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  1. I'm curious if the stock extruder is metal or not. I need to read it closer. Also if the extruder for this one is the same as the Ender 3.
  2. Pf greens look good in blue btw. Beholder shortage I think is over. I see them everywhere now. As do I see the wolves x2 packs.
  3. Since Filament ones don't have a mold release or other agents, they don't need to be washed. Just apply primer. Resin do as described above.
  4. One reason why it was part of of my initial pledge amount. Looks good thou. Right now thou, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with 2 large ships......
  5. Nice colors on the librarians. Do you have all of your giant demonic flies yet? If not Reaper has a metal giant fly. There is one in Dark Heaven line.
  6. I know this feeling. We replaced ours a couple years ago. We went with a metal one as it allot cheaper then shingles. At least it's one thing we don't need to worry about.
  7. I'm currently only at 1 Patreon, as I feel like I need to regulate myself when it comes to those. I am eyeballing a couple more. I'm just not sure I wanna have 3. I think I'll wait till June thou to join as I don't want to get dinged for May & then June.
  8. Scraps tells Aerys "I'm just average looking person for my race, bu then again it helps me more then being an attractive person. Besides, I'd rather be "just one of the crowd" vs someone that stood out so well." "I'm sure you would make a fine ship captain. Heck if anything it sounds like you've found a role for when we try to get off this rock, that is if we can find a working ship!" "I will try to find this plant for you, m'lady. No one needs to feel like they are chained." With that he will do a courtesy bow & will go about his business. "Shipwreck sounds good to me, who knows what we might find on it!"
  9. I remember it was 5th or 6th grade & I made Soundwave out of cardboard & tinfoil. I wore it that to school! Wearing "The Squirrel" costume at RCon ranks up there as well, epically the after hours @ the HGI firepit & the lobby area. @Chaoswolf & I drunk dancing to wedding guest arriving into the hotel was one of my favorite moments that year.
  10. Ordered placed with miniaturemarket! D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Shadow (2) (New Arrival) x2 D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Mastiff & Shadow Mastiff (2) (New Arrival) D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Male Dragonborn Paladin (2) (New Arrival) Bones Black: Scheming Rocky (New Arrival) (Set complete!! I really should have gotten these one during the Kickstarter......) Also a couple orders arrived this week: Kickstarter rewards!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1628465400/mini-counters-and-condition-markers Also a ebay order that arrived fast! Ordered on Saturday came on Tues!
  11. Yah, nice tabletop prop, but yah. There is one on Amazon, it's not as nice but it serves the same purpose. I'll stick with my Starfinder Combat pad for my games.
  12. Miniature market still has those on preorder but for a May release. I'm sure the virus/shutdown screwed up the release schedule.
  13. You know you could just press Print less & subscribe to fewer Patreons. I'd say that is restraining. That reminds me I need to decide here soon if I wanna continue with Bombshell's Patreon. Great stuff & I love Patrick's work, just not sure I'm getting what I want out of it vs putting it onto anther Patreon. Also, there is anther one I wanna do as well, I just don't want to have too many at a time.
  14. Are you on this page: https://wizkids.com/upm/ I've never have found it hard to navigate. Generally newer minis are the first ones listed & the search engine is helpful. Easy thing to look for is Wave # & that'll be your current releases.
  15. Congrats to my son, Casey! OHS had their drive by/parade style graduation. It's not the greatest way but at least it was something. Still 12 years & all the hard work to get to this point. Here's to hoping the class of 2021 is back on track. Oddly my daughter graduated college this year as well. She'll have a ceremony at work on Friday. Wallyworld is celebrating graduates-workers that day.
  16. The rest of the March's releases are out now (Shadows, Shadow hound, etc etc)!
  17. Speaking of them, anyone see this: https://deadline.com/2020/03/sctv-bob-doug-mckenzie-new-edmonton-statue-1202893911/
  18. Oh hey while I remember this, I heard this one on the iheartradio at work:
  19. Tech speaking, those are Reapers too (they are mix & bottle at HQ, at least they were). Nice looking racks too. Reminds me I bought anther one of Robert Kennedy's paint racks right before Vegas trip this year. it's still in the bag it was shipped. Eh, I might remedy that tomorrow.
  20. It just go to the KS preview page (which is on here.) I never used supports on the few tiles I printed out. Thou when I printed a tower quarter floor, that is when my problem/blob of death occurred....sigh. I see allot of people print the basic floor tiles on their side & a boatload of them at a time. I'm not sure how long it take, but I guess if you can do it, go for it.
  21. Are you gonna weather it up a bit? Almost every shot I've seen of these the exhaust ports always have soot on them. Looking great!
  22. Being able to go to as many RCon as I have & the early ones too, I've met quite a few people I thought I'd never meet. Right now I think I'd like to meet Ben Siens. He's about the only Reaper artist (or has done for Reaper) that I haven't met & befriended yet.
  23. It must be a military thing then. I recall it came on at the game store on the radio they play & he just rolled his eyes & muttered "stooopid song......" then we all laughed.
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