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  1. So I've been running a Path Finder game for about 6 months and it's going great! One of my favorite things about Pathfinders presentation of the game is it's iconic characters, a race class combo they use to represent each class option. http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Images_of_iconics Some of them are stock while others are a little off the norm (like a dwarf ranger welding a 2 handed ax) So when you go to pick up an new fantasy game what do you like to see? Human Wizard, Elf ranger, Dwarf fighter or Ork Assassin, Elf barbarian, Drunk Dwarf bard?
  2. I'm in! Hopefully some local people that made it to Reaper Con can make the drive so I get a chance to play them.....
  3. Dude, that is amazing! Great work as always!
  4. Seriously though that whole post was full of nuggets of pure painting gold. I also love how the dude that won his speed painting contest "never wins any painting contest." Can't wait to see Judas... and then kill him with my BSG!
  5. WOW WOW WOW! Sooo cool! I love it when someone takes a model and gos a direction with it that is not the norm! Man she looks great!
  6. My bad I thought Dan was talking about me with the goatee stroking. I didn't realize there was another Doug with a goatee that plays BSG with Dan. Small world!
  7. It's not me it's the Gnomes I swear!!! I love the game, I love the models, I love painted models good or bad, but most of all I love the environment Reaper creates compared to other game companies. You want to paint your minis, cool, you want to game with unpainted minis, cool, would want to field an entire army of pumpkins, snowmen and mice that are proxies for demented blood sucking Gnomes, that's cool. Reaper creates this completely open environment that always puts the person before the product and that's what I love about this game.
  8. Dang dude you have improved a ton! Great work!
  9. Wow man, great BR! It was a blast facing off against you.
  10. Lol, I will, I will! (or at least pay someone to paint them for me. )
  11. Lol and somehow I won this game and the local tournament With Xeldorian and a caster (D'Khul)as my handler against Orba (with an assassins blade) and Mika, 2 pure melee models! I guesses there's more than one way to play the game....
  12. Thanks for your work running the tournament Wedge, this was one of the funnest yet! The scenarios are all a ton of fun and it was great to play some new blood. I will gladly share my list and tactics.... after Reaper Con. These Darkspwan are pretty cool but they're just keeping the table warm till the MIGHTY BSG show up to play!
  13. Got it, Read it, Loved it!
  14. Nice! I'm totally in! Great idea using the R Con scenarios.
  15. Hmmmm... Interesting picks. Now what list to bring...maybe Darkspwan?
  16. Fight! Fight! No seriously, I'd love to see this.
  17. Is this the list you smashed Rauthuros with?
  18. Me 2! Maybe I'll have a chance at breaking that tie Wedge and I got at the last one. And Frank if you do make it out please leave that angel at home.
  19. Holy cow you got good in 2 years! She looks great!
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