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  1. That Sotar the all gold one? I bought a '69 Dodge Charger! Ok so it was a model kit & it arrived by ebay/mail yesterday. My General Lee model is finally coming together! I just need correct wheels.
  2. Well i ordered a web cam the other day so I'll prob GM pf1 game of We be Goblins! Its becoming a tradition for me. I need to coordinate with my FLGS, AS I'm running 2 games that weekend already.
  3. Spaced off cancelling this one. Oh well the terrain really had my interest, the minis (mainly the pirates) didn't. Still, the ships will be nice.
  4. Gonna say maybe 18 or more. I've initially got a pack of like 8 gaiter style masks (skulls) for work, then I've picked up a couple from Teefury (1 is actually on its way + I've gotten 6 sports ones (UO Ducks x3 & Timbers FC x3). Glitterwolf reminds me I have R45( I think thats the code) for my resin printing as well. Oh & the previous question. I guess you could say quietness. Town is around 13000 people & really there is nothing here. One of the downsides of living on this side of the state. Thou, plus is that isolation, it has helped with the COVID19 stuff this year vs say Portland & its County
  5. I was hoping he'd pull through for his family's sake. RIP
  6. of anyone needs a village idiot, I know where one can find one..........
  7. Shockingly, the husband & his kids were outside yesterday, cleaning up their mess. He was using a broom to sweep up the trash in the street!
  8. Technically, your purchasing them from people who have made them. Your just finishing the job by printing them out.
  9. Gibbering Orb came out great!! It'll find a home in tomorrow's game for sure! Currently printing off some based crawling claws (& feet) minis I found on thingverse, awhile back. I'll compare them to the ones I have printed out, then it'll be the kitten "of the night". @Jasper_the_2nd She is part of a set (she is a freebie) from Pollygrimm on myminifactory. She is under "Catfolk Courtesan GIrl" The 3d primer paint from Badger is called 3d Prime & is basically Stylenrez without the flexing material added in. Since 3d prints don't really need to bend, it was removed. (Reminds me I should try the stuff I got at LVO this year.......)
  10. I hate the 4th holiday. Woke up last night around 1030 (I get up at 1130.....sigh) to what sounded like cannons from a battleship going off, thanks to the @$$hats that live across the street & their little party they have going on. My wife said they probably had like 20+ people over there.....The carnage & trash they left on/in the gutter & street is unreal. It looks like 2 of those 100 dollar fireworks box. I found a couple aerial stuff in my yard as I came home from work this morning. My wife said they were shooting the crap over the house last night. She even said they got a visit from the fire marshal, so hopefully something happened that warrants city action against them. Also to be honest I hope someone in their little party gets a visit from Mr C19. Crappy thing to say but hey you don't follow the rules, you pay + my summer plans were taken away from me. As far as critters here, wife said, Thumper was skittery & nervous. So her & kids tracked her down & got her in the house for a bit while most of noise subsided. Hell I had the backdoor at work open while I was breakin pallets down & I could see a sky show of color around 2 am last night...Really? Again, I hate the 4th of July holiday.
  11. Too bad you don't have a resin or fdm printer. There all kinds of base designs on just myminifactory alone. Anyone near you with a 3d printer?
  12. We had pork steaks marinated in Panda Express Teriyaki bottle sauce + some sorta Noodle Helper Penne Alfredo. It was good!
  13. Well preparing my first 8+ hr print job. It's a "Gibbering Orb" off thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3733118 With the way work is these days, it'll definitely be done by the time I get home in the morning. I just hope it doesn't fail. At the most yah I'll need to clean the vat but I do have Reaper's Faceless Horror (which is a nice mini) as back up. I'm trying for a all resin printed miniatures for my first DND game back. Funny thing is, in the game I was a player before the pandemic hit one of the players was playing a monk & some reason, some how, he got onto a story of how his character ended up chasing female tabaxi while smoking the opium at the monastery. We all got a big kick out of it as he was doing it in character. I found something for him: I'll print her up after the orb prints in the morning & give it to him, Monday night.
  14. Training to compete with Joey Chestnut, eh?? https://kitkraft.com/learn/how-to-use-magic-sculpt
  15. Congrats on joining the 3d print at home club!! Sucks about the delivery thou. As much as drivers drop off, you'd think they'd have that part mastered by now..............
  16. Thank goodness for email notifications. I picked up the mail yesterday & inside was a model I ordered & some junk mail. It wasn't until later I discovered my ebay-prepainted minis came in as well. (Small box tucked into the back) Anyways, inside was a Steel Defender, a metal dog construct. It'll be part of the goblin encounter but I wasn't sure if the prepainted were gonna make it here in time, so I printed off a Corgi Steel Defender. Now I'm torn in what to use! (not my print but the pic on mmf)
  17. Just don't be this guy!! https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29399821/cubs-jose-quintana-hurt-washing-dishes-surgery
  18. Just wanted to say, thanks again to everyone's suggestions. Even thou the mini I used to scale this batch was like 8 feet tall according to the ruler, it matches up pretty well with a prepainted mini. I then printed out a batch of 3 figures, the "cursed" halfling thug, Doc Frank & one of five bandits. Everything came out exactly how I wanted, especially the halfling (more or less cut it 50% & then dropped it a few more. On to the next batch!!
  19. Good ideas, everyone. Thanks for the ideas & tips.
  20. Nope. I've never cared for fireworks. I just can't see spending money on something you're are gonna blow up in like 15 mins or so. We did do fireworks when my son was younger but after awhile he didn't, so we stopped completely. Good enough for me. TS #3 As much as I do it, I'm not a big fan of mowing the yards. I guess I don't mind when I'm about halfway but it takes me a bit to actually get out there & mow it in the first place. This reminds me, years ago (2000 to be exact) a friend who's house we went to for D&D had a cat who had a covered litterbox in where we could play. The cat came in, did it's business & OMG it dropped an atomic bomb that assaulted everyone's senses. We decided to go out for dinner that night vs getting pizza or coming back & eating it there.
  21. My wife is always hurting her back at work or whatnot (doing more then she should, etc etc). Please post results!!
  22. Yah I like her, hell I like all of the "new" Amazons they just put up. Hmmm I may have to get that one for my wife if it does a good job at what it's suppose to do.
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