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  1. Placed my order for the Mega Bundle Swag box this morning.


    I also tweaked & refined my tribute miniature to Thumper today & purchased it along with anther ReaperCon Heroforge miniature. As that mini is a important NPC/villain in one of my RCon games, I won't show him here. Lets just say he is a pirate of sorts. ^_^


    Also included with Thumper's mini, is her name on the bottom. We have no clue when she was born, so I didn't feel like just putting date on there & the day she died. Looking forward to printing this one & painting it as well. It may be the motivation I need to get back into painting more on a regular basis.



    Thumper screenshot (1).png

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  2. I thought we weren't going to have a game tomorrow on the account of one player having car problems (he picks up anther player). The player that lives an hour north of here, said he would go pick both guys up, but he had a stipulation in that one of the players actually stays the entire game this time. Last time we played, one of those player (not the car trouble guy) was too tired & almost fell asleep during the game. Kinda had problems with this player in regards of focus, the last few weeks. (this is not the player I'm had arguments with in the past over game situations/rules - that guy is the guy that lives an hour away, so I don't blame him for adding in the stipulation)


    They agreed with the stipulation & the game is on for tomorrow.

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  3. Games have been submit for this year's Con! I'm just waiting for them to be approved.


    I've got a few games that go into the late hours this year. It was really the only way I could do my schedule this year. Note: when the schedule goes live - 


    Everyone is welcomed at my tables, no experienced needed.


    Registration: I didn't put anything down for this, but games are free & all you need to do is just sign up (using Growtix). Walk-ups are welcomed, thou registered players will have priority for the chair spot.


    Even thou the games say PG, my games are more or less Marvel movie rating (with exception of A Lamenting Lighthouse, thou I will announce this when I run the game).


    All games are pre-made adventures you can find off of DMsguild . com or at Paizo . com.



    A Lamenting Lighthouse 2 pm to 7 pm

    Skitter Shot 8 pm to 12 am



    A Fistful of Death 10am to 1pm

    The Dawn Chaser 3pm to 7pm

    We Be Goblins 5e 8pm to 12pm (note the game system)



    Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse 12pm to 5pm

    Call of Atrophus 7pm to 11pm




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  4. 2 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Mental note: when ordering a new desk, make sure to also look at weight of said object. 


    *blinks a few times* it's 108lbs?  That's going to be "fun" to get what feels like half a block down the hallway.  I suspect it will be a lot more rigid and stable compared to the old one though... Oh, and prettier, since it's a solid wood top with a nice metal frame... 


    Supposedly my new computer desk is suppose to be here today. I guess technically it's still on vacation, but it would have been nice had it delivered earlier this week.


    I should clean up the existing one to make way for the new one............

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  5. 1 hour ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    Yeah, it even had the file I was testing under "open recent".


    So if I'm thinking about getting a second bed should I just look for another glass bed like the CR-6 came with or should I look more into the spring steel magnetic stuff?


    tbh, I think it comes down to personal preference, as I've seen great prints with all bed types. I think the magnetic one is the easiiest as it allows you to just pop the print off once it's cooled down. I think glass gives better adhesion & also makes your bed leveler (is that a word??) due to the rigidness  of the material used. I seen one the other day, polypropylene or something like that. I'm not sure what that one is all about.

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  6. I'm both. I'm a player in Weds night AL at the FLGS & I'm a DM on Saturdays. I only bring for myself, but the store provides if purchased.


    I'll provide bottle water for my players & occasionally I'll order pizza but for the most part, my player provide their own refreshments. A couple players bring enough to share with the table as well. One player provides his own & really doesn't partake in the snacks. Tbh, I don't think my players expect me to provide refreshments,


    When I ran games at the FLGS, I didn't provide refreshments but the store did, if you bought them yourself.

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  7. No purchases at the FLGS tonight, other then one of the players (a good friend of mine) had car problems earlier in the week & he said he wasn't going to be able to make it for the rest of the month, so I told him to order a ticket anyways & I'd pay it in store for him today. He had car problems again today, so he wasn't able to make it anyways, but the store owner allowed me to move his ticket to next week instead.


    Also, I did get some inspiration for a combat encounter tonight due to the mini used. I'm gonna see how much the store wants for the miniature that was used. 


    Also, doing a Google tonight, I came across a shop in California that had Tidal Lurkers IN STOCK!!!! I ordered a couple (to go with the one I have already), paid a little bit more in shipping but at least I've got extra coming! Just a cool looking miniature & I really didn't feel like printing that one out vs using the Reaper model.

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  8. 12 hours ago, CaptainPete said:

    Here's a question for you: What's the weirdest paint scheme you've given a model?


    Most likely this:




    I painted that (my 2nd entry into RCON painting contest, thou the first one only counts for me).


    I do have a old Ral Partha Kobold sculpted by Jason Wiebe (I think) that I painted up wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt with bright orange & yellow flower). No pics of this one.

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  9. Today's acquisitions from Hobbytown in Boise, ID (that store has changed a bit since I was last there in August 2018). Allot more variety of paint, barely any Testor's paints (which tbh in not surprising considering "C"Rustoleum stance on them anymore. Lotsa of gunpla, kits, bit, etc. Better RPG/mini section (barely any Reaper stuff thou), etc.



    TS29 Semi-gloss Black spray (really wish they'd offer this one in say the Primer size cans!!!)

    TS8 Italian Red spray



    Ground texture snow (small bottle)

    Vallejo Game Color: Blue Ink


    Evergreen plastic 



    I think the best part about today thou was my wife wanted to stop in at a farm supply store (D & B Supply, not sure if they are anywhere else), but looking around I came upon a plexiglass stand that had 3 little rabbits inside for sale. One was white with black dots over the upper half, anther was "caramel candy bar" color with grey mixed in & anther I couldn't really tell as it was tucked inside a hidey hole structure. They were cute to watch for a bit.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

    10:30 pm, what better way to spend the evening than to call 911 because a neighbor left his stove on while at his other neighbor and had a grease fire smoke his whole apartment, triggering the whole building's fire alarm.


    Said neighbor is also old, needs a hearing aid, didn't realize the fire alarm went off (granted it doesn't sound as loud in his place), and didn't care his apartment was full of smoke.


    The rest of us on the other hand (3 floors, 12 units), were in for a fully functional ear-splitting screech, and we evacuated the building. Good thing it wasn't too chilly outside.


    Four fire trucks came (took longer than anyone expected considering the distance to the different fire departments), and after a few minutes they shut off the alarm and vented the apartment.


    P.S. Great way to meet the other neighbors in the building. And my ears are still ringing.


    One of the many reasons I don't miss living in an apartment building.


    My wife had a doctor's apt today over in Nampa, ID & with me on vacation this week, I decided to drive over to Boise & to Hobbytown. It's been forever since I've been there. Heck, I think the last time I was there was a Tuesday afternoon on my way to ReaperCon 2018. I'm low on a couple Tamiya sprays I'll need to use + I wanted to get a couple of Vallejo Game Color paints (scored 1 out of the 2) & some other things I didn't want to mail order & thus not have while on vacation this week.


    Good to get out & go to Boise, but these days really no reason for me to go there, at least not as much as I used to.


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  11. Using the power of your feet, the party marches it's way to Fort Gallant. At your current pace, you will reach the fort in about a day in half (going about 15 miles per 8 hr day). The brushland seems endless, with the plateaus & surrounding hills at least it doesn't look all the same. You've gone, about 10 miles from where you were at during the last fight with the Swarm, (so 14 miles left). Time is around 3 hrs after the event with the Major.


    Most of the party has been up for a total of 13 hrs, give or take a couple(due to patrol, the events at dawn in the city), so first I need a Fortitude save, please. This is to fight off sleep deprivation, as the party probably didn't get at least 6 hrs of sleep the night before due to the overnight patrol & following event of the morning. After the check, if the party wishes to continue I will need Constitution checks from everyone, due to the Forced March conditions &  after this check, does the party feel like moving towards Fort Gallant, or would you like to rest for a bit & if so how long would you like to rest up? You've got about 5 more hours left in the "day". Day being what is healthy for all Pathfinder characters as a day on Suskillon is 26 hours long.


    Sleep Deprivation


    A character who needs to sleep must get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. If she doesn’t, she must attempt a Fortitude save (DC = 15 + 1 per previous check) after each night she doesn’t sleep enough. The first failed check causes her to become fatigued and take a –1 penalty to saving throws against effects that cause the asleep condition (see page 273). A second failed check causes her to become exhausted, and the penalty to saving throws against effects that cause the asleep condition increases to –2.

    Forced March



    The party will need to make the same Con checks with a higher DC every hour of marching due to forced march. For each hour of marching beyond 8 hours, you must succeed at a Constitution check (DC = 10 + 2 per extra hour) or you take 1d6 nonlethal damage. If you take any nonlethal damage from a forced march, you become fatigued*


    *You can neither run nor charge, and you take a –1 penalty to your Armor Class, attack rolls, melee damage rolls, thrown weapon damage rolls that add Strength to damage, Reflex saving throws, initiative checks, and Strength- and Dexterity-based skill and ability checks. The amount of bulk you can carry without becoming encumbered is reduced by 1. If you are already fatigued and would gain the fatigued condition, you lose the fatigued condition and are exhausted for the total duration of all fatiguing effects. After 8 hours of complete rest, you are no longer fatigued. 



    Also, how's those environmental protections holding up? Anyone's power used up? Getting close?

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