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  1. Luckily, I like the DaVincis 8408s, and you can still find those, but when this was first bubbling as happening, I grabbed about 7 or so over a month or two, so I have good supply of brushes for awhile, and, luckily, these last a good long while. Sadly, I have been wanting to try a smaller Windsor one out for eyes that a friend uses, and I can't get that right now. Stupid paperwork.
  2. Ah, I thought this one was for ReaperCon (plus your Sophie you already have done). I think you are right on both accounts; however, I really need to get this mini done today so I can get started on an additional, higher-quality entry for ReaperCon! So, alas, he probably won't get all of the love he deserves.
  3. Well, I don't post here often, but I am trying to be better. He si my current work (via bad camera phone):
  4. Thanks. They are all helpful in some way or another.
  5. Anyone know of any good tutorials on how to make summer trees (i.e. tress in full bloom)? I have looked far and wide, and I haven't found anything yet. I don't want to buy any from, say, Woodland Scenics as they don't really look too real. I have a figure in mind that I would love to have sitting under a tree, but I don't want to do another winter scene.
  6. Looking good Pixel. The one thing I would add it is a bit more depth to the face. It may be the bones figure itself, but right now it is pretty one dimensional. It needs a few more shadows and highlights to create a bit more contrast, and when that is done, I think the face with garner a bit more character.
  7. The other thing I would take in consideration (though not as fun) is that a fire does not produce that much light, so depending how far off-screen it is, it may produce very little light. Unless you are talking about a huge fire.
  8. Well, painting only 7 months still makes her a noob, but she is just progressing very well. :D
  9. I am in for now. I am not a huge fan of the Game of Thrones line, but Dark Sword has been very kind to the CMPA, so it is hard not to support him. Plus, some of those are very nice, and with scretch goals, this could end up being a stellar deal.
  10. I like it as well. It is very thick, heavily-pigmented, and it dries very, very matte.
  11. Your Sophie and diorama were just awesome. I got to see them and hold them up-close. You deserved everything you got.
  12. Congratulations again. I was glad to meet you, and I am glad my light helped with your final touches on your unit entry.
  13. Bravo. The eyes really make him come alive. I wish I could see him in person.
  14. Ah, I see now. It is very faint. At least via photography. They may pop more in person.
  15. Are you going to put any color in the eyes? I think that would really help the mini's character come out (say yellow or something). The rest looks great.
  16. Oh, and as the others said, he looks great.
  17. I am no expert, but what you need is even more contrast from your lights to your darks in your NMM. You need your highlights to be even brighter (lighter), and take some of your darks down even further.
  18. I admire your mini output. I am lucky to finish 1 mini a year.
  19. Looking good. I have been working on it as well, and it is rough. We just need to tell ourselves "each time we paint, it will get better. Progress is slow, but progress will be gained."
  20. Granted a lot can change in almost a year, but I plan on going to Reaper Con 2014.
  21. Thanks. I took a loot at yours. Nice.
  22. Nevermind, the forum reduces it. I will have to take another shot. Or take a look at www.dwarfpainter. Many more images up there.
  23. This one should be closer.
  24. I pledged and then cancelled. After reading the rules, I wasn't too impressed. Not bad, but not a $134 dollar purchase. Plus, I am really not a fan of their Early Bird pricing model. A 30+ difference in the basic game for folks who come late is just not fair (IMO). I am ok with early bird being $5 to $10 off, but 20+ is excessive.
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