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  1. We did it!! A huge thanks to all the amazing people and fans at Reaper that have helped fund the CotV kickstarter! With 23 days left there is still plenty of time to jump in a pre-order the pdf, sound track, core rule book or anything else you might want!
  2. We at CotV are pleased to announce sculpting master Kevin Williams is currently working on an exclusive Chronicles of the Void miniature to be produced by Reaper Miniatures. The mini will be of a Javelin Mech Suit much like the one Kinaso is piloting in this pic! Pic How can you score this mini? Easy! If you have already preordered the CotV Core Rule book we are already going to ship you one with your book! If not than just jump on and order a copy before Aug 21st! Chronicles of the Void
  3. That Eccardian is just sick! The detail is amazing!
  4. Congrats on the gig Meg and awesome first showing!
  5. Yes sir! Check out the basic rules on how to beat stuff up along with a quick vid! CotV basic rules
  6. Love it! I wish Reaper had more Steampunk style in it's CS line. and yes, this....
  7. That's a lot of solid painting! Love the blue flames!
  8. Being a big fan of the books I am very pleased with how HBO handled the show. 2012 is WAY to far away!
  9. That bag looks great! Things like this are why I love Reaper!
  10. Big thanks to everyone that played at Reaper Con and glad to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a long time!
  11. This would be the day Wedge and I would play. Probably a latter session if possible.
  12. Hey Bryan, Wedge and I would like to lock down the 10am - 2pm table for Sat, for a game of Chronicles of the Void. Also I know how insanely busy you are at Reaper Con but if there is anyway you could join us and play in that game we would LOVE feed back from someone with so much pen and paper RPG experience under their belt!
  13. Nice I'll be there Sat so hopefully we can catch up and I can see some of those new paint jobs in person! The BSG GG has worked out great but honestly I haven't played a game of WL in a long time, (as Jason loves to remind me ) Looking forward to getting some games in at Reaper Con.
  14. The game is still young enough that we aren't putting rules up yet but they are defiantly on the way. Yea Stubbdog, bummer there is only 7days a week! If we could make an 8th day I'd game with you every week!
  15. Chronicles of the Void is an original Sci-Fi, pen and paper RPG created by 2 of the designers that worked tirelessly on Reaper's amazing tactical tabletop game, War Lord: Savage North. We will be around the Saturday of Reaper Con running demos for any interested on any available table top and have several events planed for this years Gen Con. As a business model we are very much inline with Paizos communication and involvement with it's fan base so hopefully you will join the forums and start sharing your ideas on how to make CotV the destination for Sci-Fi roll playing! http://www.chroniclesofthevoid.com/ http://chroniclesofthevoid.blogspot.com/2011/04/entry-00-012-gencon-update.html
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