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  1. This is just for display right? If so, unless you are going for some kind of effect or just want it protected, there is no need to seal it.
  2. Yeah, I need to actually arrive on time (why I though it only take 40 minutes to get there this time baffles me) this next time (assuming I can make it), and sit with the new folks. Granted, I sat at the table that had room this time.
  3. Phenomenal turnout this Saturday. At least 16 folks!
  4. Hope to see you all soon. Leaving in a bit for paint day!
  5. I-25 or 287. 287 is slower as you need to trudge through Loveland and Longmont, but I-25 is always a crapshot even early Saturday.
  6. And it is nice. We have folks come from as far as Colorado Springs (not of late), and we have regulars from Greeley, Longmont, Conifer, Arvada, Aurora. I think we used to have someone from Sterling too, but that may just be my ASL group I am thinking about.
  7. Nope, just bring yourself, and stuff to paint. If you don't have paint, we share, and there is always plenty of choices amongst the regulars.
  8. Finally picked up the paint brush again. Here's a bit more work I did on him.
  9. I will be there, and hopefully Colin will be. Michael said he is going to try, but he's doing lots of moving stuff.
  10. Is there a preview of the dragon bust?
  11. Anyone know is the Fatty Bursters are only an add-on or are they in one of the sets too?
  12. I must say, I really dislike KS exclusives. I want the Ultimate Survivors, I do, but I can't afford to add any more. :( They are asking for a lot of money upfront for exsclusives. They would still get it from me at a later date, but I can't afford another $30 at this point.
  13. I am not sure if one is needed really. There is a huge variety already. There are expert/advanced ones (freehand, blending with texturing) to very basic (How Not to Suck, basic blending). There is just open painting in which you paint and get help from all your peers (which is undervalued by most--a peer group of painters you go to is invaluable), and if you are working and have more advanced questions or just don't want to ask peers, there is artist row. They are there to help. They aren't there just to paint and be admired by us. That row is there to help. They have other times that they, as artists, get together and paint and chill and work. If people are to shy/introverted to ask for help, well, then, ReaperCon is probably not the best place to improve your painting then. It is a social show. Painting, in fact, is better in a social environment. I know I have grown leaps and bounds as painter through hours of practice and with the help of my local painting group (Colorado Miniatures Painting Alliance). I am very lucky to have a consistent group with some very good painters in it.
  14. In the end, and I hope this does not sound too harsh, what is really needed is more for you time find time to paint outside of ReaperCon. If you want to get better (and don't we all), we have to paint. And classes won't help unless you are actually painting on a consistent basis. I can take a freehand class from Jess Rich or Texturing from Rhonda, but those skills won't do me any good if I am not consistently trying to out those said techniques after the class. If I take the class, paint for a few hours after it, I will improve, but said improvement will go away in days. Painting is about practice, muscle memory, and practice. No amount of open training is going to help unless you paint outside of ReaperCon.
  15. I won a couple last year in door prizes. I gave a giant on to Bobby, and I kept the smaller one, but that is still pretty large.
  16. CMON is acually now considering itself a boardgame wing of CoolMini, and with the hiring of Eric Lang, they should step of their game a bit.
  17. I want both expansions, but this is Zombicide. It has about $40 worth of gameplay in it, but to get what I want costs $220. That ain't right. They really need to stop adding heroes, and get to adding acutal gameplay additions.
  18. Got a bit of work done this weekend and some last night.
  19. A zombiefied troll from Zombicide: Black Plague.
  20. I am anxiously awaiting the new liners to hi the store.
  21. I came about 20 minutes to my store's, and I missed out on everything that interested me. I don't know if they got less this year or it was more popular, but every other year, I got stuff late in the day.
  22. Yeah, can't say I saw him/her. I know I talked to a least a couple new folks who were interested in joining, and they seemed enthusiastic. Communication is a 2-way street, and we can't always see everyone all the time. The store was busy, and so was our meetup. It has been a long time since we have had that many folks there. Good time. I am sad some one was interested and didn't engage us. I find it a bit odd that two 2 table of 16 each of us was giving him dirty looks.
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