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  1. Finalized my pledge today. I went ahead & ordered those base inserts, hopefully I can use them as I intend too (flip 'em & use 'em like Wizkids bases). I have no why I picked up the regular ones as I have both sizes, in multiple numbers already. 15qty 50mm Round Black Game Base Qty: 1 30qty 25mm Round Game Bases Qty: 1 30qty 25mm Round Sci-fi Insert Qty: 1 30qty 25mm Round Wood Plank Insert Qty: 2
  2. I don't think so tbh. Growtix site can be a pure PiTA, so just remember that before the actual buying commences. Hopefully soon (& I don't mean Reaper Soontm) either! I'm itchin to get my games up for everyone to see + I just want to get the info uploaded & into a schedule. Also, if you don't get a class, just hold out hope that they are holding back a ticket or 2 for the classes & such. You can also talk with the instructors on Artist Row (when they are there) during the Con as well.
  3. Picked that walking fortress up & a few other files. You can't beat 60% off prices! Also picked up RPG's version of the Astral Dreadnaught. That'll be a neat one to print up (FDM on that one of course).
  4. June 18th QotD: What's your favorite kind of sandwich?
  5. I'm thinking about getting this "mini" due to Rocket Pig has a 60% code for Father's Day this weekend: Those are 28mm minis on his left leg! The code makes this one 13.99.
  6. Yah, I've tried other colors & I always go back to light grey (aka primer grey). I like the color for when it comes to priming & such.
  7. Yup! I've owned 5 of them (Badger Vex, Sotar/ Paasche Millennium (started in 99-00 with this one)/ Harbor Freight dual action (was only used for clear coats)/red no name (will be used for clear coats - replacing the HF one)/Testor's Aztek (like the car of the same name this one was hideous & didn't feel like a airbrush, why I picked up the Paasche & sold it off using UseNet message boards (remember those!). I'm in the process of getting ready to use the Vex here soon, so hopefully this one lives up to the hype I've watched & read. Couple tips: With airbrushing you don't need to totally mask off the item your trying to paint. Airbrushes produce a more controlled spray vs a can. If you have multiple airbrushes, don't use multiple hoses & a multi-manifold, just get one brand of hose & then get quick-release ends for your airbrushes.
  8. Well my wife finally got first apt scheduled. It'll be next week some time. The eye doc, said she definitely has cataracts (duh! We knew this going into this apt ) but the ones that she has are a common form of them at her age. So hopefully nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to surgery time. It does require her to get it done over in Boise, so that'll be fun. Also, daughter started her new job today. Since there was glitch in the computer system that took like 3 or 4 ITs to solve, it's been a bit since she first applied & actually working. Good for her, glad she decided to tell Wallyworld to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.a
  9. My daughter is at that age (24), that she could technically move out & start a life outside of the family home. I for one would have those same feelings, but I'd be more happy that she would finally take that step. Currently at the eye center for wife's apt, for her cataract surgery. I'm not sure of they'll do anything this day besides the initial stuff (or a couple apt afterwards). Hopefully they do, as her eyes are really bothering her anymore.
  10. June 17th QotD: Have you used a airbrush before? Own? What kind? Any tips?
  11. Order from NmshBzr came today. Figured I'd grab the rest of the AP Speedpaints while they were stock. You might notice there is a Air paint in there. I wanted to try the line + I liked the color. I also took adv of the Overstock sale one last time & got the 3 manticore. Not pictured is a Nolzur's Grick Alpha & Grick. Also a Reaper Bones "grick" as well. The air elemental is still at the old price, so took advantage of the price. The new hill giant is a beast! He is as big as the palm of my hand & weighs a good 2 pounds at least. Great sculpt too!
  12. Odin, perhaps? We've been spared the heatwave so far, it's been a mild all week, suppose to get to around 88 today, but I don't think it will. The forecast had today as our 90 day, then drops back into the 70s with rain showers. It's been nice thou, been a long time since we've had this much rain at this time of the year. I'm sure we're still in for a major heatwave of course. It wouldn't be summer here if it didn't go over 100 eventually.
  13. June 16th QotD: Have you partook in any of the Reaper Social boards? (Besides this one of course!) hangout-- Current link: https://hangouts.google.com/call/01uvpATfjyv_BtIQtxSxAAEE (Updated 1/24/18 by OneBoot) discord-- Reaper Miniatures (Reaper's official Discord server): https://discord.gg/sSbVPdS Major Mini Shenanigans (unofficial Reaper fans Discord server): https://discord.gg/KPKrx2z found here https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/76-socializing/
  14. Mask is a bit overkill, but a mask is a mask, Do you have a hobby shop like that sells models, paints & R/C cars? If they are well stocked, they might carry K&S Metals. You'll find metal rods/square rods, etc etc https://ksmetals.com/ I've seen places online to order good plinths. I can ask a friend of mine for yah.
  15. After FRPGDAY, they released instructions for her assembly. Just sayin'. I will admit the price is really the one thing holding me back from buying Frameworks, but I've seen some painted figures, that look fantastic from people on the Nolzur's BookeyFace group I'm part of. Also @Kelcore has painted up fantastic ones as well. Mostly medium hero figures, but he has painted the ogre & minotaur.
  16. Whoa! I actually painted something this morning/afternoon. I even got a clear coat on it! Nolzur's Displacer Beast. Simple paint job but it works. Started with AP matte black primer, then I spray Tamiya TS-15 (which is a dark blue). After that had dried, I drybrushed some grey onto the rocky base & called it good. As I was spraying, I could have used a black wash, but overall it looks pretty good for a quick paint job. Kitty is in the case ready to go for the FLGS tonight, so no pics, at least for now. This is like the 3rd item I've cleared with Testor's Dullcoat since my LHS got in new stock. It doesn't look as matte as it was before. Granted the Tamiya is very glossy, so who knows. I kinda like the results from Krylon's matte spray for artists.
  17. June 15th QotD: What type of cuisine would you serve your customers if you own a five-star restaurant?
  18. Picked up a couple mundane items, but have put both to use already today. Harbor Freight had a coupon for the rolling stool & Wallyworld had the "TV tray" on sale. It'll work for now, till I actually set up upstairs in a more permanent setup. If I go with double booths I'm gonna have to get a board or something. I need to find a rolling tray-thingee for my airbrush compressor. Currently only using spray cans.
  19. Saurman looks different in the reboot......
  20. Denzel Washington's dog....... "Care Otters" Hey only have one of those folding spray booths for over a year, but finally used it!! Decided to try it out with some spray cans & it works fantastic. Looking forward to using it with the airbrush, later this week.
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