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  1. Well, tray is done. I guess you can say 50% success rate???? The doc, came out ok but is missing a leg (like the dolgrim) with a splayed out part. Again, just like the dolgrim. Any ideas? Igor, came out really nice. The detail is allot better then before. It's not perfect but for a NPC that really I didn't need a mini, it'll work Claw, came out good & hey no missing fingers!! Feet. ummmm ok those weren't even there, just the supports. I may have made them too small. That one came out allot smaller then I thought it would. Anyone know if the "plate" in Chitubox has a scale on it (like the squares equal a inch or whatever)? I'm still having scaling problems. Something I really need to read up on or watch on youtube Since my scale guy was 30mm height, I found a 28 mm meter that I like better. Thou it does say too small every time I put it into the slicer. If I scale it up it's way to big. So far, thou it works. I'm printing up that halfling now (sliced & re-worked correctly this time). I'm gonna see how that one comes out before tweaking the setting again. That one the minis in AG's offering this month?
  2. Yup! I felt that was where he was going with those tiers. I put in a pledge, mainly for the backer updates. We'll see how far I go with this one.
  3. Percp: 15 + 6 = 21 Init: 10 + 4 = 15
  4. Picked up anther file off Heroforge for my Eberron game. Sheriff (jeesh, I can't spell.....), is the law in Salvation, the town the PCs will be based out of for the first 3 or 4 adventures. She is a Warforged. I like the outfit, especially the hat, so I went with it!! Also since, I'm switching adventures & restarting the Eberron AL series next Monday, I needed replacement minis for the adventure. I've ran this one before but at the time I didn't have all the minis I really wanted for it. So this morning, I ordered some prepaints & also put a order in with Myminifactory. Physical minis are suppose to be here by Friday. I haven't order from my favorite prepainted seller on ebay since around the start of the pandemic, so we'll see if her extremely fast shipping still works. I'll work on the stl files today & get everything printed by the weekend.(hopefully)
  5. I'll try these. I tried one of the higher ones, that most everyone on the Photon Fazebooc group said or has posted. Pretty much a failed print. Details were worse then when I was printing at 8 exposure. Universal choice on there & abroad thou is Elegoo resins are higher then others. I just need to print out that test & try that. That is anther thing allot of people on there trust. Beats guessing. I must have really boofooed the settings in Chitubox on a halfling warrior print. He came out bigger then a human & the detail was extremely terrible. I had it on a setting, someone said to use for miniatures on the fbk group + his size I must not have done any re-scaling in the slicer (remember kids, don't work on files when your tired!!). Currently printing up a "tray" of things at the settings, Talespinner recommends. Hopefully they'll come out. "Tray" being a Dr Frankenstein (will be a neutral doctor the PCs encounter), Igor (will be a old man the PCs encounter) & hopefully I solved my crawling claw (disembodied undead hand creature) problem!! I've found previous files but the size I've got em at, they are delicate & the fingers (or 1 does) break off too easily when removing supports. This file/print hopefully solves this. Also got some disembodied feet as well. It's a oddball encounter: PCs open a door, as music is playing. They see the feet pumping on a instrument. Will they investigate? If so, feet attack. I'll admit, I didn't mind the prints I was doing before I started meddling with the settings, but I'd rather get em to where it should be vs just going with the flow, so to speak. As much as I've been printing these last few weeks, I'm debating on getting anther bottle myself. Thou, I may switch back to Anycubic, but of course, grey (vs trans green).
  6. haldir

    Elven pirate crew

    Very nicely done. I like the chubby/barrel-chested elf, out of the 2.
  7. LIVE!! I don't know if I like those tiers thou. Am I reading it right, each tier is separate pledge? Nothing of the, buy at this tier get the lower tiers added in, kinda thing? Amazing stuff but wow. I dropped my Boss Monster board game pledge & I'm thinking about the Pirates vs Cthulhu one as well (mainly for this one), we shall see. I gotta decided soon as PvC is almost finished. Plus, this month I acquired a few stl Patreons.
  8. Yah I really loved his b&w line artwork. Just something about it. Thou, some of his best work was in Oriental Adventures. Some of those color works, very nice. Anther RPG Tier artist gone (the Tier being (for me) Elmore, Easley, Parkinson, Caldwell & Holloway).
  9. https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/46031/r-i-p-jim-holloway Well, damn. Jim's art was kinda of nice break from the other rpg artists out there, from D&D to Paranoia. He was one of my favs growing up. Rest in Peace, Mr Holloway, you will be missed.
  10. The link I put has a shot of her & her siblings too. Looking at getting back into model car building. Looking at products I remembered why I got out of it. I like the older racing cars, so to build say a 83 Drag Pro Stock car, I need to either find a donor kit (rare now, hard to find or $$$). Aftermarket decals, if they are made & a donor chassis. All in all it adds up quick & that doesn't include paint & other consumables......sigh. At least i have 2 kits of a 87 Pro Stocker i messed up the body on one, so I can donate that to a future build. I just need to spend about 40 bucks for a resin body. Quality is unlike resin minis we have in this hobby. One reason why i was i reluctant to buy resib minis & busts in the beginning.
  11. Dealing with 3 factions at work tonight; electricians, resetters & a floor water. Waxer is supposed to do the back aisle but is doing produce. Wanted me to move everything, heh yah right. Resetters are doing their thing, only prob with them is one has a Big Bad Body Odor on him, omg! Finally, the electricians, they are just in the way sometimes + they've got hip hop music on a boombox/charger. Other then that easy night at work!
  12. No T-storms here but it rained all day yesterday. Currently raining, while I'm at work. My daughter started to watch Avatar yesterday. I've only watched a few episodes, so it was nice to watch it again. Good show.
  13. Arrived today from Teefury! I'll wear this when I DM. (btw, ignore that calendar in the background. LOL)
  14. Will there be new minis released during the Con, like a normal ReaperCon or just the Swag box offerings?
  15. https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=detergent+cup&type=things&sort=relevant
  16. https://goldenhearts.co/oldest-golden-retriever/
  17. https://people.com/human-interest/captain-tom-moore-congratulates-5-year-old-double-amputee/ Way to go Tony!!!
  18. My daughter was watching Good Morning America & they mentioned a remake of Princess Bride done up a COVID-19 way with a cast of famous people. So I went on Google to see what it was about: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/06/the-princess-bride-homemade-fan-film Finally I can actually use Quibi for something (I get it for free due to being a T-Mobile)!!
  19. About the only time I even touch anything alcoholic these days is at ReaperCon. Thou I did last year put away a good amount during my FLGS afterhours ExtraLife event, but then again, so did allot of other people. It was good time for all. Reality tv is a good one as well. Why, just why is this so popular? As far as something in our hobby, NMM is a good one for me. It's a nice technique & don't get me wrong it can produce fabulous results but one of the things that got me into mini painting way back when I was 11 or so was metallic paints.
  20. Oddly, the guy in this cartoon, looks exactly like the GM/games supervisor at the FLGS. lol. Came home to what I thought were the next batch of Dolgrims but I guess I didn't want to print off only half of what I have & I printed off a couple of low-poly dragons I found on thingiverse. Perfect for what I need. In the first Eberron AL game, the party heads into the Mournlands to rescue that goblin on the way the get a taste of what the Mournlands can offer. They come across a field of broken black crystal with a charred corpse of something (a human). As they make their way to the corpse to investigate, some of the crystals come together to form a couple of "crystal drake" constructs. Simple encounter but nice to have minis for em. Thou, looking at the actual creature more thoroughly. They don't have a fly speed......whoops. I previously used Reaper Bones Dragon wyrmlings.
  21. Mondays never have bothered me but then again. I don't work a regular weekly shift. Monday is actually one of my lighter work days. 2 more weeks till I finally get vacation. Well, that is if they allow me actually take it this time. Co worker came back from his 2 weeker last night. He'll work this week due to the 4th but then he'll take his last week for his yearly thr following week. At least I have DnD to look forward to on the 6th (& every Monday after that) next month. Also what's up with the weather right now? 2020 crazy weather continues.... It's like 60 to 65 right now & pouring rain & very strong winds. Summer, what's that? (Not that I don't mind)
  22. I print with the minis tilted 45 to 50 degrees on their backs. Yah everything printed normally but his leg.
  23. I agree. I will keep a eye out for those berries on the way back. Percep: 6 + 6 = 12
  24. Hmmmm, interesting. Printed up a couple of dolgrims (mutant two faced goblins in Eberron) & cleaned them up. 1 figured turned out good (considering my settings are still up in the air), the other one on the other hand is well missing one of his legs! The printed goes down to his knee or near it & then splashes outward. There is a support where his foot was suppose to be. All of this isn't in the file when shown/sliced in Chitubox. I need 2 of these, so at least I'll get 2 when my current print is finished (same file). A first for me.
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