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  1. Good to see some movement on this. Thanks Doug. I can't make this month, but December should be good.
  2. I asked on Facebook a couple days ago about last month and this month, and I have not heard a thing.
  3. A bump for reminder for this Saturday for painting group. The more the merrier. See the first post for all the gritty details.
  4. Well they also don't wear armor, so I think reality has already passed us by.
  5. I think I will be in for a t-shirt and some stickers. I would love the paint rack, but I don't need another system to store paint. I need to commit to one. My plastic tubs and Crop Hopper work well for transport. I will watch it though. But like others, at $40 shipping, it is unlikely.
  6. Thanks guys. I see a decent one in The Old Glories line.
  7. I was looking for them in Reaper, but I am not able to find any. Do any of you know of any miniatures of pioneer women in sun bonnets? I know, odd. :D
  8. Eyes are evil. End of story.
  9. The tree itself is a root, and the leaves (which I am still not entirely happy with the color) are paper leaves I got from Hangar 18 miniatures.
  10. Here is the latest miniature that I finished. Unlike many, I have been quite happy with this one. There are things I could fix for sure, but at times, you just need to done. I am happy with this one, and I don't think I have ever said that with a finished mini.
  11. Sorry, they are taking money from their last kickstarter to help finish molds? Was the last kickstarter finished? That's kind of a red flag. Any interest I had in it has died a horrible death now. I will wait for retail if at all.
  12. Looking good. Missed you on Saturday (and many others--guess most were at ComicCon).
  13. I am gaming tomorrow but whats the contact info for CMPA? I think the facebook page is your best bet, but I don't do facebook. Search on Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance or CMPA would be my best guess. But it's the second Saturday of every month at Dark Matter for the Denver Metro meeting. IIRC, Heisler said something about a Greeley meeting and trying to start up Colorado Springs again. If you can't find anything else, either Heisler or Clever Crow is likely to know The Greeley paintgroup, meets every other Friday. Our next meetup is this Friday, the 16th. It starts at 3:00 PM and goes till about 9:00 PM at the Nerd Store in Greeley, CO.
  14. I got to see the Ettin up-close on Saturday. Very nice. I am looking forward to her next project that I got see the start of on Saturday.
  15. Impressive how quickly he got them out. I wanted to back this one, but too much money at that time, and I only wanted a few from that set. I guess I should have chatted with my multiple friends who did pledge and add-on to theirs.
  16. Love that scene you created there.
  17. I have to pledge. If I don't, I will hear about it.
  18. Got mine in the mail yesterday. Nice.
  19. Pledged, and now patiently waiting for the mini I really want to unlock!
  20. Having met Heidi at Ghengis Con, I have decided now to give up painting. :D What I did in years, she did in months. Granted, she has painted in months what I have taken in years to do. Too many hobbies! Not enough time!
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