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  1. Past PMs they've just put them in there & you buy them like your shopping online. Buy now, ship whenever fulfillment happens.
  2. Ok, just a friendly tip, but liquid super glue (in this case, BSI brand) & accelerator (BSI as well) & a metal mini & your skin, are not a good combination!! Assembling a goblin in power armor (Reaper SKU: 50343) this afternoon & let just say gluing & pinning, you gotta hold on to the piece, the glue/acc combo seeps under the finger & BAM instant heat & attachment. One finger tip feels a little burned, so I put a little bit of aloe vera on it, just in case. Mini is solid thou, but instead of blood sacrifice, I gave it a bit of flesh. One of my ReaperCon pregen characters, in this case it's a goblin artificer - medium mini, small race, hmmm interesting....
  3. More mini goodness arrived from Pippd yesterday! I will say most of these, if not all are for my ReaperCon games this year.
  4. Reaper should sell this as a t-shirt.....
  5. Good news. One of the scale model guys I follow on youtube uses 2 of these side by side (or at least I think it, I mean you can see the common components of it) & he uses lacquers through his airbrush all the time. I mainly need to clean up the area I wanna put this in or just use it in the garage with the door open.
  6. Most likely tied to the new Starter Set, Wizards is releasing later this year. Obviously, the Heroes are the cartoon characters, but who is the last one? ( note didn't see this thread had a new page, before answering....)
  7. This entire scene in Star Wars pretty much sums up my idea of aliens. Thou there was this movie: These were a favorite as well. ACK! ACK! ACK! ACK! Yah, no need to stop kitty. Just avoid ProSoul Games, & I'll let you play all you want. Ontario could use a real excuse to actually do some improvements downtown besides wasting taxpayer money on projects they think are needed.
  8. Update on the AG's Epic Loyalty Slot: Epic Slot Update Early on in this journey, I launched the Epic Bosses rewards in order to make big monsters such as dragons, powerful demons and overlords: I love big baddies and epic monsters! Things have evolved a lot from that point we have much larger releases and we often have epic bosses like figures each month 🙂 For example, the Turtledragon Leviathan, Thane Hulgrof, King Skutagaard, the Vampiric Barbajiaan or Ornithaax the Majestic (and many more) were planned to be Epic Bosses one day, but they fit so well in certain month that I had to make them! The Lich Lord or Thane Hulgrof were such complex sculpts that it would have been impossible for me as lone sculptor to make them AND an epic boss during the same month. Loyalty rewards are good from a perspective, but they also draw many days of work (even weeks!) out of the monthly releases. And I don't want to have compromise on releases that coincide with epic bosses. For this reason I want to temporary suspend the Epic Bosses Loyalty Reward and provide the best Epic Boss-like figure I can each month, such the Lich Lord and many more. I really thought about it a lot before making this hard decision, and for now it's the best thing I can do to keep bringing top quality models. I'll always prefer quality over quantity 🙂 I owe you guys really a lot, and I'm sure you'll understand that for my mental health I need to slow down a bit and focus on each monthly release. Thank you so much for your comprehension! I've kinda been hanging on to my Patreon spot due to to the Epic reward (as I really don't recall what months are used to get the loyalty award, etc etc, so I've just kept it going. I think I may just switch over to Tribes for AG. Either drop AG before the end of the month & then re-up early in June, as I don't want to get charged for this month's stuff again.
  9. That is allot of airbrushing. I really need to get my setup going again. I think I'm close to 2 years since I had paint flow through a 'brush...jeesh. Is your booth, one of those folding, pop-up ones? If so, have you sprayed harsher paints like lacquers in it? How did it do?
  10. Always rough when you hear the words that your beloved furry family member gets sick like that. At least, you have a vet that you can rely on when it comes to these times. Hopefully she'll live out her remaining days as pain free as she can. I know you'll take good care of her during it. You've given her a great life & she in return gave you the same in return. Decent night at the FLGS. Store closed early (again, seems like this is becoming a trend for them???), around 6ish the store was packed with MtG players playing & rpgers waiting for games & customers, so who knows. I know the other rpg table, their DM cancelled but he posted on the Discord for the store. Considering that some people don't use it, they were rightfully POed that they didn't find out till they got there (this being Richard, who yes is a "Richard", but he also has to drive 2 hr roundtrip to play in the game, so totally understandable). The DM is (or was I should say) in my Saturday game, but he bowed out this morning, citing he is in too many games. Which, he is as he seems to be his group's DM when it comes to playing. He lives in a group home for adults, so something I'm sure is up. Tbh, now I'm probably looking into this with the wrong view, but seems like the caretaker/PiC of that home must feel like I've done something to wrong him (which again would be odd, as I've always been pretty good with the guy), but I felt it started when I asked him to join my Satuday game, as he said he'd try to make but he was busy with something going on. One thing that got me thinking was him saying he was gonna play, but at the last moment he was meeting with a contractor that Saturday (hmmm). Also, one guy that played in my Saturday game awhile back hasn't been able to show up for months now, & now this guy. Again, I hope I'm just over-estimating this & just chalking it up as, he needs to cut back on his gaming. Anyways, my game, ran ok. It seemed like to take forever thou, as I felt the players were out of sync. One guy, I felt took way to long to decide what he wanted to do when it was his turn (I need to address that next week, I think). A couple players didn't show up with full character sheets made, as this was my level 1 game to help get people to the Golden Ticket game at the end of the year (not the Saltmarsh game we are running mainly). I decided at the end of the session, that with the store closing & us kinda getting a late start, I'd run next week this game to finish it off for them (tbh, they barely even made it halfway through the adventure itself). We had a good time thou, just I didn't feel like it had the same vibe as previous games we've played there. No new Unpainted releases, owner did say it was suppose to be here already, so hopefully it just delayed a bit. There is a few things I ordered in it, but nothing I need right away (I just want the figures ).
  11. https://youtu.be/zWHhiyNA0ZU "Fly away, LA woman".... .
  12. Something I had a outside 3d printer print up for me, as I'm not comfortable enough with my filament printer yet to attempt. Rocketpig Games Colossal skeleton Gonna be a nasty endgame surprise for one of my upcoming games! I should get a new can of Army Painter Bone primer...... Also, as I preordered it during D&DB's last sale, acquired the new Monsters of the Multiverse digital today. I knew going into this book, I'd be changing some things about it, but overall a decent update/replacement for Volo's & Mord's books. The whole sunlight sensitivity thing regarding some races, yah, they are still going to keep that. Gotta love the "no flaws, everyone is special" thinking.....
  13. Cats with collars in my backyard & dogs with/without collars in the front yard. I can't get rid of a calico colored cat. Damn things is always back there. Dogs, are just random dogs that have gotten loose from their owner's yards. I tend to either eat glazed plain or chocolate covered donuts. I'm not a fan of jelly filled ones. Favorite donut place is Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR. Yes, I prime all my minis. I also prime all scale model plastic parts as well (well besides clear parts, but you paint those, you kinda defeat the reason why they are clear! ). Primers I tend to use are Duplicolor grey, Tamiya white, Krylon grey (auto-grade) & The Army Painter primers (mainly white). I am gonna try out Stlynrez here soon. I'm not exactly sure about when I started, but I kinda wish I would taken more seriously, the sculpting part of the hobby, mainly for repair work & such. Yes, I do believe it's a city requirement to have one on the street, as the USPS people are lazy & don't want to get out of their vehicles, unless they really have to. Mine is a bigger one that will allow up to medium size USPS priority flat rate boxes.
  14. I was heading to bed when I heard my wife & daughter going outside to see something. It was still light out so I'm not sure how much was visible.
  15. Training a new person tonight. She not new to the store, but a dept transfer. She is hard worker (outside of work, she raises horses + she has that look to her), so I'm not worried a out her. Coworker is taking his 2nd of 4 vacation weeks this week so we need a 3rd person. All I know, the next time he does go on vacation,(1st week of June) I'm right after him. That week can't come fast enough!
  16. You should still thin them out with whatever you feel comfortable using, as they aren't airbrush ready paints. I've seen people use Windex, water, flow improver, etc etc. Air-brush friendly just means they are acrylics & won't harm the interior of your airbrush & such. Here's a older thread on here, but it relevant to today as well. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/47085-anybody-use-reaper-msp-for-airbrushing/
  17. While I would agree, people are buying the figures. Some people are model makers & the figures answer that. I've got a friend, @Kelcore that has been showing off his painted figures. It helps that he is a fantastic painter, but his work show how well these figures can be. I still want to pick one or two up, just to see for myself. I'd support my FLGS, but I'm not sure if they'll bring any in & ordering is kinda of hassle with a long wait period due to some things they need to order from a different distributor that requires a $1,000 min order (yikes!) before they'll send the order. I definitely will stay away from the spendy figures like the baler (that one is waaaay overpriced) & probably the 30 dollar figures. Multi packs are also out.
  18. Penalty shot attempt in hockey playoffs...save! Portland vs hated Seattle Round 2, Game 4 Game score Hawks up by 3 (4-1), 2-1 series lead. Love listening to the net feed on my nights off! Edit: 5 to 1 Hawks win! Take a 3-1 series back to Portland! Game 5 tomorrow night! It got a bit fiesty at the end, but it's expected in rivalry games.
  19. You know your having a bad day when even a house attacks you!!!
  20. I always find it hilarious, that my workplace (Albertson's) bought chain of supermarkets called ACME.....
  21. That sounds crazy, we are in the 50s to 70s (mostly the 60s range) mostly this week. Rain & wind have been the majority of it as well. TBH, I'll take this over the overbearing heat when it reaches the 90s & 100s. It appear it'll be a nice day out today at least.
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