. "What a load of crap that is!!!" Fixed that for yah. Carry on.
  10. @Evilhalfling So sorry to hear about your loss. As it's been said, hold on to the memories, they are priceless treasures. Decided to cancel tomorrow's D&D game due to we only had 2 players (2 players are out of town this weekend) & I didn't feel like running the game (continuation of the adventure from last week anyways) + I've been putting off things around the house due to long hours of work & sleep when I get home afterwards.
  11. Artisan Guild is running a charity event, starting Monday (maybe) next week: Hello friends, a really quick update, we didn't even had the time to plan it. After echoing the devastation caused by the eruption of the volcano here in the island La Palma (Canary islands), we want to do our part to help all those families who are losing absolutely everything. That's why we decided to make a charity sculpt related to the situation: Hefesto, a Fire Giant new Boss model has been made in various version (bust and Boss figure). A Fire Giant was the first thing we tought, p
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