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  1. WOW! You are a master with the eyes! Love it. I still think a dog mounted model would be great, especially with the caviler class coming out for Pathfinder.
  2. Wow! Dude what a great job on the cloak! She looks great!
  3. Yea I found Know direction and am loving it!
  4. BKBass


    Wow that looks great! I defiantly dig the skin tones!
  5. Yea, how to properly use inks would rock. I would also be interested in any basic color theory. Like "Here are 4 reptus warriors, lets look at 4 different ways to paint them for your army."
  6. Can't go wrong with the OL crossbowmen. I've found them to be some of the best archers in the game.
  7. She is my favorite! Can't wait to see what you do for her!
  8. Lol yea, Them samurai backed up with casters and crossbowmen along with 5 re-rolls can be pretty sick!
  9. Derek you've got to keep those Gnomes coming! They are just my favorite! Great job
  10. Wow cool list! If you bumped it up to a 1,000 pointer what would you add?
  11. So what RPG podcast do you like to listen to? By the way I'm getting into Pathfinder so anything along that line would be great.
  12. wow beautiful zombie queen!
  13. Love the blade in her right hand!
  14. Great points Gus! I'll continue to keep an open mind about this list and look forward to seeing how it develops and works in a tournament setting.
  15. That's exactly what I was trying to say. I just think those same list that can beat the Gaan Hor with CONSISTENCY would have trouble against a bear rider list, or crimson knight list, or Lion Lancer list, or something in that ball park. All of which haven been proven to be strong list time and time again but would all be destroyed by the Gaan Hor list. Only time shall tell.....
  16. Ok ok ok lets not get to hung up on how amazing short Josh is. I can barley fit that dudes head in my car some times! But seriously I to think Josh is probably Pound for Pound the best warlord player in the area and defiantly the coolest thing about him is his ability to take his defeats like a man, learn from them and come back stronger. But with that said there can be no doubt that the GaanHor list, when even played just ok, is currently the most Broken list in Warlord. I have never seen the GaanHor list beat and have never heard of it being beat (locally) at the 1,000 level other than the first time Josh played me with it and I zapped his clumped up GaanHor with 4, 3" Aoe's at rav 7 a round (thanks Dark Spawn). After that battle we both agreed that with a slight change in tactics he would stomp me every time. The only chance some one would have against this list is if they specifically made a list just to counter this list, and still this list wins 10 out of 10 times against any stock or "tournament lvl" list. Now I don't say any of this to start any wars or come off sounding negative about anything but because I love Warlord more than any table top game ever and I respect it enough to keep it real. Can the GaanHor list be beat? Maybe. Can it be beat when used by a top level player? Probably not.
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