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  1. So the cat ranger finished about an hour ago & this one wasn't using my friend's setting, so who knows what was going on. All I know is this had supports that were a PitA to get off as well. I'm not sure what's going. I think later this week I'm gonna get a fresh batch of Denatured Alcohol, as my current batch is starting to smell & I'm getting a sound whenever I use the fan.


    Hopefully 3 successes in a row, means I'm back to printing again.

  2. 1 hour ago, Inarah said:

    Grey primer, white zenithal primer.  GW Apothecary White contrast paint.  White drybrush for highlights. 






    I sub out the GW for AP's Holy White in their Speedpaint lineup, thou I am gonna test it on a robe first.


    I'll give this a try soon.


    Thank you!

  3. Replacement + extra ordered order arrived today! Pieces still have the sticky feel (must be the way he cleans, as there is guy who sells 3d prints at the FLGS & all of his pieces are sticky), but a dunk in Denatured Alcohol & cure in the WnC & everything is fine.


    Really good stuff this time around. Thou I've just did the initial look but the order is not as big as the other one. My printer guy does a good job & I'm very thankful for him printing these out for me. Hopefully, my printer is working fully again, as I just got down curing a print I made last night, thou the supports are kind of a pain to get off now, I wonder if that is due to the settings now?


  4. ReaperCon games have been submitted! All are D&D 5e.


    2022 Schedule

    Adventure                                 Hours               Level          Day             time

    The Horror Within                     4                      8                 Thurs          4 to 8

    Masque of the Worms              4                      1                  FRI             10 to 2

    Crypt of Azarumme                  4                      3                  FRI              4 to 8

    Night on Devil's Peak               5                      6                  SAT             10 to 3

    The Curse of Wardenwood      4                      7                  SUN            10 to 2


    As you can see, no We Be Goblins! this year. I just didn't feel like running it. I need to tweak some things if I run it for 5e again. Also a Sunday game, been many many years since I've ran a game on Sunday, but I wanted Saturday night off after running a 5 hr game. Looking forward to seeing all the players I get this year!

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  5. 3 work nights down, 2 more to go this week till vacation (again). I kinda like this take a vacation one month, then anther the next month. I'm also "celebrating" my birthday next month on the 11th, why? Well we get paid for it & I never used it on my actual date, so figured 3 nights off will be a nice lead up to ReaperCon vacation at the end of the month.


    Got a offer notification from the Samsung Galaxy store on my phone & finally decided to take it - 6 months free of XMSirius radio streaming option. I can handle that!


    Off to the garage for some hobby'ing!

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  6. 2 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

    What FDM printers does everyone own?


    I’ve got a heap of awesome building and large terrain STLs that I’d love to print. Some of it will fit on my Mars 3, but I’m sure the resin cost of it will make me think twice about printing most of it.


    I could print that sort of thing much cheaper on a FDM printer and it would be more durable as well. Not as detailed, but that’s not as important for larger pieces. 


    From looking around, Prusa is regarded as the best, but has a hefty price tag to go with it. Creality and Elegoo have well regarded FDM printers at much more reasonable price points.


    The “standard” FDM printer build plate seems to be 22cm x 22cm, which is 3.8x the size of my Mars 3 (and about 6x the total build volume of my Mars 3 when you add in the higher Z axis).


    The Elegoo Neptune 3 is being released in a month or so and will probably retail at about 80% of the cost of my Mars 3.


    The “big” FDM printers have a 30cm x 30cm build plate, which is 7x the size of my Mars 3 and up to 16x the total build volume with a 40cm Z axis!


    However they range from around the same price as a Mars 3, to up to double the price.


    Plus FDM printers generally allow you to print bigger stuff as you can build directly on the build plate, rather than on an angle.


    On the down side, they require more tinkering and maintenance than resin printers. On the up side, you can have them inside and not worry about any fumes, toxic to handle material, or the need to cure.


    I've got a Creality CR-6SE. What I've been able to print from it, I've liked. I'm having issues with the bed & prints, but overall it's a nice printer. I do have a modded Ender 3 as well. The Ender 3 is well worth the money for them, especially if you are going to just terrain & stuff with it.


    Also, fdm printers do give off fumes, but they aren't as bad as resin does. They do require more tinkering like you said. I've had this one ever since they released them from their kickstarter & I haven't had it fully printing more then a few hours. Thou that is more or less me being lazy on fixing or trying to figure out why it's not printing right then the actual machine itself.

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  7. 4 hours ago, knarthex said:

    Neighbors are shooting off so many fireworks, (They must have spent $500 on them) that it sounds like a private little war....


    I could empty a few magazines and no one would ever notice....


    None of the pets seem to overly care....


    Thank the Lords of Lead!


    While walking up to work tonight, there was one that by itself was probably 200 or more dollars. It put the city's display to shame. Tbh, I don't think the city did theirs this year.

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  8. 2 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Well, I feel like my dad would’ve been very proud of me today. It’s been 20+ years since I’ve lit a fire and I did it correctly on the first try.


    The fire.




    The monster in her bouncy castle


    The fireworks have started.


    Yah we had hamburgers & hot dogs on the grill tonight, for reasons unknown...:poke:


    Speaking of fireworks, there have been some boomers tonight. Luckily, I wasn't very tired tonight, so waking up early hasn't affected me yet. Short shift tonight.

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  9. So of course the 4th brings out the sales & hobby paint sites are no exception. A dealer out of Portland, named Splash Paints sent out a discount code of 15% off. Coolness,  there are a few paints I've been wanting from them. Splash deals in automotive colors such as BMW, Ford, etc etc for scale modelers. I stick a couple colors into my cart & with shipping (around 9 bucks, ouch!) it was close to 30.00 (1 paint is 14.99 & the other is around 8). The coupon code was only for 3.45. I promptly deleted my cart & exited the site. Since I'm not really doing model stuff right now, thanks to ReaperCon prep & such, figured 3.45 wasn't worth getting all work up for an order. Paints will wait till I'm ready for them, I guess.

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  10. Well, finally decided to work on my Mini 4k today. After cleaning the vat & filtering the resin. I loaded up a file with some different settings from a friend of mine. Her setting have a bit more exposure on the initial layers, so hopefully that'll solve my adhesion problems. I did order/get some resin from Sunlu in, so if the Phrozen 4k bottle fails again (which I hope it doesn't as I really like that resin), I have that for something different.


    Printed off a almost flat guard corpse. it took around an hour to print out, it actually came out! I think thou I over supported it, as it was a major PiTA to remove from the supports. Just too many of them, so it made it almost a solid ring under the print. While trying to cut & peel the supports off, I managed to snap the crossbow completely in half, sigh. I've done these types of corpses before (flat on the back, but detailed on the topside & I've just let the auto go & the back was rounded vs being flat, so I'll re-slice the file & give it anther try tomorrow). It's why I had so many supports under a relatively flat object.  also have some wine bottles, I might test as well. Those are a simple print, but if it goes wrong, clean up will be a paint as each bottle is only supported by 1 piece + the entire plate is covered in them.


    I did decide to print anther mini I have, a Yuan-ti Mind Whisperer (human body with a cobra/asp head). Hopefully that one comes out if not, eh, nothing new right now. I guess I'll see when I wake up for work tonight.


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  11. On 7/1/2022 at 6:53 PM, haldir said:


    Game tomorrow (finally after about a month off).

    Paint minis for ReaperCon

    Work tomorrow night (countdown starts again for my last vacation for my yearly (starts next Saturday).

    No fireworks, just not my things. If I wanna see money go up in smoke, I'll buy minis or rpg stuff :poke:.

    I might try to mow the yard this weekend, but I doubt as I wouldn't get outside till after 9 (thou maybe the 4th).


    Accomplished everything on that list!! I even almost finished a mini (using AP Speedpaints: opinion still up in the air on them). Game on Saturday was great, we just need more players. Funny for awhile my Sat game had more then my Weds, now Weds is the greater amount, sigh.... Mow the backyard today as it needed, helps we've had a very mild day as far as weather goes & of course we'll get the big bang boom tonight, oh joy!



    No pet right now, thou I don't think fireworks bother Thumper much as she would have been outside at this time of the year. If anything she could have ran to her hidey holes if needed.



    Hmmmm, Not being in a country like Ukraine where you have anther country invading it & wondering if today is the day I die.

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