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  1. Man I LOVE that mini! Looks great!
  2. " but also because it's lightning. . .and lightning doesn't give you much time to dodge." Great BR dude!
  3. Can not wait! That thing looks AMAZING!!!!
  4. LOL, me 2 but only cause I know how Jason rolls....
  5. Thats cool but not me. For most factions it has a big influence on how I build my list and how I use the full force.
  6. When we play at reaper it's considered "Polite" to announce before hand, but you don't have to.
  7. The Frost Giant Princess is amazing!!
  8. Did you mean "To rule the LAND!"? I've been playing rpgs and tabletop for longer than I'd like to admit but for me its not just been how fun the game is but also the quality of players it attracts. We have a great gaming group in the Dallas area and I truly believe the way cool, positive vibe of Reaper as a company bleeds into the type of people who play it's games. They say your judged by the company you keep, and I have no problem with hanging with Warlord every week!
  9. ? Where I'm from Elves never lose. Unless it's to Reptus.
  10. For tournament play I would think during army creation. Its not like you show up and then how to build you army after you've seen what your opponent brought.
  11. Sounds like a great game and a FD that's even better than 5 re-rolls!
  12. Why? What do they bring to the table for 65 points that is a must to complement the mercs? Is a troop of 10 CK worth more than 5 re-rolls, 10 Minotaurs, and 90 points left over to spend?
  13. The Mercs do indeed rock the party! I love taking casters and holding them back to cast "smite all" for only 3 points. Then the cleave on the Minotaurs and Okurans becomes very likely and the cultist can jump up from 2 at 3 to 2 at 5 for just 3 points! (thats just with smite all and blood lust! with support, focus and martyr your looking at a possible 2 at 9!) And like Jason said if the come for your casters just blade barrier them! I think the merc's strength is in it's caster options and faction doctrines.
  14. I am loving the Merc's in WL2! Every time I've played with them Ive used the Scoundrel's Luck doctrine. With 5 re-rolls and the ability to change natural 1's to 10's it can really change the game for you. My question is looking at the Change of Heart doctrine what single data card and non unique piece of equipment is worth more than 5 re-rolls? It seems like it would have to be something that would fill in some existing hole in the Merc's force or something that complemented existing modeles.....
  15. I own PPP from both company's and love both! In general the Rackham sculpts and paint jobs appeal to me more consistently but they are way more fragile than the Reaper stuff. I use the purple worm and the Minotaur in warlord, and can just throw them in my bag with out ever worrying if they will break. My favorite thing about the Reaper stuff is that you pay for the mini, not the value of the mini in the game. For example Rackham prices their PPP based on the point value of the character in Confrontation, so I paid the same price for 2 minis that I paid for 5 minis.
  16. WOW! That is soooooo cool!
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