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  1. June 10th QotD: On a scale of 1-10, how strict are/were your parents?
  2. New Wind Rose album kicks orc & goblin @ss!!!
  3. So this is totally different then B5 then? If then, I'm definitely will be waiting to finalize my pledge. I had decided to actually get the Core (mainly due to the wait to retail) but I'll probably reconsider this if the above is true.
  4. I was hoping they would add some extras to the PM as currently, I'm not exactly sure what I want to spend my initial funds on. Most likely big items thou, helps with the hurt of the cash leaving the wallet.
  5. June 9th QotD: If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
  6. I've seen this one before & yes, I agree with it.
  7. They say the first stage is denial.......
  8. "What? That isn't how your suppose to do it?" Looks over at piles of grey figures staring me back.... "Uh oh....."
  9. Looks great! They did update this one. It's in the Fan Favorite expansion for Bones 5. It's allot bigger then this old skool gem.
  10. Small orders today. First ever direct thru Darksword Miniatures & a person off bay of Eeee: She is brand new, so no one other then DS has her. She'll be for a Rcon pregen air genasi wizard
  11. June 8th Question of the Day: Can anyone figure this one out?
  12. A pin vice is definitely a personal choice thing. I for one, like having something on the end that you hold in your palm. There is a double ended one that I tried long time ago & I did not like that one at all. I'm sure it was one that made me hate pinning. Currently I'm using the one from Army Painter. It has a hollow handle that holds the collets & has a flat spinner end. I did at one time had the ball ended one from GF9 & I loved that one. I really wish I hadn't lost that one somewhere..... Take a look at widget supply. They are over on your side & they have a ton of small tools & such. Just use "pin" as a search term.
  13. Here is what I took from the @Broonkah box today: The ladies in the middle I'll choose which one I want to proxy for a yuan ti pureblood variant & the metal alien guys will make great yuan ti as well. I won't need all of then, so I'll pick & choose & then set aside for the next round. Dire Turkey aka farm animal toy just struck me as hilarious, so I had to have it.
  14. Crazy, so before I went to bed this morning. I decided to look for a couple things in my mess of a hobby room upstairs. I found soooo much hobby stuff that I'll find use for over the next few months. ha ha. I mainly went looking for my razor saw, as I knew I had at least 1 blade & 1 heavy duty holder (Xacto doesn't even make this holder anymore). Found that & more! Now I need to go through my goodies that I found, in the garage, now that is my hobby room. I may try & reign in the mess upstairs, but then I remember it becomes a oven upstairs in the summer & while it's nice now, it's not going to stay that way. Also, you know how I said the price for GW Shades & Contrast paints at my FLGS was pretty much double what retail is? Well, I noticed I only have a half a bottle of Agrax Earthshade & I know I'm going to more then that. Looked on the bay & price with shipping is like 1 or 2 bucks cheaper, so I may end up just getting that bottle from them. Hate the cost but I don't have to worry about shipping. Had I noticed I needed it, yesterday I would have added it to my order....
  15. Yah about this....... @Broonkah box going out today. GONE! Great box!
  16. If we are talking, traditional miniatures, then most likely largest is the Bones 5 Pirate ship. Smallest is probably a imp or quasit from Wizkids Nolzur's line up. That being said, I do have larger scale models. Surprisingly the imp (not the quasit) actually has paint on it. Sophie's Revenge, I haven't even started on yet.
  17. Little early today, but since I'm still up, June 7th Question of the Day: What is your largest miniature? Smallest? Is it painted?
  18. Ok, missing Dremel nut problem & GW paints problem solved. I just wish I didn't have to order (vs having/local). One thing after anther. At least I have the shade you put on first for those Nightmares.
  19. So I picked up a very small order from my FLGS today, Nolzur's Nightmare (I did order 2 + other Unpainted minis). I would have just waited till Weds to pick it up, but I was hoping they'd gotten in the new Wave & just overlooked my orders from that Wave. No go there, but I was needing a few GW paints, as I came across a video on how to paint the nightmare quick & looks very effective. I asked first before purchasing, since there isn't price tags & I recall paying a bit more then usual for the last bottle of Shade I got from them. The owner said $11.50 for a bottle of Contrast paint. I promptly put it back. I know they have had a hard time getting in GW paint stock (they can't stock other lines due to an agreement with GW or something. I've heard of this one before from other shop owners) but 11.50 for a freaking bottle of paint? Uh no thanks. I love my FLGS & I try to support them whenever I can, but price like that & the wait on not in stock orders, is just something I don't want to deal with. Considering, I run a game there & I sometime have a Saturday game at home. I need stuff now (or a few days later), not months or whenever they feel like ordering. I guess if it's not MtG or Yugi-Oh, it's not a priority there these days. I did see they got in the newest MtG: Baldur's Gate or at least pre-order stuff. Which means, the rpg stuff will be put on the backburner. Just annoying, but hey I guess a online shop gets the cash & no them. Their loss on this one, they only had a 2 out of 3 paints I needed but still.
  20. Ok, now I don't dislike the Cowboys as much now.... Always cool to hear about members having relatives in "famous" spots in the world. I was on a nascar scale modeling forum years ago & few of the members on the board were actually involved in nascar in some form (retired, active, etc etc). Yah, Cons are awesome for the hobby. Who knew a building full of geeks & nerds could get together & do things that are kinda hard to do outside of that enviroment. One of my main reason for going to ReaperCon, all these years is the friends I've gotten to know & for meeting new people.
  21. To answer my own question (first since, I've kinda answered my own questions in the question, so far this month): None that I know of, thou I will admit, the dad's side of the family is kinda of murky to me & I'll just keep it that way. I know none of my maternal uncles or aunts, nor my maternal grandparents served. I'm not sure on anything beyond them. To all that have served & have paid the ultimate price for their service, thank you, I appreciate what you've done for me & my family.
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