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  1. Now if they would only answer my email about my order that has been sitting for a long while that I have a mistake on with shipping. They have my money, and I am pretty sure it hasn't shipped.
  2. They are going to drive me nuts with updates. One a day is fine.
  3. I said feeling. The amount of ineptitude is pretty staggering on the fulfillment side. He needs help--end of story.
  4. True, but go down a weekend, and get the job done. It is clear that Arty is suffering and it weighing on him. Make it a weekend job, get some volunteers, or just say we don't care about timely. I have my minis and got them fairly quickly, but watching this KS is sad. Plus, I have an order that's just sitting there with an error, and I can't get them to take the time to respond. Hasslefree feels like a dying company right now.
  5. Still working on this beast. Update (a small photo). Goggles are completely different. This was just me trying to figure out what to do.
  6. Sad news all. After a valiant effort of Nathan Doyle, we haven't been able to secure a location for this month's meetup. Coupled with Starfest this weekend, the weekend after a long workshop, we also have a lot of folks that will be absent. So, this month's 3rd Saturday meetup is cancelled. We will see you all next month! Next month though we are back at Total Escape Games.
  7. This Saturday is painting, but we are currently looking for a location. TEG is once again booked, our normal alternate HobbyTown appears to be full. They have room in their Longmont store, but I don't think many of us would make it there. It doesn't matter to me if its in Longmont (same amount of drive for me), but most of our membership isn't willing to drive that far. We will keep you updated as we learn more.
  8. After a week of battling a cold, I seem to have managed to obtain pink eye. Hence, I will not be there.
  9. Hey everyone! Unfortunately, Total Escape Games is booked up with a Star Wars tournament of some sort and we've been bumped. We'll be being at HobbyTown in Westminster again.
  10. Awesome. I have no interest in this at all. I am safe.
  11. Nothing excites me too much, and I was tempted by the free mini (as it was designed to do), but I resisted. The hidden bust might get me to pledge, but right now there is nothing I really want.
  12. Reminder for paint meetup tomorrow: We'll be at HobbyTown: 9120 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80021
  13. 3rd Satruday is officially at Hobbytown this Saturday. 9120 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80021
  14. Well they bring in more than us as most folks I THINK don't buy much. I buy something from them each time, but I am not sure if everyone does.
  15. I am betting it is because we don't bring in enough money. Now if we gave them money per head that came in, they'd probably hold our spot.
  16. Update for February 17th meetup. Total Escape Games is full for two tournaments, and the following Saturday is the same. So we are going to move it either to Hobbytown on 88th (I think) where we have met before or Funtastic. More to come when we know more.
  17. Interested, but I have given a lot of money to Mantic, and never played any of those games, and their minis are fairly evil. Mold lines that are like permanent. They changed formula, and the newer ones seems better, but they are rough. I will have to be sold by the gameplay.
  18. Reminder. This Saturday is our monthly meetup at Total Escape Games. We start 10:30 and go to about 4:00 PM. I hope to see you there.
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