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  1. Interesting. Yeah, I am interested but more concerned at their low goal.
  2. October is kinda terrible for me. I have so many cons that happen in that timeframe/months--Reaper Con, BGG.Con, ASLOK, Mile Hi Con. But I am planning on RC next year.
  3. I have them all, and they are all good, but they all get better as they go, so the Jess Rich one is best IMO and the worst is the first. The first is best for beginners though if that is what you are looking for.
  4. I went to paint group last night at Gryphon Games and Comics in Ft. Collins. I got a lot of work done on the leather, but my critique group still has lots to say on it, so we will need a live session together for a meeting of the minds. I THINK it is getting better, but at times, also, I hate it. I also de-saturated the skin, so it was so neon green (liked that, but this does better). Also, removed the brown from the ears (now really just a basecoat). Lots, and lots to do still.
  5. Someone's salty this morning! Charrrrgggeeee!!!
  6. I might be missing it, but after you create a set, and then a subset in that set, I see no way to re-name/edit that subset's name.
  7. It is hard to believe what new ownership is doing to 30+ year old con. It is withering to nothing after being THE con in Colorado.
  8. Glad to see my bucks helped even when I wasn't there.
  9. Thanks Kris. They are in actual contact.
  10. Both Michael and Rhonda have taught that type of class.
  11. Work continues--the leather work is frustrating to say the least.
  12. Most years, they are fine, but this year, they just appeared to have a lot of issues. So it may just be a one-off thing.
  13. I can also chat her up when I see her at BGG.Con in a few weeks. Amazingly, the DGA wrote me back, and they say they want us. I will continue the conversation, and see if they fully work with us.
  14. I have emailed the Ghengis folks again, and once again they replied immediately about checking into it, but never get back to past that. Ghengis is dead I am pretty sure. Against my better judgement, I pinged them again.
  15. I like the note idea. Not sure if I'd use it, but I like it. Overall, this is best for me in that I can keep track of what I have.
  16. Speaking of photos, I must say, sadly, that official photos of the minis this year are truly terrible. In most them, I can't see the nice paint-jobs folks worked on. Some are good later one, but early ones are really, really, dark. Like Rhonda's for instance.
  17. I have never gotten the bar code scanner to work, and I have a good phone.
  18. That's the opportunity to meet new people!
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