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  1. So Jason does this mean you can make it? That would rock! Just hope you don't get pulled to go against my angry eyeball because your mom was a gerbil and you smell like unicorn poop!
  2. To accommodate my "lunch crowd" how about starting around 4?
  3. Troop 1 Xeldorian D'Khul Broken Fodder x 10 Magic Ranged Weapon Luck Stone Troop 2 Devourer of Mashaf Troop 3 Guros Succubus x4 Troop 4 Rahl Mastema Thuusia Demon Imp x 2 Goat Demon x 3 Troop 5 Marilith Some small tweaks from the first Reaper tournament. My first couple games of the first tournament I was still in "kill em all, let Rauthuros sort them out" mode. This tournament I didn't attack a single thing unless it obviously made a impact on the scenario points. I'm liking this list a lot but can see myself continuing to tweak it.
  4. What a blast! A big thanks to Wedge and Gus for all their hard work with getting this going and Aaron (aka Sinden)for helping run the thing. Any tournament that ends in donuts is a quality tournament. Cheers, Doug
  5. That's great advice! I remember the first minis Aaron and I painted. At the time we were so pumped about how cool they looked but now... lets just say it's glad to have a reference of how much better we've gotten.
  6. Wow, I'm surprised chrono out sells WL but I guess that just my personal taste.
  7. Nice! Love the color choices.
  8. Wow Josh, great work! Don't get me into ANOTHER faction. I think having armies for like 5 or so is all ready to much!
  9. They all put out great work but my faves are... Tre Manor - Anything barbarian Derek - Anything gnome (the more bards the better!) Werner - Anything with boobs (can I say that?) Chaz - Anything BSG (I miss that guy...) Guy England - Anything Dwarf Wereshark
  10. Coolest mini EVA! http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/03493
  11. Wow, I remember trying to use spy like that but being told I was wrong. This is going to change a lot about what list I make and how mush more valuable those elites with spy are! I think that if this is how Josh and I had played it last Thursday (my sisters va his overlords) he could would have come out on top or at least been much closer to victory.
  12. Wow! He looks GREAT! (tony tiger voice)
  13. No worries Ben it was a lot of fun to play you and I didn't think you where playing to slow at all. Now that you know all my tricks I'll have to change armies or just hope we don't face off again!
  14. Great as always! And thanks for the recipes the leathers rock the party!
  15. BKBass


    Love it! Looks great!
  16. You guys are all smoking crack. 783 point battles are THE best NO questions asked! If you've never played a 783 point battle than you don't have ANY idea what I'm talking about! It's like getting to eat cake AND a taco in the SAME meal! Yea I prefer 1,000 point games but what ever people want to play is cool with me. The most important thing is that you have fun playing WL!
  17. Can the stones in Cairn Treasure be targeted by magical attacks and if so what is their MD?
  18. You sir, are a master. 10 hrs! That is just sick. Love the colors!
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