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  1. Paging @Heisler He is a fountain of mini knowledge.
  2. Hopefully, you won't be crushed and killed by your creation.
  3. Well after a long break to get a better view of him after a miscommunication between my critique circle, I picked up again this weekend. I am tiring of the coat, but its almost there. Still a ton of work on him to do though.
  4. Why does it matter how I feel about a Grimm Fairy Tale? I stated my reason. I don't want to play Hate because I throw people in an oven due to its being a game mechanism. It is valid.
  5. You are not wrong, but the use of the term overs and people to me is just too close to an actual event that I don't want to support "playing" that feature where I cook a person. I can read it, but don't want to actively do it myself. Plus, the game itself looks fairly un-inspired.
  6. Yeah, you kept moving and mixing. Took me forever to get that shot.
  7. Some photos from this Saturday's paint day. Very successful as usual.
  8. Yeah, that is just an impromptu event that Bianca started up. It just a neat way to focus on something, have a deadline, and see what folks are coming up with.
  9. Reminder, this Saturday is our meetup at Total Escape Games with a special guest this week. I hope to see you all there!
  10. Are you going to bust a move with us in March @Heisler?
  11. Scanning has never worked for me (on multiple phones). And if it just happend to work, it was still loads faster to just search. I just sat down one day and did it manually.
  12. Yeah, no movies. Paint days should be about painting and socializing.
  13. More like 2, and one of them only sculpts and one of them has had health issues. They also ran a KS, fell behind, and then ran 2 very large sales, and fell further behind. Bad decisions have been made.
  14. I think power strip/extension cord is probalby the one item we use the most that often is missing. I carry one in the car now just in case. Our group had a good set of supplies that Kris supplied. We don't have as many now on our meetup since Kris has been busy, but most folks who come to these know what they need to bring, and in our group, if you forget anything or just need something you didn't anticipate, someone has it.
  15. As Doug pointed out, consistency is the key. I tried to start an off-shot of the CMPA up in the Northern part of the state, and it worked fine when I was there, but I wasn't able to be there all the time, and when I wasn't it died. We have moved a couple of times, and our current location is finally showing the fruits of our consistency. We had about years where it was often 1 - 3 of us showing some months, and our core group was about 6 people for awhile. We are now averaging 16+ at paints days the last few months, and that took years to get. Overall, it is about having some people that are willing to come no matter what. Someone always needs to be there, and you need to welcome all. Also, remember, paint group is not all about paint. It is also about socializing. My monthly meetup with the CMPA is one of the highlights of my month. I haven't been in 3 months, and it makes me sad.
  16. Any chance we can get the Daler Rowney inks listed?
  17. I am going to try to come. I have Star Wars at 8:30 AM, and depending how long it ends up being and what traffic looks like, I might make it. If it were at TEG I'd be there, but the extra time Hexagon Mill adds, it may discourage me.
  18. Come back! We miss you. We are somewhat reserved anyways, but we may want to chat with them since this trend seems to be sticking.
  19. Have fun all. I have to miss this month, but don't feel sad, I will be boardgaming for 4 days in Dallas. @Doug Sundseth, reminder to bring all of our swag bags from ReaperCon. Nate will take mine, and we will meetup hopefully after Thanksgiving.
  20. Wow, is this one actually fulfilling after 2 Kickstarters to produce one product?
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