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  1. Really wishing I hadn't done the responsible thing now and had skipped out on work tomorrow, so I could be there today instead of late tomorrow.
  2. I am thinking of naming my entry F$$%$%$^$%$%$ beard. :blink:
  3. They haven't ventured there, and they have slowed down a TON in acquisitions. But, it is still a insanely large collection.
  4. Hate this beard. Hate. Time to move on. The only way I can see truly improving it involves starting over on it and re-doing it. Not gonna happen this time around. I will see what others think at Reaper Con. :D
  5. I am a mini painter, but per time spent per hobby, I am primarily a boardgamer.
  6. I hope so as well. If I were to re-do it, I think I would patch a lot of the deep grooves with green stuff. I love this sculpt, but what I think is killing me is all the deep, deep grooves in the hair. Grey never usually throws me this much, but for some reason this time around it has. Regardless, this one has been fun. There is stuff on here that I am quite happy with. I love how the leader turned out (need to remember my recipe--wasn't too much). I am ecstatic with the leather.
  7. Boardgames are pure awesome. Great way to unwind. Thanks Reaper!
  8. Thanks. Tonight will be last and final work on him, and then I will just have to call him done. I expect this will be a piece that I don't love in the end. Hopefully, I will change my mind in the end. But the grey hair has been a big battle that I think I have lost. I have painted grey hair before and sucessfully. I guess it is not meant to be on this one. I should have taken Heisler's advice, and just scrapped it, but I wanted a grizzled veteran.
  9. I plan too--though I have seen a lot of that Kris guy do auctions before.
  10. Great. I also see I have slots late afternoons on Friday and Saturday that are not as bad if I am late for some reason. I will just be late for a banquet if things go badly and not miss a shuttle to the airport. :D Plus, I get to see the auction.
  11. I see a tour of Reaper happens at 2PM on Sunday. How long does that take? I really want to go, but I discovered my only open window is Sunday at the 2PM slot, but I need to be back at the hotel by 4:30 for pickup by the shuttle. Will that work?
  12. There are some fairly highly rated games in the list. Splendor is one of the hot games from 2014. Imperial Assault is also popular, and even more recent. Ticket to Ride is an old game, but a very popular evergreen. Seems like a broad selection to me. Hence the "snob" in me. :D
  13. The boardgame snob in me will keep quiet on the quality of games. :D
  14. And I can teach The Witcher game (plus a handful of others) if you can find me there.
  15. Well, like all things, I wasted a good portion of an entire month, so despite grand plans, I only will have The Grudge as a new entry at ReaperCon. Here are a couple quick shots I took last night. As is the the theme with this piece, still not happy with the beard, but at some point, I have to let it go. I am almost done. A good session tonight, and I will have to call it complete. I MIGHT tweak here and there are the Con, but I don't really want to. My time is already allocated there, and I don't want to worry about this. Here are a couple very quick shots I took at home with the phone.
  16. Hmm...I kept checking this month, and I never saw a new one. Off course, today, way to close to the con, I see a direct link and it takes me there. Sadness....
  17. Glad to see someone making progress. My discipline has been terrible the last month.
  18. I like what you did around the eyes.
  19. They are a good deal, but I just don't think I can swing the extra $60 right now. Sadness ensues.
  20. That is a lot of painting to do in a couple weeks. Good luck.
  21. And why didn't you bring this Saturday for me to see? Fiend!
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