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  1. So, who wants a free lunch on Thursday?
  2. It is yours. I will email Bryan. Would you like the Thursday lunch too?
  3. Awesome. Good to see that they won't go to waste. Now to find someone. :D
  4. Are folks getting shipping notices or are they showing up? I see you will be able to order from his store soon, so I expect mine has shipped.
  5. I ordered one, but still haven't heard a peep on its shipping. You all are bringing me down for when it does ship. :D
  6. I bought a gold ticket, but I am not coming in till late on Thursday, is there any way I can donate/gift my lunch on Thursday to someone and my Meet & Greet ticket on Wednesday? I rather not see the Thursday meal go to waste.
  7. Never seen those. They are quite weird.
  8. And, finally, a better pic of the face (now I see more flaws of course).
  9. I hope to get some better pictures once I get my good camera (or my phone camera figured out) charge up. These were quick using my setup for my nice camera.
  10. Huh, never heard of that. How'd I miss that system.
  11. Better for sure, but removing the mirror and the ironworks would even be better.
  12. Very nice. I would love to see a battlin' beaver too!
  13. Picked up a couple Red Box figures the other day. I will see if I can get them before Reaper Con. Unlikely, but I may try (assuming they get mailed soon).
  14. Some more work, some more frustration with the beard. I may have to abandon grey. Sniff. It feels like defeat, but I am not making progress that I am happy about.
  15. Here are a couple shots that include her face that I took quickly with my phone this evening. They are not very good sadly. I need to find my camera's battery charger.
  16. Finish The Grudge for Reaper Con. Tweak my Mage from Dark Sword for Reaper Con (not much left I can tweak with her already based). Finish Thing from Knight Models for Reaper Con. Maybe start another mini, perhaps Red Box, for Reaper Con. Post 4 entries to my Painting Blog (first one hopefully up tonight or tomorrow).
  17. Played a prototype of this with Erik last April. Not a bad game. The minis are completely uneeded, but at least they are cool looking. Tokens would have been just fine for this, an kept the cost down.
  18. Well, then, that is a lot of painting then. :D
  19. I just ordered the agitator balls from PK-Pro (about 300), and I like them so far. But even they can have a hard time moving that Scale 75 paint (so much, so thick)--but I really like my Scale 75 paint.
  20. Yeah, the minis aren't bad. The poses are a bit static, and they can't be posed (easily) any other way than that they are. The gameplay looks fairly basic, but that is just from watching the videos.
  21. Not again. I pledged in the first one, and I regret it. First off, it is Roman from Battlefoam, and from all the stories, and personal interactions I have heard from other folks, he is just not someone I would like to deal with. Secondly, after pledging, my inital spreadsheet was lost, but they never contacted me, so when I didn't get my product I contacted them. They proceeded to blame me, and then took another 2 months to ship it out (after multiple emails). When I got my package, I was missing half of my Ladies of the Old West and my dice. I emailed them many times, and finally got a response or two. After many emails, they finally told me they didn't have any more (which they knew when the packed my box as it items missing were marked as not in the package). How they did this I don't know as they knew the amount of them they would need. Their solution, a $10 credit on the webstore, which buys me nothing. Plus, I wanted the Ladies of the Old West. They cancelled at least 2 of the Kickstarter bonuses well after the fact, and many folks are angered about that. They re-offered the Art book again, but at an additional cost to those who already pledged a level that included it. Not to mention, that the game was not ready until well after into the Kickstarter and was helped to developed by the pledgers (which, in my history, is never a good idea). And, lastly, there are still quite a few folks waiting on customer service resolutions on the first project. Not pretty, and one of the very few Kickstarters that I fully regret.
  22. The hair on my bust I am working keeps slapping me around. I think I may have made some headway last night. Paint group tonight for a couple hours, so we will see!
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