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  1. @Evilhalfling So sorry to hear about your loss. As it's been said, hold on to the memories, they are priceless treasures. Decided to cancel tomorrow's D&D game due to we only had 2 players (2 players are out of town this weekend) & I didn't feel like running the game (continuation of the adventure from last week anyways) + I've been putting off things around the house due to long hours of work & sleep when I get home afterwards.
  2. Artisan Guild is running a charity event, starting Monday (maybe) next week: Hello friends, a really quick update, we didn't even had the time to plan it. After echoing the devastation caused by the eruption of the volcano here in the island La Palma (Canary islands), we want to do our part to help all those families who are losing absolutely everything. That's why we decided to make a charity sculpt related to the situation: Hefesto, a Fire Giant new Boss model has been made in various version (bust and Boss figure). A Fire Giant was the first thing we tought, p
  3. There is a youtube hype video, but there is no info other then the month of the KS.
  4. Yah cash is always a good thing. Picked up 8 hrs of OT this week, considering we aren't suppose to get it, yah. Thr guy didn't show up at 3 again, sent a text to my boss & said he overslept....sigh. he came in at 5. Funny he threw frieght allot faster tonight, I wonder why...
  5. Right now is finally put together a computer desk I ordered in June. My wife is leaving for a concert in Bend OR next Tuesday & she'll be gone until Friday evening, so I may find some motivation while she is gone, we shall see.
  6. TBH, I'm the same way, with the exception of a time at the FLGS & it was afterhours in '19, the only time I drink is at RCon. I guess it goes with the, I only drink with friends thing & most of the guys I did drink with have move away here.
  7. While fantasy rpging will always be my game of choice, lately, I've thought about starting up a sci game & figured I'd make it a cyberpunk game. With this being the latest edition for "cyberpunking", anyone got it? I see Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart kit is only 10 bucks on drivethrurpg right now, so I may take a shot but personal experiences are always appreciated.
  8. You are correct. I posted the wrong pic. I had that one in my cart before noticing the ends were totally wrong for my project. Here is the correct one, I will be ordering: Also twice the price vs the printer/cpu version....
  9. Finally, new Unpainted figs from Wizkids: (I was worried a bit they were slowly gonna kill this line in favor of the Scaleworks & other newer annoucements they've done. Pics can be found on PHDgames . com December: Wave 16 WZK90404D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Elf Cleric Male$4.99 (these appear to be replacements for the first ones as they are similar sculpts) WZK90406D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Dwarf Fighter Female$4.99 (same as the elves) WZK90416D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Barbed Devils$4.99 WZK90417D&D Nolzu
  10. Most likely a cockatrice....... Fun night at the game store for the Saltmarsh game. Players finished Danger at Dunwater with only a few lizardfolk killed, they entered a room luckily with a lizardman that spoke common, so they were able to negotiate something with them & he lead them to the queen for talks of an alliance (also the player made his persuasion check with flying colors, paladin, prof with the skill). They got to mingle with the Lf for a bit & more importantly heal up for the next part. The queen said, the party to make up for the deaths in the caves
  11. While I've never played the adventure so I'm not sure what the house part is, but do you need tiles to represent the rooms & such? If so Fat Dragon has interior building tiles that might work.
  12. This should be on a shirt for the Con!!!
  13. Taking my break at work & I see I got a notification that Beyond the Witchlight has arrived on DD Beyond. Skimmed parts, looksike its gonna be a fun one!. Warduke"s artwork is depicted with the proper left handed sword (unlike the gf9 offering....grrrr)
  14. Rise, thread, rise!!!! So with me running Ghost of Saltmarsh (GoS) again at my flgs, I figured I'd rez this thread. As I've mentioned in other posts, we are at Danger at Dunwater, but I'll just be using tokens or bases with numbers attached to them. With the shear number of creatures inside the lizardfolk caves, I didn't fell like rounding up the minis & transporting them to & from. I think I'll do up the encounter with Thousand Teeth (the large size gator) as my players have killed off some lizardfolk already. TT will be a redemption mission for the PCs. Even t
  15. Hey look every day Cobra Commander cos-play!! "Coooobrrraaaaa!!!"
  16. Also, dad-bod comes with dad appropriate "BAM" "Whoop!" jokes as well.
  17. I'm not sure, it's whatever Dell put in the machine. I do need to transfer files from it to the other drives (something I've been doing allot of lately). It's roughly give or take 80% full, so yah gotta move more files. I just need to set it to go to the other drives when I save & such. Also, no worries on using those programs, as I'm just using it to look at/manipulate stls for 3d printing. I'm not doing anything fancy with them. I remember now, when I purchased this machine I opted to get the better video card in lu of the RAM (thus why it only has 16).
  18. I should figure out what I don't really want in my B5 stuff. I will produce some 3d items for my part as well. Nothing fancy, just some stuff people might find useful.
  19. Would something like this work (safely) in-between an extension cord & cord to a LED light fixture? Looking to put something between the 2 so I don't have to keep plugging/unplugging the cords. Nevermind, I found something more suited for my means:
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