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  1. I loved that book as well when I read it in college, but I was also in a Rosicrucian literature class, so I had lots of context and such to make it a bit less congratulated perhaps.
  2. I have started listening to that one a few times. So far, something just doesn't work for me yet. Maybe I should push through the first 1/4. Just started re-listening to Dune. I read it in high school, and I thought it was great. It still is. Reading the paperback of Dune Messiah at the same time. I have never been able to get into Messiah until this time. So far, not bad, but not Dune.
  3. skippen

    Artemis 2.0 By Kev White

    It is his company with Arty and Sally. He can try to brush off everything, but he's a responsible party. He's just not willing to take responsibility as he should.
  4. skippen

    CMON Trudvang

    It had me at Paul Bonner miniatures.
  5. Wish I could be there to help you out. Feel free to shoot me some images if you wish.
  6. This Saturday is the third Saturday of the month, so 10:30 at Total Escape in Broomfield. Hope to see you there. Sadly, I have to miss this month. But I should be there in August.
  7. skippen

    Artemis 2.0 By Kev White

    Never again after the mess that is STILL his first Kickstarter.
  8. So, I have been using Badger's Miniataire paint (their yellow specifically). Through the airbrush, it works just fine, but when I paint and try to thin it, it pretty dang useless. If I put it on un-thinned its a bit better, but this odd. Have anyone else noticed this?
  9. Tomorrow we will be at Total Escape Games from 10:30 to 4ish. Please join us if you can.
  10. Heard this from so many different people. Just finished a re-read/listen of First King of Shannara. I read this back in 1996 when it first came out, and I liked it. Normally with Terry Brooks I remember stuff very well, but, man, this was like reading it for the first time. I didn't, apparently, remember a dang thing. Liked it more this time around though.
  11. skippen

    US President Miniatures

    Anyone know of any miniatures of Presidents?
  12. Great turnout this past Saturday!
  13. skippen

    Happy Birthday skippen

    Thanks all!
  14. I do use the case it comes in for travel.