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  1. I hate to post this as I am sure the answer is in here somewhere, but I cannot find it. When is the online store expected to have ReaperCon items that they will choose to sell?
  2. Run in the sense that you organize the cats, talk to to the venue that the meetup is at, maybe run mini-events/themes, classes if you have them, keep the group alive and going. It is a fluid term.
  3. I do, but I am in your group. 😄 Anyone? Looking for others. We know you are out there.
  4. I didn't mean to post the comment in ominous black. Odd.
  5. Due to the current situation, third Saturday is being moved to an online hangout. Same time, just virtual--sadly no gyros for lunch. Details to be posted in the group chat. Hope to see you virtually on Saturday.
  6. I hope they announce interesting gameplay. :D
  7. I held strong. I didn't want to succumb to their strategy of KS exclusives. It is just annoying. Also, the game looks mediocre at best (it may play better), and the minis, though cool, are so unnecessary is hurts.
  8. Looks good. I lose patience before this usually, but starting with the bright spots is good idea. Where I lose focus is I just can't visualize the way metal will highlight.
  9. Right now I am listening to David Drake's With the Lightnings. It is so incredibly boring its astounding. Something is finally happening 7 hours in, but that took oh, so long. Not to mention that writing is pretty terrible. The main character, as of right now, is wholly unlikable. @Doug Sundseth recommended it so I hope it gets better. I am listening to it, but so far I am sure if that works well as Drake breaks passages all the time with view pint shifts (small paragraphs at times too) and that is often hard to follow in audio format. This is an homage to Aubrey/Mautrin series but right now, I would say just read that.
  10. I'd buy the minis, or at least some of them, but they never do that.
  11. Good thing they have minis because the gameplay looks fairly uninteresting. So many KS exclusives it hurts. It is clear how they want to drag you in on this. Seven heroes (so far) you can only get if you pledge? Lordy, CMON.
  12. skippen


    In any con situation, when you cancel rooms, it is usually best to see if you can find someone to just transfer your room too.
  13. Supershuttle no longer operates in that area. I booked one at BGG.Con last November (sucessfully sadly), and got a call the day we arrived that it was cancelled. We ended up doing Lyft from downtown Dallas to DWF.
  14. Also, might be time to start a new thread or rename this one as, well, its been like 4 or 5 years since we changed to 3rd Saturday. :D
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