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  1. Well mephit mini appeared to be ok. It finished while I was asleep. I took a peek before leaving for work tonight. I decided to also switch resins. I had been using abs like resin vs regular, both Elegoo brand. I bought the abs without looking at the title closely. I only had a little bit left in the bottle but figured eh, might as well give the regular a try. Heck it worked when I switched from trans green to grey! Will print out a 2nd mephit when I get home.
  2. Well Nampa is in the mask zone, but who knows if they are actually wearing them.
  3. The whole "new" Chainmail" line had some odd sculpts in their offerings. Some really well done, some eh. Love the paint work on this one. I had it one time (it's a Reaper mini now.....) You've taken a so so mini & made a memorable encounter if playing D&D or Pathfinder.
  4. Yah I think I'll go with the method. Anyone know if you change payment method they (Patreon) charge the payment method? I'd hate to double dinged. Most likely I'll change it Saturday. I still need to decide if I'm gonna drop one or not. Acquired: Jewelry chain from Wallyworld tonight. I'll take a crack at those animated chain minis tomorrow sometime.
  5. Ah so you can see if you've worn your mask. I was wondering how I put those things on............ I mention Idaho (cause well Idaho...) but they actually made ABC news in regards to their disregard to wearing masks. Hospitals are at the boiling point as far a patients. Northern Idaho may have to start sending people to other regional places & their non-medical team of medical council or something like that (ie people on their council don't need any medical experience...) voted to strike down a mask order. A couple people they interviewed, wow lets just say what they said was pretty dumbfounding even for Idaho. Sad part about this whole thing Brad Little could issues a state wide use & he's for wearing masks, but he won't issue it. He's only got one in place for like Ada & Canyon counties (ie Boise & the surrounding big city areas of ID). Again, Idaho. Times like this I really wish we lived on the western side of this state & far away from the Gem State.....
  6. Better then most people I see in Wallyworld these days....Gotta love their repeal of customer mask order, living next to Idaho & most people on this side of the state ignoring the gov's state order....
  7. Wahoooo!! After some failed attempts with the whisps minis. I decided to try & print the chain devil for my game this Saturday. It actually came out great!! (At least for me anyways). Love my wash n cure system!! Currently printing up a mephit mini that I'll need for next Saturday (Nov 7th). Hopefully it comes out as I can always use the file for the other mephits when needed.
  8. You know I totally spaced this one off. As much as I put into B5, yah I SHOULD be looking forward to that one as well!! I guess right now I'm just trying to block out the months before delivery starts.
  9. Anyone know how long the wait would be if one were to pledge for the printer deal? Months? I see the KS fulfillment is December this year but I'm not sure if that includes the printer deal.
  10. The party does notice the village is in prep-mode as they start to get the village ready for a goblin attack whenever it happens. Miram is out with a few militia men going over some combat drills. There appears to be some new villagers amongst the army as well. The morning visit to Evianna Everwood, does prove fruitful thou. She says, "Welcome, I was hoping you'd visit me this morning. Your discovery of the goblin corpse has maybe given us a bit of a edge. A lark returned early this morning with information in regards to goblins." She pauses for a bit & continues, "She spoke of “burning” goblins camped in a tower a few miles northeast of here. I have asks if she would escort you to the site & she has agreed. She awaits your departure." Almost as if endorsing the locals businesses, she says, "If you are needing anything, the villagers are willing to help you with your needs." She concludes the meeting by saying, "Go with X'Ander's blessing & I hope you take care of the invaders."
  11. Hopefully a viable solution to the crisis we (the world) are in right now. I'm grateful that I get to play rpgs at my FLGS right now, but I'd rather it go back to way it was pre-pandemic. I want the FLGS to filled with people along with the people there for my game vs one event per night & such. I definitely want to go back to normal sitting arraignments for rpgs vs the social distancing format. In person ReaperCon (add in): Marvel (MCU) movies on the big screen!
  12. Would white glue work (aka more scenery glue then plain Elmer's glue)? Well it appears I did get rid of the chain weapon pack by Reaper. I must have thought I'd never convert something to be using a chain weapon. So DiY it is!!!
  13. So I need to make some animated chains by Saturday. Any ideas? If I still have them ill use Reaper's chain pack, but I may have gotten rid of them in metal for RCon purge one year. I was thinking, get jewelry chains & then superglue it into form on wax paper, but I wanted to hear others first. Thx!
  14. I know the male barb is but he is kinda 5e's iconic character(amongst others) but yah if your gonn stick us with more of the same it would have been nice to have different people.
  15. Funny thing too is most of them are probably new, as people get frustrated with them, enough to sell them before they get a chance to really get to know the printer.
  16. Female tiefling bard comes waaay to late.... Oh well, Heroforge it is!
  17. Kritterkins are made by Bombshell Miniatures. Just go to their site & find the listing. Great job on these. I went in for most of them during the Kickstarter but alas they are still in the box they were shipped in. I should resolve that!
  18. Tonight's the night!!! Hallo'week aka Halloween D&D AL game tonight at my FLGS! I just looked at the sign ups on their website & it's a full table of 5 people!! Wahooooo, it's been awhile since we've had a full "table" for D&D night. We've capped the games at 5 people on the acount of COVID & social distancing rules. Looking forward in terriorizing their precious characters!!! Muahhhaaaaa!! Ok now that I've got that out of my system. Game will be a Ravenloft adventure I found on DM's Guild called Luna Lake. It's a story about a mysterious riverboat appears & offers the party treasure beyond their wildest dreams if only they step aboard. Now being this is Ravenloft, the boat is actually a flat-bottom heap that with normal view, doesn't even appear to even float, let along carry passengers somewhere. The party will get that reveal once the the boat leaves the river & enters Luna Lake. Luna lake is a lake (near the lower left corner) in Barovia, home of the namesake of the 5e campaign, Strahd Von Zarovich. While this map doesn't show the village, where they'll be heading, they do pass a village in the hardback campaign called Barez. This area is one of the hardest areas of Curse of Strahd campaign. I will enforce they don't stop here. As this game doesn't focus on this area, besides it would wipe them out almost as they set foot on dry land. They will encounter wet scarecrows as they come out of the river & climb aboard the boat (note why I ordered so many Reaper scarecrow minis......) while they pass. Upon entering Luna Lake itself is when the boat transforms & they come upon a soggy, half-drowned village of Lunatown. This is where, this adventure is at! While they explore the village to find a way to get out of here, they will encounter Strahd zombies (zombies that don't die but fall apart & each part has it's own abilities before you have to kill it), skeletons, will O'wisps (seriously, Reaper make W'oWs!!!!) & even worse vampire spawns. There is one encounter with 5 Vamp Spns! I was going to cut out some of them, but with a full table, I may have to re-think this!! All of these are former residents of this forsaken village that was wiped out when Strahd unleashed his anger upon Barez. Along the way they find a villager that is half-starving (I'll be using the cage prison from the Nolzur's hanging cage mini) as the bosses of this village are going to sacrifice him to Luna River goddess (name I'll have to come up with, or just go with that) on the next full moon. The bosses are the burgomaster (leader of a village) which is now a wraith & his head river captain, which is now a wight. Hoping everyone has a good time tonight, now I catch some Zzzzzzzz as this is my long day/night, no sleep for me before work!!
  19. "Anther one bites the dust!!!" Always did like JYD growing up & watching WW"F" & other 'rasslin shows.
  20. I don't decorate, no matter the holiday. Nope & definitely, none on the pumpkin foods.
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