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  1. So, I have been using Badger's Miniataire paint (their yellow specifically). Through the airbrush, it works just fine, but when I paint and try to thin it, it pretty dang useless. If I put it on un-thinned its a bit better, but this odd. Have anyone else noticed this?
  2. Tomorrow we will be at Total Escape Games from 10:30 to 4ish. Please join us if you can.
  3. Heard this from so many different people. Just finished a re-read/listen of First King of Shannara. I read this back in 1996 when it first came out, and I liked it. Normally with Terry Brooks I remember stuff very well, but, man, this was like reading it for the first time. I didn't, apparently, remember a dang thing. Liked it more this time around though.
  4. Anyone know of any miniatures of Presidents?
  5. The pallette was terrible. The case is the only thing I found any good. The sponge absorbs water fine, but it doesn't release it, and it needs to release it to work as a wet palette.
  6. I truly do not understand how this is as popular as it is.
  7. Just finished Deynari Rising by Katherine Kurtz. It makes me want to read Camber of Culdi again. When I first read Camber I did not like it (partly I suspect because the book was a lot different than I expected). I enjoyed this one.
  8. I want to get them, but I still haven't painted any from the first set, and I really hate his poses. Some of these are better though.
  9. Reminder, this Saturday is our monthly meetup at Total Escape games from 10:30 to 4:00PMish. Hope to see you all there.
  10. Some nice stuff in this KS. I ended up backing for at least 5. Maybe I will add on more later, but I really like a handful of them.
  11. Nothing shiny, and not nearly as much as others. But I couldn't get out for very long either.
  12. Good luck. Love the ambition. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, you will learn something. I would love to do this myself, but I know I won't be able to pull it off. :D
  13. That brown and purple work really well together. I might have to try that combination myself someday.
  14. And regardless of the why, any judge in a competition will tell you to make your bases as small as you can. Dioramas don't use "real world" space well. You could, almost, use half of that display board and get what you want across. Certainly you can cut of 1/4 of it, but I suspect it will work a lot better with 1/2 or a little bit less of that. In the end, it is up to what you want, but if you are looking to score well in competition, reducing the size will help a lot.
  15. I like the layout there, but I would cut the size of the base down. There is a lot of empty space. Make it tighter, smaller, and it will look a lot better.
  16. Any ETA on inks getting into the app?
  17. Reminder. CMPA meetup is tomorrow at 10:30 at Total Escape Games. Bring your 3-color mini if you participated in that challenge. See you Saturday!
  18. It makes more sense if you play the game in that they explain it to you, but yeah it is weird.
  19. Keep in mind that they still haven't fulfilled (fully or at all) the following projects: Dark Souls, Resident Evil, and God Tear. RE and God Tear haven't even started, and now they added another to their plate. Just a FYI. As to "just the minis." I understand what you mean, but I personally don't want to promote the behavior of a crappy, underdeveloped game for the sake of minis. The game needs work from what they have shown me, and they are banking on the minis. If it is described as a boardgame, the GAME should be the most important part.
  20. I find the your lack of dwarves....disturbing. :D I like some of these quite a bit though.
  21. I was in on this, but then watched the gameplay video. This is clearly about miniatures mainly. The gameplay is mediocre at best, and the interesting stetting plays no part in the game.
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