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  1. Yeah, I like the idea of the wings a lot, but it is hard to tell its Sophie.
  2. Saw this last Saturday--very nice.
  3. I am tempted to over-extend myself to take one of your classes since I watched you teach at Ghengis.
  4. I am tempted by the new pledge level, but, dang, it is double to what I am paying now.
  5. I am in the for the basic. When the pledge manager opens, I will add the upgraded playmat, and probably a basic kit of forge fathers and maybe their booster.
  6. Must be getting closer as I had a dream that I showed up to ReaperCon with none of my entries, no brushes, and got lost trying to find the correct hotel. Not a fun experience in my head.
  7. 5E, I think, is my favorite edition of DnD so far, and it is very friendly to newbies. Keep in mind I loathed 4th, tolerated 3rd.
  8. I disagree on the flash. My Deadzone (and frankly all Mantic products) have silly amounts of flash. Cleaning Mantic's minis is a major time investment.
  9. I understand, but Mantic is pretty solid, and has a handle on it. I have been pleased with all of their Kickstarters. I can't wait for hard plastic though. Restic is just wrong.
  10. Mantic doesn't even need it for that. They funded in 13 minutes, and would have regardless of early-bird.
  11. I truly don't know why Mantic has early-bird offers as they explode now each and every time. Early-birds are for companies that are unsure if they are even going to fund.
  12. Received mine yesterday. First, I must say I am not impressed by the packaging. A soft envelope coming from France with a book and mini. I am AMAZED the mini appeasrs to be fine. The book is fine. Off that. The book is great! Far better than I expected. Bravo! And for some reason, I thought it was just a book of minis, not a education book.
  13. I am pretty sure this will break my Kickstarter hiatus. Curses! And anything is better than that "restic" that they are using now. Mantic has some good figures, but I can't stand the quality of the current ranges.
  14. Made some progress. The Mage has been tweaked, and I may or may not tweak some more. Made some good progress on The Grudge, but there is A LOT of work to do on him still. Entries on the blog is doing well, and the other models are on hold till The Grudge is done.
  15. I am tempted, but all the bad reviews and their complete botch of the rules/cards in the first edition really has me leery.
  16. Not sure what I will do as this is my first ReaperCon. I will jump into a CAV demo for sure. I go to a lot of gaming cons, so that is not my priority at this one. Painting and chatting with other painters is.
  17. Interested, but I have a ton of brushes still from when I bought when I heard the shortage may happen. I am set for a long while on brushes I know are good.
  18. Thanks all. I had a good day of painting with the CMPA, and we had cupcakes for celebration. I got some good direction my current bust from Kris and Michael which helped me make some progress. Still a TON of work to do on it though. A good birthday day.
  19. Have any of you played it? I am curious if it is any good.
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