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  1. Wow, you really are getting the most out of those old single piece sculpts. Really inspiring work on these.
  2. Very nice work to be sure. A game piece anyone should be proud of, but more than that congratulations on successfully pushing your skill set a little further. Few things are as rewarding (in the painting hobby) as trying an new technique and getting results you're proud of. Keep it going!
  3. I like it. Clean and effective color choice.
  4. Loving the old school. Great contrast and depth of color on all your models.
  5. Thank you again for the feedback everyone. @Derek: On hair it's those last, intense white (ish) highlights (or near white transitions) I have a hard time putting in without making the hair look washed out. Perhaps I'm just not pushing far enough. As always improvement is about pushing that contrast on the model higher in just the right spots. Any suggestions for how to work with better placement of my highlights and their intensity would be appreciated. I still need to push myself to paint a monochromatic miniature, I think this would help on a lot of the issues I (and others) can see in the figures above. Thank you as always for your tutelage and feedback, it helps a lot. Thanks again one and all... appreciated. pez
  6. Derek, Beautiful work as always. Your sculpting as always makes wonderful use of long elegant lines... distinctive, just like your paint style. Really a beautiful piece.
  7. Thank you for all the feedback. This was actually a commission and the work has been sent back to the client, so sadly, I won't be able to touch up the work any further from what you see here... though there were lots of good suggestions and feedback given. Hair continues to be a rough spot for me, I'm just not able to get the depth I want on it, and haven't found a tutorial I'm really happy with. I'm curious if anyone can suggest a good tutorial on that topic? I selected not to paint the nose on the third model for totally selfish reasons. I worked with some warm and cool whites to try and create a sense of texture/make-up on her face so that the face wouldn't look white, but as though it were painted white. I was really happy with the result, although you can barely see it in the picture. So, I decided to preserve the white nose to enjoy that subtle effect. I totally agree about the snake looking flat. If I had the models/time to go back and keep playing with the models I would spend some time adding texture to the scales, but as stated, the figures have been shipped. The color choices on the Aztec queen were based on the Aztec Winged-Serpent God reference art I found. Lots of fun to do. The other two were purely based on reference art sent by the client.... so I can't take credit for those. Thank you again for the feed back, Pez
  8. Hello all, Been a long time since I posted here on the Reaper forums, but I finally got a chance to paint something just for fun and not for an army. I'm always trying to improve what I do, so comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you, Pez
  9. Love the Tre Manor sculpts and you've done a really nice job on this one. I can't wait for him to put together a game so I can buy up WAY TOO many of these models.
  10. Really nice job. You've captured the Chibi (sp?) nature of the models. The Elf is particularly good. Her wings really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I think the base is the best part. Very nice work all around. I look forward to seeing some photos if you do the highlights. Even if you don't this is still a good looking piece!
  12. Very nice, and the Bones seems to be legit!
  13. I think that's the best I've ever seen these particular sculpts looks. Very Cool!
  14. Thank you for the support gang! The face on the dwarf is exceptional. A real joy to paint. The space ladies are also a lot of fun to work with. Tom's models present a lot of options for painting without being overly clutered. Please post your painted results when you get around to painting them! Thank you all again.
  15. As so many have said, these are great. The freehand on the sorcerous is exceptional.
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