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  1. hey right now I want the female Crusador mini to come FIRST!!!! that is damn good mini, that faction is gettin some really cool minis!!! Randy M
  2. nice work Lanse Great colors too, funny how those snakemen end up in so many conversions!!!! Randy M
  3. Back in the cold war days................. If Russia were to invade Turkey from the rear would Greece help?? Randy M
  4. Great stuff, Steven!!! If the dwarves are as good as the one you sent me, then that would have been a cool lookin battle!!!! I'll post the one you sent me here soon, your xchange mini is goin out this week!!! Randy M
  5. try Hawkwood then Caucasion Flesh then maybe Ivory?? those colors are similar to your color scheme. Randy M
  6. & just think us brushlicker are lickin the.... well you know where Funny thing is I bought some W&N burshes & one love to frey out after using it for awile (it's one of my bigger brushes, that I use for areas like cloaks & such, just a dip in water to clean & it goes back to it shape, a little annoying but I rarely use that brush but I did buy some sable brushes with clear handles at the local craft store & they are some of the greatest brushes I've used, price was like 7 bucks or so, need to snag the big one they have (it's like 13-15 dollars I think). Randy M
  7. Nice site Ary!! good ref work, horses have always been my downfall as well, just something about gettin them to look right. Randy M
  8. thanks guys, I think I'll be getting a cheapee brush at the local craft store (they usually have them for 99 cents some weeks) later Randy M
  9. To my eye, the GW flesh wash is a bit "redder" in color than the Reaper. I've always thought the GW was too orangey for me, add the orange hue of the main GW flesh color & well you've got Ernie as your mini I love Reaper flesh wash, also love Vallejo Smoke as well, made a half ogre paladin's flesh come out grungy but kinda cleaned (ie He's tryin....) Randy M
  10. As we only have a few more days before 03 closes, just curious on what everyone thought was the best mini of the year, at least from Reaper. DH line--2725 Alaine, Female Paladin or 2719 Ametrine Earthlyte, Female Dwarf Fighter or 2667 Sprig Sorethumb, Halfling Wizard are my choices Warlord--W14068 Duke Gerard or W14055 Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter are my favs maybe if there is enough response to certain minis, we might see them as a 72mm special edition??? anyone else?? Randy M
  11. I was thinkin a larger brush, but in some way that would put down to much primer in some areas. Any ideas??? Randy M
  12. Cool link Enchantra!!! always nice to have a starter pattern to go off of, helps out very well!!! Randy M
  13. Hey guys thinkin of gettin one of those swing lamps that clamp down on to the table that incorporate a magnifier & light together, anyone got one of these?? If so, how is it for yah. My vision is still good these days, but magnification always helps, but I've never been able to use a magifning glass while painting, something with being so close I guess. Also how much wattage can you use with those types of lamps?? thanks!! Randy M
  14. So, You are a Mac user? Nah. Probably XP. nuthing wrong with XP, been the best windows OS for me (I started with 3.11 UGHH), but then again I've never really had problems with any windows OS anyways (stayed away from ME thou, as I read that was nasty, glad I did) Macs are ok, but I'll stick with PCs I had a cordless dremel, it was ok, but I switched to the walmart brand one (the one in the green box, costs like 20 bucks or so) it'll pretty much do everything a dremel does, even allows attachment of the flexishaft to it, just need to get the stand for it really work (made my own once, ughhh that thing was terrible to look at ) Rotory tools are great for smoothing out bases!! Also for gettin rid of clunky Fenryll domino size bases!!! (ie Half Ogre paldin's base!!) Great investment. Randy M
  15. If you want something really wicked looking, try using House of Kolor's chameleon paints sometime, a tad bit pricey but they do some awesome effects. Not sure if you ever heard of Dupont's Chromalusion line, where the colors shift to different colors (like blue to red & all the colors in between those 2 shades), the HoK line is practaically the same stuff, just not a spendy (Dupont is like 400 bucks per quart where the HoK is like 20 for a couple onces. + you need a airbrush as well. Great stuff. I've use the colors in my nascar car models I've got a paint chip book from House of Kolors, they have a rainbow flake effect that you put into paints, that looks really cool, if I had anything to use that on I would give it a try. Probably nothing you want to actually spend moolah on but it's anther idea at least Randy M
  16. Duplicolor auto primers here, a little more than Krylon but they put Krylon 6 feet under, my opinion at least. they dry fast, can take any paint that put on top of it, made for metal, & is thin as it's a lacquer unlike Krylon which is an enamel. Also the bonus thing is the nozzle are the danvern fan spray one, where you have an adjustable spray pattern & you only put down on a flap on the button, not the whole button Duplicolor's primer page I use Grey & white of the Premium Self-Etching Primer myself this is the nozzle I was talkin about specail nozzle Good luck, great hobby, just practise practise practise!!! Randy M
  17. Griffon I would think could be a merc actually, if by goin with D&D as an alignment judge, grifs in there are neutral, thus could go with anyone. Thou I could see them fitting in with the Crusaders really well, as with the elves as well. Thou if you go with Warhammerish rules, they could belong in a chaos faction, so what do I know Finally seen how big the grif is, all I can say is AWESOME!!! Randy M
  18. Pewter is nice color. One of my current favorite colors is either Hill Giant Brown or Shield Brown. Great colors!! HGbrown is a good flesh base color for critters like Ogres & savages. Randy M
  19. As everyone else has said go with the epoxy, you've just got to get the mixture right on(at least I have too) to really get a great bond. I've heard that the epoxy is stronger than what it's holding together. Superglue will be easier but it more brittle at the joints & will snap if those joints are exceeded (ie a fall or bump) Wish I could work with epoxies better as it would be my 1st choice of glues to use. Randy M
  20. When I think of Lolth I think spider with a femal drow head. I would paint the banner in metal colors myself. Randy M
  21. thanks for the info I did find the order button after I posted yah somethings I can handle paying a little more, but overall I do like paying cheap(but then don't we all) ex for me the Larry E box sets, long time fan of Larry but too me those box sets are way overpriced, kinda reminds me of the old RP box sets. Randy M
  22. AWESOME STUFF as usual Anne!!! Love the Zombie Werewolf mini!! Love the female justicar mini, can't wait to buy that one when it comes out Love the other ones too Randy M
  23. I just painted a dark brown (WALNUT REAPER) color as my roof tiles are mostly this color it blends in with hte mini perfectly. Randy M
  24. Frank's post on the rock guy kinda sparked my interests, came upon some minis, great stuff espically this guy!! Minotaur green Frank just curious do you know how big this guy is?? Also I couldn't find this on the site, but do these guys do internet mail order?? Neat scenery peices also, wish I had the Ben Franklin for that large building. later Randy M
  25. you know having a figured legs under the left fist would look just killer!! Great peice, would make a great companion peice to the earth elementalist mini by Bobby Jackson Randy M
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