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  1. Lol, we are doomed! https://www.wargamer.com/dnd/ai-player
  2. The break room at work.... Freerpg day was fun this year! Ran 1 of my games, but played in 2. I got to see a couple of people I haven't seen in awhile as well. I'm glad my flgs decided to partake in it sgain.
  3. The freerpg day items I got on Weds this week. I'll be running the 2 adventures. The paint kit was my free item. Tbh, I think you got to pick a freebie per item you are going to run, so I need to ask tomorrow. The owner did say I will also get something else on thr day as well. There are 3 things I'd like to get. Should be plenty leftover, but who knows. Also tonight, order from the Noblest of Knights came: Army Painter Matte white & Alien Purple primers Sabol Designs 1 1/2 inch foam trays. (Kinda forgot about them) Finally, some prepainted minis: Web lurker x2 Ochre jelly Chardalyn pseudodragon Banshee Deathlock wight All for next month AL game. Other then maybe foam trays for RCon, I am done for a few months of gaming stuff! (At least planned gaming stuff ). Also 40+ resin 3d printed figures came, but no need to show those off.
  4. It's been one of those days, just chalk it up to that. My wife & I went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant tonight for dinner. Fantastic food, like always. Opened my 3d prints I had to order due to my own printer not cooperating. These are for RCon games, so mixed emotions on them. FREERPGDAY in the morning. I'll head up to the FLGS around 1130 or so, I work tomorrow night, so I won't stay too long, but I'll stay long enough to run the 2 games I volunteered to do & I may see if I can get into a game if I'm interested in the game that is being run. Heading towards the garage now to do some hobby stuff. Gotta take advantage of my nights off, especially ones with a nice evening in store weather-wise around here.
  5. I got my print order today & I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in it. Especially, since my previous orders have all been fantastic. One or two minis are broken & not by USPS. One mini is missing a greataxe head & it's no where to be found in the bubble wrap it was in in. Some of the sizes of the minis are off, I have multiple prints of figures I didn't order (ie I wanted 2, I got 4). I need to email my printer guy & ask how the prints were cleaned as everything is still sticky. I need to hit the dollar store tomorrow or Sunday & pick up a strainer or something & cut it so it'll fit the wash basket in my Cure n Wash. I think thou the biggest disappointment is the details. Printer guy must not have a 4k or higher resin printer as the details are mushy on a bunch of stuff. It's gonna be a PiTA to try & paint some of these for RCon. At least everything appears to be in the order. I'm going through inventory right now. Hopefully, soon, I can get my own printer working again, cause I hate outsourcing 3d printing! (email has been sent, we shall see what comes of it, tbh, about the only one I'm disappointed in the most is the broken one. The others I'll just treat like prepaints with the mushy details)
  6. June 24th - 26th QotD: The Apocalypse is upon us!! What happened? How do you survive? What is your special "niche"? (note: when I posted this, I was unaware of what happened in the USA this morning, just to be clear.)
  7. One of the last orders for Rcon & games at the flgs for the next few months! Gnomish Bazaar (great service, great prices!) . Paint is Coven purple in the AP air lineup. Ettin is part of their still at old prices range. Nice to see some places don't gouge on existing stock.
  8. Yah this is definitely me as well. Thou, I am a clean freak (thou I'm not the boy in the bubble like my co-worker is kinda clean freak) when I'm at work.
  9. Coming to Kickstarter on June 28, Epic Encounters: Local Legends gives you EVERYTHING you need to run tavern encounters and adventures, straight out of the box!
  10. June 23rd QotD: Are you a clean or messy person?
  11. Always cool to come home to a email stating you are getting a package. The package for me is the 3d prints I had sent off earlier for RCon this year. It was a bit more then I thought it would be, to get printed, but the person also gave me a decent discount for it + he did it no questions asked, so for that I am very happy & thankful that he did. I should have box Saturday or Monday! Hopefully sometime tomorrow, I'm gonna attempt to figure why I'm having print failures on my own printer. Hopefully it's just a setting change & fiddling with the build plate (scuffed it up a bit more to improve adhesion). Sad thing it's probably the resin, I'm using. It's Phrozen 4k aqua-grey & I just got it, but you never know. I'm debating on ordering a different brand (Sunlu) just to try & see if it is the resin.
  12. We had a fun night at the FLGS. Loud & allot of people tonight, but it felt like we were at a game store. We finished off a long Adventure League game tonight as well. I love Chris Valentine's work but his AL adventures are allot to digest in 4 hours, so I've taken to breaking them up into 2 sessions, my players don't mind. We also had to play with a shorter time frame, as tonight was the store's monthly employee meeting. Also, found out my store is participating in FREERPG Day this year (Saturday the 25th). I wasn't sure after the weak turnout for it last year, but this year marks the return to the traditional day (at least for the US) of it. I'll be running a couple adventures for the store (Cyberpunk Red Quickstart "Step into the Dark Future" & Loke Battlemap "Curse of the Dread Marsh Crew" adventure. I was able to pick a free item for running, so I went with the Harengon paint kit from Wizkids. I will also be able to pick something up this Saturday as well. I'll most likely pick up the Root RPG free adventure. Pretty cool, I think there will at least be 6 GM/DMs this time around, so a variety of stuff will be on display for anybody that comes up to the store that day. Looking forward to it.
  13. It's been a good awhile since I've picked up a novel myself. Just too many other things to me to do instead + I've never really have been a heavy novel reader. I think the closest "book" would probably be a game supplement or something. I'll say the last Dungeons & Doggies Seaside port Campaign hardback that I got from their Kickstarter.
  14. I recall CMON shipping in anther KS had gone up significantly as well. Might be a new standard for them. Interested until I saw it wasn't affiliated with Red & it was CMoN. Easy pass.
  15. Should have known - Rogue Brewery out of Newport, OR always has a fantastic line up:
  16. More art here: What’s Included? Discover ten larger-than-life RPG taverns, each ready to drop straight into your campaigns with gripping, prewritten adventures, detailed lore, characterful NPCs, stunning artwork, battle and terrain maps, a PDF adventure book, addictive minigames, stunning PVC miniatures, story hooks, and tips and tricks to keep your players glued to edge of their seats. Phew! And, once you’ve graduated from the Grand Academy, these tavern-based adventures will be perfect for giving your budding bards and wannabe warlocks a taste of high-stakes campaigning! Do you want to see your favourite school chums take on Owlbears, Ghost Pirates, Hill Giants, and more? Well, this is your chance! So, Are You Ready to Find Out What Makes Your Local Tavern Legendary? Don’t delay Follow the Epic Encounters: Local Legends Kickstarter now to have your say in designing the tavern NPCs through a daily vote. Cheers!
  17. June 22nd QotD: What's a great book you've read recently?
  18. I'm going to amend my answer to yesterday's question. I totally forgot around this time of the year, there is a tree the gives off a smell around here. I absolutely love the smell of it when it comes upon the wind. It reminds me of the times I spent at my grandmother's house when I was little. The smell of rain is a close 2nd.
  19. Prob, bit this one would be allot cooler then a deco skeleton.
  20. Collecting (J20th): I use to collect a ton of stuff, comics, gaming books & other stuff mentioned on here, but I lost interest in comics around 91, 92 (back when the SPECIAL EDITION!!!!!... covers were all the rage, or look Wolverine is guest starring this month, ummm I get his comic, why do I wanna read about him here). About the only comic series that survived the "Purge" was Bone. Funny how a simple black & white comic was the one that came out of it. Gaming book, more or less dwindled down to digital books & really just 1 system these days. Thou I have gotten Pathfinder & Starfinder, with just a couple of books for Pathfinder 2. I do collect Magic the Gathering cards, but not to play or to sell so I can retire later on, but I get the ones with squirrel artwork in them. Smell (J21th): I think my favorite smell is probably the smell of rain on concrete aka Petrichor. Just one smell if I'm outside & it rains & it comes up, I have just stop & take a deep inhale.
  21. If it brings a new person to our FLGS, more power to him for doing it. Before he left, he did ask about anther mini (halfling with a dagger, originally from the Dungeon Dweller line, now a BUSA figure (I think)) as well. I just told him to look up halfling on the site & we found it before leaving. I beat he'll order more then just the 2 figures. Sadly, he wouldn't be able to join my Weds night D&D game if he did, as I'm full with 7 people. Come to think about it, if a couple people show up that have been awol the last couple weeks, I'm not sure where I'm gonna sit them down. Normally, I'd just point them to the other D&D table as they need reliable players at that table, but these are regulars & they had to miss due to no fault of their own. I guess we shall see. Hmmm, this one is a tough one. normally I'd say round, but then again, I'm a D&D player that uses mini & I like the round uniformed look. Both of these guys do look good on both. If your gonna do your regular stuff with them, I'd say square, as I think that might fit your terrain/background better.
  22. June 21st QotD: What's your favorite smell in the whole world?
  23. You would be correct!!! Considering it takes me awhile to even regular size minis. Now maybe a year long (or more) project. I did take a look at the parts the other day. The head is 1 part, where the shoulders - chest - hips are 4 parts each (RF, LF, RR, LR). The arms & hands are 3 each & I think the legs & feet are 3 as well. The feet are just 1 piece each. Using Chitu, each foot is bigger then the Phrozen mini 4k build plate. Backside has a bunch of towers as well as walls & such. It's held together by large & small square pegs (aka the Rocket Pig way of assembly). Got a email last night from RNEStudio & with a code, it's 70% off on files + got the June '22 throwback vault folder with 5 files in it. It's been awhile since I was a member of their Patreon, odd that I got the email.
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