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  1. Did some digging, it appears I have the wrong resolution or something in slicer. It must be related to the firmware update I did, since the files I had on the USB stick were before I resumed printing. The current file are ones, I sliced after the update. Any know how to update the lcd using the generic bin file in this page? https://chitusystems.com/knowledge-base/error-type-ui-error-unknown-file-format-different-resolution/
  2. Yah, but after so many years of coming down, I actually might mean it this time. I enjoy coming down, don't get me wrong there. It just I kinda wanna do something else with the funds I set aside for the Con. After the totals of this year, (also didn't help I got raked over hot burning coals by Lyft this year on my trip back to the airport...ugh), I'm deciding whether or not I can really afford it again. As yes, the reminder to actually eat during the day of the Con!!!
  3. @Pezler the Polychromatic I meant to post this earlier, but lost track of time. So sorry to hear about your mom. Moms are special people, keep her memory in your heart & she'll be alive forever.
  4. Well considering it was my own, I hope so!! My wife & I got married in Sept 22nd, 1997 in one of the parks in town. It has a large pond with a arched bridge over part of it. We took pics of us on it, but we didn't actually do the ceremony there, we did that near a grove of trees. (Since I totally spaced off last month quizzle (I blame ReaperCon for that), I will try to hit this one everyday this time around!)
  5. It's kinda hidden now. On the homepage go to FIGURES & then mouse over to Previews. There are no pictures, but if you follow the Kickstarters, you'll notice the names. For the month of October, we have the following: OCTOBER 2022 BONES BLACK Song of the Sirens 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY CHRISTINE VAN PATTEN SKU: 44159 Demonic Temptation: Succubi 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY GENE VAN HORNE SKU: 44160 Demonic Temptation: Incubi 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY GENE VAN HORNE SKU: 44161 BONES USA DUNGEON DWELLERS Kaspar Von Mondstein, Vampire 9/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07073 Baran Blacktree, Veteran Warrior 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07002 Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07004 Orc Warrior of the Ragged Wound 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07007 Luwin Phost, Wizard 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07008 Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07011 Caerindra Thistlemoor 10/2/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07012 Orcs (2) 10/16/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07013 Liara, Elven Scout 10/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOBBY JACKSON SKU: 07069 HOLIDAY Ghoulie Bag Promotion 9/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOB RIDOLFI SKU: 01031 SPECIAL EDITION FIGURES Halloween Pokey Tool 9/30/2022 SCULPTED BY BOB RIDOLFI SKU: 01694
  6. Box probably took a longer trip, then you would if you drove to Reaper.
  7. Picked up a couple last month & decided to keep em this month. Oddly Roleplaying Miniatures, I subbed yesterday & normally I don't do that (ie 1 day for whatever, then get charged the same amount again....uhhh no) but there was 1 spot left in their early bird pricing tier & they had a giant space hamster sculpt. Hoping they have more Spelljammer sculpts in the future. The other was Twin Goddess, one I've debated many times, figured stay with them for a bit. TG is one of those, I really like, but their offerings can be a bit all over the place when it comes to selections.
  8. Most likely sharp edge dice. Normally dice have the softer round edges (like Chessex) but there are some companies releasing sharp edge ones.
  9. While I've been thinking about this even before before '22 happened, but I'm debating on not coming in '23. I kinda want to do a trip with my wife next year, thou I'm thinking more or less in the springtime. I wanna see a Portland Winterhawks hockey game up in Portland, so it has to be during the hockey season. Also wanting to do some things around the house which will cost some cash. My long time roommate for RCon has decided that this year's Con was to be her last & she ended up not coming due to some circumstances not in her control & such. Anymore I come to RCon for the people, more then the games, minis, etc etc, so we'll see what happens. I'm still gonna ask for the time off (as I do that in Jan, Feb) & I'm already planning what games I'm gonna run. So I guess we'll see what transpires between now & what's to come.
  10. Arrived yesterday!! Thanks to our mail carrier now, we don't get our mail till around 5 pm, do didn't check it till I got home from work this morning. As always Statuesque delivers a fantastic product. One of two remaining physical KS I do these days, Reaper is the other. I also added a crow that was released outside of the KS, he has done.
  11. Posted, just not as fancy. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99985-stonehaven-miniatures-3d-heroes-stl-files-only/
  12. Just read Coolio passed away. He was 59, way too young to die. https://abcnews.go.com/US/coolio-iconic-rapper-best-90s-hit-gangstas-paradise/story?id=90667382 While not a hip hop fan, "Gangsta's Paradise is one of my top favorite songs. Epic performance at the '95 Billboard awards, with Stevie Wonder & L.V. https://youtu.be/6C2Np-P3ZrY R.I.P Coolio
  13. BookeyFaCE had a post regarding it. Mini is a human female witch (Bones USA). Held off with my Con gift codes, so figured I'll probably use them next month.
  14. Fun gaming night at the FLGS tonight. I ran the 2nd week of the Rookery AL series for this month. With the way my group plays & one of the Weds, my flgs has their store employee meeting monthly meeting, so I do 2 nights of gaming for my group to get the adventure done. So far only 1 adventure overran the 2 nights, mainly due to it had allot of content in for a AL game. (2 dungeons with multiple gnoll & allies in allot of rooms for one thing). We did have 8 people, but one of my guys jumped out of the game, & jumped into the store employee ran AL game going on as well. I appreciate that allot. I did have 1 player (a good friend overall) come & join us for the week, sounds like he'll be able to make next week too, so good to see him again. The adventure had the party help relocate a creature to a new lair as this is the main objective of the Welcome Center at the heart of the Rookery realm. The creature ended up being a young blood dragon (a re-skinned red dragon with a blood drain/suck breath weapon vs a fire breath, which did 16d6 pts of damage....YIKES!). The party fought some good battles too, a couple of trolls on their way to the dragon's old lair, a cyclops while they were moving her treasure down the mtn side (her treasure ended up being a huge pile of bones, including her mate that was killed by a creature). What was nice is I kept the dragon a secret until the reveal, so that was a plus. One of the fighters, played by a newly minted 13 year old girl, collects bones, so when she seen the bones in the cave, she ran to them & started stuffing them into her bag of holding, out pops the dragon from the shadows, telling her to stop, since that WAS her treasure. On their way to the new lair, they fought 4 redcaps, & OMG their stomp ability is awesome! The goliath fighter in the party charged ahead & took up a spot & waited for them to charge him, well unfortunately for him, he took 3 stomp attacks in the process. Before the fighter moved thou, the wizard dropped a fireball down on them, reducing them to like 15 HPs each, so that was big plus, but the fighter was able to take out 1 of them, but missed with his second attack, The remaining 3 proceeded to curb stomp him for like 42 pts of damage & the first kick knocked him prone as well. The main battle tonight had the party & the blood dragon face off against a jabberwock. Those are awesome as well!! Constant burble attack, (fail the save, you are under the effects of a confusion spell for a turn), fire eye beams (sadly for my party out of the 7, 4 + a wizards familiar got caught in that). The dragon did her breath weapon & since she was evil, she didn't care who she caught in the cone, so the goliath fighter (again) had to make a save again, thou he was hurting bad from the eye beams & really rolled to see if this character got hit for massive damage & luckily he saved & so he was just a 0 vs dead, dead. The party was mostly ineffective vs the jabberwock, thou a couple players did manage to get in some good shots, the jabberwock did take a ton of damage from the blood drain breath weapon, as he failed his save (even with legendary saving throws!). It then proceeded to retreat but was cut off by the dragon who did roll a recharge on her breath weapon & took it down before it could escape, thou before that there were some great confusion moments for a 4 PCs (do nothing, attack a random (ie anther PC) target, etc etc). Overall it was a fun 3 1/2 hrs tonight.
  15. Great setup, I can definitely see some fun hobby time going on with this set up. I see you have a Dremel Stylus (whatever that model number was called). I wish mine hadn't died on me suddenly, I liked it for hobbies more then a regular dremel. Sadly, I can get it repair by sending it to Dremel but they want like 60 bucks to repair it....sigh.
  16. Who says it has to be words? One of my favorite lore from Pathfinder goblins (which btw are my favorite take on the goblin race) is words steal thought from a goblin head so their books are symbols & other crude drawings. Wizards spellbook resembles a kid's picture book. Great work on this one! Love the little details like the glasses & nice variation on the leathers & other brown colored items. Miguel Z does some great work!
  17. Best news I've read today! Deadpool 3 Hugh news!!!!
  18. Adulting purchases! So after finding out last week, I was down to 1 pair of jeans, I ordered a couple more from mart-Wal, along with item I finally pulled the trigger on a vacuum I've had in my cart forever it seemed. It'll be nice not to use a machine that has a severe rattle in the roller/head when vacuuming now!
  19. Super Washes have been added as well. Kinda glad I got the Swag boxes at the Con vs waiting to buy them as a set. (price is tad bit higher then I thought it would be).
  20. So after my Ghost of Saltmarsh campaign ends (probably not for a few months, the way we play on Weds nights), but I think I'm gonna run Spelljammer. I think I'm gonna run the SJ Academy adventure that was on D&D Beyond (oddly Max Dunbar did the artwork for it), but I'm starting to gather up mini ideas for it.
  21. Crap! I finally got my Big River order today, apparently I clicked Amazon Day shipping or something, as I got a 3.00 digital credit to use for doing so. Anyways, here I was thinking I had a bottle of resin for my printer & there is nothing in there! I had to look at the order & of course, I didn't order it...Sigh. My wife, wants a book, so I guess anther Big River order.
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