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  1. Picked up few more files this morning. One due to I had code from a Patreon I'm in:


    Rakshasa (Rocket Pig Games)


    (note the hands aren't backwards, apparently this is WOTC trademark......:rock:)






    Love Dark Realms offerings! He really has allot of Eberron "Inspired" pieces. The male with the banner will be the leader of the warforged band, my Monday night PCs will encounter.


    Elise - Wizard's Apprentice (RN Estudio)



    Also, my wife & I went to probably my favorite restaurant in town tonight for dinner. It was nice to actually eat there (vs takeout).


    Spaced off, also finally got a package of 25mm plastic bases (around 100) off ebay. Took forever to get here thou. I ordered like around 23rd last month & yes it was a US seller........:rolleyes:

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  2. 18 hours ago, Thoramel said:

    Got a few more finished over the holiday weekend (which for me was 7 days long because I had some leave that needed using). 


    First up is this beanbag cat from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden kickstarter. Somehow I managed to get actual cat hair stuck to it, which seems fitting. My wife has yet to see this one but I'm betting he'll disappear once she does.



    I totally forgot about that KS. Hmmm, I may have some minis to paint next week!


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  3. Funny, what happens when you forget about files & go snooping through file names. I backed one of Evan Caruth's 3d file KS awhile back (the Egyptian/desert one) & there was a rug of smothering in there, a personal suggestion I might add. While my first print on the printer was a animated rug, I liked the EC3D one (plus again, he added it to the KS after my comment of having something like that) so it's printing right now. Anther 7+ hr print, no worries. I've noticed the large figure files are around 8 hrs so but I'm a little surprised it's got a long time due to well it's a upright rug. ha ha.

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  4. Suppose to get close to 100 on Saturday this week, currently thou is amazing weather! Like in the 80s, a little bit of breeze, no humidity (thou that is never a factor here). Just nice & it's been like this most of the week, so that 100 is gonna be a shock. At least it doesn't last as it suppose to drop back down in the 80s on Sunday.


    For those with a 3d printer or access to one:





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  5. On 7/4/2020 at 2:32 PM, TGP said:



    Sci-Fi selections

    There is a robot with bendy Guns. There are six IMEF bones trooper types. Not sure what the other grey figures are from, but the bags they were in looked like bones KS labeling. The doggo isn’t really Sci-fi, he just wanted to be in the group. I think he likes the girl trooper holding the vehicle mounted weapon. (She is the only example of that figure I have seen where the gun isn’t crooked.) Lastly, there is a resin (Haldir left a note about resin figures, so I know it is resin) Dire Wabbit, or something. 

    Those IMEF guys will be added to my growing squad of IMEF troops from two boxes ago. They are slated to be the heavy hitters in games of @Froggy the Great ‘s Rockets and Raygunz game. 

    There will be more pix of more picks. I am behind in snapping pictures. (Today’s plan is to reinforce the poor box from within to help it survive until the end.)


    That is a Al-Mi'raj.



    This is the file I printed it from:



    Nice to see the Bones IMEF troopers found a home so soon. I've got em in metal so they've just been sitting in the original Vampire Box from Bones 1. Great selections overall.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Bulck looks AMAZING.. I wanna paint him! 


    Yah, I really like that sculptor's work. I joined his Patreon last month but due to personal reasons, he gonna have to shut it down, so he's giving current members a free month for August & then who knows if it'll continue. Btw, Bulck has 3 options, the axe, dual tiger claws or single tiger claw. 


    For my purposes, he'll be a badass gnoll the PCs have to encounter in a couple weeks. He's part of a bounty hunter group that assualts the town they are staying in. Technically, he is suppose to be a she. :lol: I gender swapped him with the ogre as I found a killer female ogre (which I got as well, I just forgot to put it up)




    (I'm not  sure which one she'll be, now. ha ha)

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  7. Totally forgot to post! I preordered this back when the Australia fires were still going from PopCultcha & it arrived earlier this week.





    I also purchase some digital figure files off myminifactory. Mainly for my weekly AL game:


    Venus (Artisan Guild)



    The Disciple of Puppets (TigerSkullRPG)


    (awesome helmed horror proxy!!!)


    Bulck Grassbreath (Fabioschizzo Miniatures)





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  8. So I joined anther Patreon today, Epics 'N' Stuffs Miniatures. They made the ogre zombie. I kinda wish I would have looked at the patreon page before purchasing, ha ha (ogre Z is part of their welcome pack). The reason why I joined was simply the amount of products you got for becoming a member. Like 2 months worth of offerings (& those offerings are like at least 10 minis each) + some TMNT inspired figures. I backed a Patreon recently cause I love the sculptors style (his warforged are some of my favorite figures) but he is taking a break next month so who knows if he'll return or not.


    I love this figure. I was going to purchase it today, but she is part of this month's offering:



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  9. Facebook mainly & even then I don't post that much anymore (you can thank the pros & cons of today's political/social environments for that). Randy Mendoza on Facebook if you'd like to add me as a friend.


    I'm on Discord, but I have no idea what user I'm on it. I joined earlier this year to keep up with my FLGS & such. I'll find out soon thou, as I'm planning a game for RCon this year!!


    Other then that I'm not much into social media.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:


    It's actually not all in one step, you're supposed to use it to rinse, then remove the tank and put the model back in to cure.



    Here's my new cure box, printed it on my ender and then lined it with foil and a uv strip light. it works fantastic. I even have it plugged in to a smart outlet and a routine programmed on my robotic overlord so I all have to do is beseech her to 'run a cure cycle' and I get 6 minutes, which works pretty well for most of my prints.



    Why I said 2 steps. :poke:


    You're still dealing with supports still being attached to your project.


    Nice work on the curing oven. My daughter found what I believe is a ceramic "cover" of sorts for a Kleenex box or possibly for a small plant. Whatever it is, it works for me. I will admit, the undead ogre is testing the heights in it thou. I have a turntable like the one you have in yours in it. (btw does your spin without batteries? Mine doesn't, even thou it suppose to have solar panels)


    Speaking of the ogre zombie!! I didn't take a nap after coming home from work this morning, shockingly only 40 mins of OT yesterday. I fell asleep around 1030 pm or so but woke up like at 1130. So I came downstairs & it was done! Supports were a pain to get off, as they were really stuck to the base (one of those I'm gonna have to sand the hell out of it, to smooth it flat). Denatured alcohol seems to work pretty good. My can was so old that the plastic around the nozzle/cap crumbled after I popped it open & tried to close it. So I poured what I could into my tub before taking the can outside for trash.


    The mini felt clean after letting it float in the DA vs the Mean Green cleaner. So in it went into the box for curing. I tried a different setting & I don't know if it's the size but details are allot better then before. I'm gonna try in the morning, a human size figure & see. 

    33 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    • Build plate should be clean but if you used IPA on the FEP also, better wipe that off a bit before printing. You want the model to stick to the build plate not to the FEP.
    • Check your supports, my first big fail was a medium sized mini ( giant snake let's say troll sized) I supported it with many light supports and it came off I only had a flat resin layer. It needed medium supports at the least.
    • Presupported? Check for islands anyway! Not all are perfect.
    • Watch videos on the subject from 3Dprintingpro on youtube, I learned a lot in a short time from those.



    *** Emerges from under a pile of resin minis***


    I have no idea what you're talking about!



    @TheAuldGrump I cure my minis under a cheap naildryer or in the sun.

    I find these curing stations overpriced for what they do.


    Also..clean the print ( I use Methylated alcohol others use IPA or Mean Green) then dunk it in a jar filled with really warm water, let soak a few minutes and the supports are easier to remove.

    If you cure the print with the supports they will be hard and more trouble to get off, probably more risk of damaging the print.



    And a mask when you're working over the VAT with resin in it.


    I will add to the gloves & mask, my left eye was red & itchy & I read that there are gases inside the chamber when you open the lid (or take off the cover, depending on brand) so I've started to wear googles I got at Harbor Freight. I don't know if that was it, but my eye isn't red or itchy anymore.


    To add to my curing box, my UV source is a light I got off River Site. Just type up UV lamp & look for the pics of lamp shining on objects like dentures. :rock:

    11 minutes ago, Illithar said:

    This was actually the very first print with the printer, using the test print file it comes with. It is two 'Rook' sculpts. Looking at them now I can see some of the details, the print got maybe 3 mm in before it popped off the plate.


    I may tackle it again tomorrow night.


    Is your bed level? That could be your problem.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    Hmmm, Facebook is telling me that AnyCubic has a was/cure machine - and gave me a coupon for $20 off - WSEA3H96VVG4




    $150 after the coupon code is used.


    Use the code at check out.


    Not providing a link to AnyCubic, so hopefully I am dodging the commerce issue.


    The Auld Grump


    My one concern with this system is the curing. You can attach the plate directly to this & let it wash & cure, all in one step (or 2) but that means the supports will be harder to remove afterwards. I don't see that being a helpful step.


    Probably too late but Elegoo has one for around 50 bucks on the big winding river site. It's more or less a can with UV lights in it. For now I'll take the planter box with tinfoil on the inside with a cardboard flap my daughter made me for Father's Day this year.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


    I now use methylated Alcohol ( Spiritus) works fine for cleaning the build plate as well as dunking the minis in before I dunk them in hot water.


    I may have to try that. I did find something like 4 lt of IPA for like 44 US dollars. It'd have to be shipped but at least it was free shipping. Ok. undead ogre new size is around 50mm. It's gonna take a little over 10 hrs to print out. Sucker is even hollowed!!


    31 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:


    hey, for a few years I resembled that remark!  3d printers are very much still bleeding edge technology.  You have to have some solid familiarity with how the equipment works and how to fix what breaks.  They can be a tad fragile too.  Since my restart I have had a few other weird quirks showing up (sticking to the bed, both not enough and too much have been issues.)  there seems to be an expectation that the equipment will just work, and its not that easy.


    Also I don't think that a lot of people see the cost of using the equipment.  the resin or filament still costs money and a number of owners think that they will be able to print tons of things for no investment



    Oh I was the same way, but I never committed to buying the equipment. It wasn't until talking with Rastl at ReaperCon over the years where I decided, "hmmmm, maybe I try it." I knew I wasn't going to get a Prusa due to the price but when I saw the Ender 3 at 180, I knew I had have it.


    Granted, after my blob of death incident, I haven't done anything with the Ender 3. The dust on it, it gonna require it's own step when I re-assemble it this weekend! (finally vacation, well if I actually get it, we shall see). I've bought upgrades for it but I'll attach them a item at a time, just so I don't screw something up & I have no idea what I did.



    Well. avoided a disaster. I started up the print & it was close to halfway before I noticed, no build plate was attached!!!! Stop! & attached the plate...

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  13. 4 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:


    Nothing :)  I just dont know where I'd put one resin printer, much less a second one.. plus I'd worry there was something else wrong.. like, if it just needs FEP why are they selling it?


    Is it worth buying a used one + fep for a total of $120 when I can get a brand new one for $189?  Now, once i have my craft area set up.. I'd definitely find room for #2..


    You'd be surprised on how many 3d printers are out there cause the person that bought them couldn't figure them out enough to get it going. I think allot of people think 3d printers are gonna work like a regular printer, ie plug & play.


    So I'm out of IPA. I've been using Mean Green cleaner for post clean up but I'm not sure I like it as much. It's great for cleaning off the build plate. I do have 2 types of MG. One is green & the other is purple (the purple one is what I've been using for the plate cleaning). I did use that one for post clean up so we shall see. I have been using the green one, maybe different formulas, who knows.


    Gonna re-size my undead ogre. I just need to  find a good size for him. I think what I'll do is go grab one of the Bobby Jackson Reaper ogres, measure the height & then use that for this one. I like those 3 ogres & they generally are my go to ogres. Top of this guy's head right now is 60mm

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