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  1. I have this model, I stripped the old paint job off awhile back and have yet to get around to it because of the pumpkin would be too orange; but you did an amazing job on her.
  2. Very cool, it makes a more interesting looking model than just bland grays.
  3. It's an okay glue, but I use Testers.
  4. Personally for metal to metal or metal to plastic I like to use Loctite, but for plastic on plastic I use Good old Testers red tube glue.
  5. That's not a Chaplain, it's a Legion of the Damned Sergeant; he just looks really close. And yeah it is an Ork Topknot from the Assault on Black Reach set.
  6. Well, boy it's been awhile since I posted last, I figured I might as well post some of the stuff I've got finished as of late. Here are a couple of minis for my Space Marine army. First is my sergeant whom we've nicknamed "Sergeant Muttonchops": Next is a Space Marine with a flamethrower And here is my Legion of the Damned Squad that won my an award at this years SCAHMS show:
  7. If only I could make it, I highly doubt I could convince my Dad to go to Reaper Con. But thanks for the heads up though.
  8. I'm sure it is, but I'm looking for something that is published online right now. Although I might end up getting the DVD eventually. As for the other thing: I'm looking for pallet ideas. Not a shear fabric tutorial right now.
  9. First and foremost: my Dad is getting into the hobby with historical models in 54MM and since he's blue/green color blind he wants to do his models in black and white. The two of us spent a couple of hours yesterday looking for tutorials (or an information really) to no avail. So I figured I'd ask you guys for some help on this subject. So the question is basically where can I find a good tutorial for my Dad on how to paint models in black and white or even sepia. And the other (less important) subject: I got this model from Freebooter awhile back: Now I want to paint her for a local show next year and can't think of a good color pallet for her. I'm thinking of putting pink somewhere on the clothes and have her wear white leggings since I don't know who to paint shear fabric.
  10. All these Elf chicks look great, but I can't help but wonder who makes them.
  11. I'm trying to think up of a color scheme for some Kroot and I keep hitting the proverbial wall. I see too many greens, bright colors don't seem to suite them to me for whatever reason. I want to do something with earth tones without relaying on browns too much. If I could find a cool looking green I'd give it a go, but for whatever reason nothing I think of seems to fit right.
  12. Not a bad use of a marine scout, and the camo looks very nice. Almost like it was airbrushed on his uniform.
  13. Very nice work on her. Is she a reaper mini? She seems oldly familiar. Either way I may sneek her into a unit of High Elf shadow warriors.
  14. I know voyager was awful huh? lol I'm just saying that for some reason was the first thing to come to mind when I saw it.
  15. Very nicely done. The skin thought it reminds me of Neelix from Voyager:
  16. I'm reminded of the rendition of those pink things from the Doom movie. Now Imma chargin mah BFG9000!
  17. That shark is something Dr. Evil would have. lol
  18. While they can be convenient for consistency, you don't actually need a pre-mixed "middle color" you know. You could just start with the scorched brown, and add bleached bone to that bit by bit until you work up to pure bleached bone for the highlights. That way you can get as many transitions as you feel you need on a larger area. Well, I thought about that. But I would like to have it be easily repairable. Seeing as it will be a gaming piece.
  19. So the other day I picked up my space marine chaplain with the skull helmet. And one of the shoulder pads is one massive skull. I want to paint it something that looks dynamic, but easy to fix should it be chipped. I know of the Reaper bone triad and it would work fine for the helmet, but seeing as the whole left shoulder pas is a skull... it may not work so well. Any ideas here? A former coworker of mine had a really cool method of painting bone just for chaplains and now I can't think of the formula. I think it sarted with scorched brown and ended with bleached bone but I can't for the life of me think of the middle color.... Well any method would work, I just want something different that would really pop.
  20. Mines pretty bad. But I cleaned it about 2 weeks ago I think, but it's a mess once again.
  21. Trust me when I say I know what it's like to be a gaming groups unofficially elected painter. All it ever takes is for me to bring my characters models and then they ALL want me to paint theirs.
  22. TS I think your version might suit the best for this. Seeing as we Nords with red hair tend to be a bit more an the brown side. (yeah, I'm Danish) What was your formula for the hair? And thanks everyone for the ideas, I'm sure this topic will be of help to alt of painters in the future. And I'll tyr too keep you guys updated on this.
  23. In regards to #1 I'm not sure what you mean. But as for #2, best thing is to "pin the model using a pin drill and a paper clip and then super glue the model together. #3: NEVER SODER!!!! Pewter has a really low melting temperature and you WILL ruin it. (personal experience there) And finally #4: just ask here for tips and they will come. As for paints and whatnot, this isn't really a cheap hobbie. So just look around hobby shops in your area. And brushes it's better to spend a bit more. But Games Workshop makes a 3 brush set for $15 and it comes with a standard brush, detail brush and a drybrush.
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