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  1. Ok, watching the plate rise up after a print is finished is kinda agonizing. ha ha Just finished a cool looking ghoul mini I found off thingiverse the other day. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3466743 He is at the new exposure setting of 6, but with all the info I'm finding on that, sounds like I should be going the other way (was 8), as much as 16 & other higher settings due to Elegoo grey resin. I'm still experiementing but I did come across on GitHub (https://github.com/altLab/photon-resin-calibration?fbclid=IwAR2cFs3MCt3L8a70sHCE5nMetIQeoWm8BRAI-OHYLCRyXqNjbd5mazBnH1s) the Photon Resin Cailbration. I think I'm gonna run that later.
  2. That's where we are at as well. We may be close to 3 but with the rise of cases & the dumbelfs in a county or 2, north of us attending a church service when it was locked down (like around 180 positive cases out of that, facepalm). So who knows when.
  3. I cancelled Bombshell, but I replace with Dan Kelly's "Lion Tower". I really like Dan's designs. I kinda wish he'd do more warforged sculpts. Bombshell was nice but I rpg fantasy so figured I'd rather have more figs I could use for that vs having figs.
  4. So I've been reading about Elegoo & exposure. It sounds like I need to up the exposure to like 10 or 12. I did download the spreadsheet on Photonsters & it says 11, but I'm not sure if this sheet is for the regular Photon or the S. I should try & test this today. Brand Type Cast Layer Normal exposure time Off time Bottom exposure Bottom layers Reported by ºC Room Temp Elegoo ABS-Like Rapid Resin LCD Grey 50 11 1,5 90 10 Luca Malisan 21 Elegoo ABS-Like Rapid Resin LCD Grey 50 11 1,5 90 10 Lenny Gordon 23,8
  5. I can totally concur with this statement! Very nice outside right now! I must go out mow the yards!
  6. Best news I've heard today, errr yesterday. Oh whatever, awesome to hear he'll & the rest of the crew will be the smaller size. Also I just noticed "Treasure of Bloodreef" the octopus looks to be separate. It might be worthwhile to get a extra copy just in case as that is a great looking 'pus! I wasn't that impressed with the Nolzur's offering. (then again, when I think of giant octopus, I think Kraken sized, soooooo)
  7. Climb checks 16 + 7: 23 11 + 7: 18 12 + 7: 19
  8. Well the extra day (Monday) is my night for running D&D at the FLGS. The extra game I'm running (gonna be a goofy game with goblins tryin to stay warm for the winter, game I was actually gonna run at RCon this year) is the anv game. Most likely that game will be ran on either Saturday or Sunday. I guess it all depends on if the store is fully opened up. Right now the owner is running limited hours & live events are limited to just 1 per night. If anything, I could always try & run something the 3rd or 4th, but that would also put me at 3 games in 4 days or so, ie burnout. Still RCon only comes around once a year & with me missing it last year, I really don't want to miss it 2 years in a row. Also, there was other vendors in the swag bag last year. I'm not sure about after-Con bags thou, as mine was a at RCon purchase. (thanks to a fellow attendee).
  9. I know there is a file from AG of a goblin (or orc) maiden with ample measurements. It might be the same file. Correction it was a dwarf female (ooookay then, how did I get orc/goblin mixed up with a dwarf)...... The AG female goblin is a tad bit under-dressed for what I want, but she is suppose to be a rebel daughter of a goblin merchant in town, so eh, I guess it works. I think I'll use the one with the pick & shield. She has a aviator helmet on.
  10. So I talked to one of my regular players last night for the first time in awhile. It appears his work schedule has changed since we last played & he might not be able to make the game on Mondays. I'm debating on re-starting the Eberron AL games (ie fresh start). So all of these warforged I've been printing will have to wait. I've got figs for the previous AL game, but thinking about re-doing some of them. Mainly there is a encounter with a female goblin that has had a encounter with a cockatrice. Since I didn't have a female goblin, Artisan Guild to the rescue! She is a Artificer, so I'm not exactly sure which one I'd use for her. She also has a iron defender companion. Thanks to Darkrealms off thingiverse, I've got that covered (along with a dolgrim).
  11. Currently debating on swag "box" purchases this year. As much as as I really wanna get into to them this year, it's just not the same as it normally would be. Also debating on running something that weekend, but my FLGS has it's annv, Labor Day weekend so I'll be running a D&D game for sure that weekend.
  12. While not a issue here....yet, there is usually one or two that goes off while I'm walking to work each night. Why, I just notice this now, but the 4th is on a Saturday (ughh) this year. The 4th & Halloween are the 2 worst holidays when they fall on a work night. I hate walking up to work on those nights. At least, Halloween it winding down or over by the time I go up, the 4th, who knows who might be out there, blowing crap up. Decided to look into how many players have signed up for our Return to Live Events (D&D) at the FLGS, so far 3 out of 6 slots have been sold, wahoo!!!
  13. Scraps will make his move & will move up to the tree & will climb it to retrieve the youngling. Climb: 11 + 7 = 18 20 ft per round climb speed
  14. Mouseling, big (boooo) or small size?
  15. So what makes this special vs say a Patriot or Sotar?
  16. So would I go about fixing the overexposure? I've noticed some of the prints aren't as clear as they could be. I decided on my next print (or at least one after the current one), I'm gonna drop the Exposure down to 6. I recall, @TaleSpinner had something like that with his printer. If anything, if it goes wrong this time, I'll know what I did wrong & I'm able to fix it.
  17. Which is odd, since you get gift certificates to use in the store later. ha ha Currently thou, I don't mind not getting free minis as they would either go into my RCon metal bucket or passed onto someone else in the Goodwill round. I've got something already lined up for the 2 most current figures (the 2 I really only want right now).
  18. Nope that is a shot freshly popped off the build plate. I haven't taken off the supports or dunked him in his IPA bath yet. Tbh, I think resin printing is sooooooo much easier then filament printing. I still wanna get my Ender 3 working but yah I'm satisfied right now with my Photon S. This is him right now.
  19. We've decided to give the bunny a hole that she has dug in the fence line. It's on the part where we put the chicken wire at, so no worries about her getting through. The way she has dug, she can see into the other yard. I'm pretty sure it goes back further thrn we can see. Plus, she likes rolling & laying in the dirt she has thrown out of the hole too.
  20. He's here! Still in the goo stage.
  21. I was on the fence about this one as well. I've dropped out as well. I decided to keep this one. Again, on the fence the entire time here, but there are enough interesting items in it to keep me in, for now.
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