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  1. I will watch this one. I hope they don't have it, but with that many orders, I just see a fulfillment nightmare. And as I said before, I really don't understand the mass appeal of this game.
  2. Looking good. It is a bit hard to see to give some hints.
  3. Missed the first KS, resisted the second, will my resolve hold for a third?
  4. Well, on the heels of Ghengis Con, like many, I was excited to paint even more. So a couple days ago I started on my first bust, The Grudge by Jason Wiebe (who I got to chat with again at Ghengis Con again this year). So far, I am quite happy with it. It is odd being in a place where you are often happy with your work now. Of course I lots to improve like we all do, but being happy with something I painted and not finding just flaws is a nice thing. Last night, I set down to pain the basecoast of the studded armor (or that is what I decided it was going to be), and pretty much finished it (studs are just baseboated).
  5. It was 3 degrees when I left for work.
  6. I have cleaned mine plenty of times and never bent it. I have also bent one or two, but can't recall how, but I have cleaned it many times (just water in the sink and then dry off with a paper towel) without bad stuff happening.
  7. It was pure awesome when I first saw it, and that is who is the target audience. Kids. Remember that. As a 40+ adult, I am sure it is terrible, but in '78, it was the bee knees to me.
  8. Yes, congrats again (in the virtual world). It was great to meet you "officially" again. We met in passing last year when I took your mini (that won best in show), but it was brief. Glad to have chatted with you at length this time around. Very nice entries. I am excited to see us growing our Masterclass category in Colorado (land of so many damn good painters--and me too).
  9. If that doesn't work, you can always try to scratch build it yourself. Yeah. I will do that if I need to (or beg Gene to help me).
  10. Thanks.. Good idea on O scale. We have ginourmous train shop here in Colorado, so that is a definite option.
  11. Odd request I know, but does anyone know of a company that makes a port-a-potty mini? I will attempt to sculpt one if needed, but I rather not.
  12. Nice. I really like that figure, but I don't think I have seen a Pathfinder figure I haven't liked at some level.
  13. Daaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Impressive. Your painting skills will have improved dramatically just by painting that much. Good show!
  14. Oh, maybe Kris will get his, and I will be able to pick up my couple of minis from him at the Con.
  15. Very curious to see how the fish plants work. I have never gotten them to work without them looking like they belong in a fish tank.
  16. I am good with either. I may slightly prefer metal as it is always the same to work with. Plastic, especially some of the newer types (Mantic), has become increasingly hard to work with. So far, I have not been a fan of Bones, but I see its value.
  17. Yeah, I was happy with what I got when I finally got it. I must have sent 20+ emails, and got 2 back from them ever. Even after they hired another person to handle customer support. Terrible. Good product run by folks who don't know how to interact well with their customers. Some of it I garner is from the fact that English is not their primary language.
  18. Interesting that he calls blacklining an obsolete technique considering how often people around here recommend it (myself included, but not Monkeysloth because I know he hates it). Yeah, everyone I know who paints uses it.
  19. These look great, but after my painful experience with their dwarfs (terrible, terrible communication--lost package, terrible customer service--I did finally get my pledge, but it took WORK), I won't Kickstart them again. I may buy them if I see in a store, but until they learn that they need to answer emails in a timely fashion, work on quality control of packaging, and many other things, I won't give them my money. I barely got what I last pledged on them, and there are still folks missing their items. No.
  20. Granted, I am a boardgame snob as I play boardgames weekly, so I have a "refined" taste. :D This game is not targeted toward me.
  21. I truly don't understand all the excitement for this game. Fully baffles me.
  22. Sorry, never saw this. The figure is a GW figure (which at one time was a limited edition--and more), and still readily available.
  23. They have been very quiet of late. I was just in for a t-shirt, so not much riding on it. Granted, I wanted a few other things but they required you to get the paint rack (which I don't want/need).
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