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  1. The dark dwarfs. Such a cool sculpt but the samurai out perform them every time for the cost.
  2. No sir. Charge is a non repeatable action. You can run (move + move + 2")
  3. Plus keeping your troops with your leader gives you a chance at pulling of some inspire actions, thus getting a +1Mav for free!
  4. For best game of the year! http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/
  5. For best mini of the year! http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/
  6. QFT Wowahboy pins me in with those stupid rats all the time!
  7. Fracking AWESOME! You Gnome skills are of the hook!
  8. Sounds like a blast guys! Thanks for the reports.
  9. Love them all! Getting them all! Now just trying to decide color schemes...
  10. I started playing because of the BSG, specifically because of Glaktu.
  11. Man I wish I could have been there! Sounds like it was a blast and some great games. Haven't played the pumpkin king in TOOOO long!
  12. Personally I love the war torn worlds stuff. http://wartornworlds.com/ I'm a fan of terrain and in general like at least 6 significant pieces on the board. At home we play on a dry erase board and draw on the terrain each game using color coated markers.
  13. Man I wish I was going to be there to play some stock 1000 pointers with the OK crew!
  14. What about a big rock covered in blood for all your demented gnomes!
  15. Don't need to. There is no argument.
  16. What? The ONLY non 1,000 point games I have ever played are 500 point games, where it is very much not balanced but rather used to introduce someone to the game. Obviously any group can and SHOULD play at any point cost they want, with any models they want, any time of the day they want, wearing whatever they want (well maybe not ). I'm pretty sure the spirit of the game is to get together with some friends and have a good time. There can be no debate however that this game was play tested primarily at 1000 points.
  17. "A coupla games ago, around 15-20 pages just fell out..broke loose of the binding." Pages are falling out! Sounds like the exception and not the rule.
  18. Dude what are you doing with your book? I played every week and kept my book, unprotected, in a backpack full of drum sticks and binders and all I've had happen is the cover curl up?
  19. Me and most of the other players around reaper don't like playing anything but 1000 point games. That is where the game is balanced and we like that you cant take everything. You have to choose which units you want and use a good strategy to win. -Sin QFT!
  20. Wow those guys look great!
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