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  1. Most people have had good experiences mind you. If you ask me, I would stay away, but I stated my reasons above. If you look at the other Kickstarter and read the comments, that may help you decide too.
  2. I am. And that was just one of the terrible customer service experiences I had. There are still folks on the first one that still haven't gotten there items.
  3. I have the 4 basic right now. I may snap a pic, but the worst one I cleaned up. It might also be expectations as they are all new casts.
  4. What they should do in the future is what they do at BGG.Con is print your avatar on your badge. That is the identity people know. At BGG.Con most people start talking to me, look at my badge, and then say, "oh, I know you!"
  5. I will continue to get their products, but I really wish they had less mold lines. Their Kickstarters are phenomenal deals if you like their games. I skipped Deadzone since I couldn't get the ForgeFathers immediately, and I regret it. I often dis them for just redoing popular GW games, but I am over that. I wish they would re-do Mordheim next. :D
  6. On a more serious note from my previous post, I don't suck, but I have heard about this class a lot over the years, heard good things, and have had it recommended to me by friends, so I figured I should take this one. I am not a novice painter, and I am not in the Bender, Rich, Proctor area, but I am progressing slowly but surely. And I figured, what can it hurt? You can learn something from anyone. Plus, being in Colorado, I am spoiled with really good painters (Proctor, Kaufman, Esterle, Troy, Reed--to name just a few). The bar is high here in Colorado. It is both really good and really bad.
  7. Really like their stuff, and I just traded away all my Wild West Exodus for a Deadzone set. However, I don't know if it is the plastic they use (restic I think), but MY GOD their products have SO MANY mold lines. It is INSANE the amount of cleanup I have to do on them, and invariably, no matter how long I spend, I find a ton more. This will probably get me off my Kickstarter hiatus though.
  8. They did that last time. It was a 4-figure set. I ended up only getting half of mine. They refused to send me the missing ladies.
  9. Maybe, but I need more info on the acutal game first. The minis aren't enough right now. Plus, have tons of primed SDE not painted.
  10. Not the Meet 'n Greet, but I still have a Thursday lunch up for grabs if anyone wants it.
  11. I suck now, so I expect Not To Suck after Sunday's class.
  12. Oh, I started a trend (in another thread).
  13. Fri 10 am - Noon: with Jessica Rich Qty:1 Learn simple tools and tricks to help you paint freehand designs onto shields, drapery, and other miniature surfaces! Please bring a quality brush with a fine point if you would like to work along with the instructor. Level:Basic Demo w/Hands-On Fri 2 - 4 pm: with Marike Reimer Qty:1 Learn from the master! Marike shows you the techniques and tricks she uses to produce her gorgeous paint jobs. Level:Intermediate Demo/Q&A Sat 10 am - Noon: with Justin McCoy Qty:1 What are pigments and how are they used? In this basic introduction to pigments Justin will demonstrate several techniques, and then give students a chance to weather up a base using provided supplies. Level:Basic/Intermediate Demo with Hands-On Sat 2 - 4 pm: with Noel Meyer Qty:1 How do you make a flat surface appear to have texture? This class will show you how, covering a variety of different faux surface effects. Level:Intermediate/ Advanced Demo/Q&A Sun 10 am - Noon: with John Bonnot Qty:1 A comprehensive survey covering everything you always wanted to know about miniature painting and forgot to ask. John expounds on the many materials that will help you in your task not to suck as well as specific painting techniques to help you build a good foundation of skills. Consistently rated among the most valuable classes we offer! Students will need to bring their own brushes. Level:Basic/Intermediate Lecture
  14. In the past yes, so I would assume so this year as well. Not all have access to computers all the time.
  15. Well I got some early by just getting the ReaperCon site at that time. Kinda unfair, so I bet they may be redone. Who know. :D Bryan does.
  16. Can one really decide on style? Not arguing, but unless I force myself, I just paint the way I paint.
  17. All this talk about classes selling out so quickly has me intimidated.
  18. I just shower with my brushes. Keeps 'em nice and clean and fragrant.
  19. Thanks. In season trees with lots of leaves is often very hard to pull off.
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