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  1. Should be awsome! See everyone there!
  2. I would love to see more anime styles. Also really creepy evil dwarves.
  3. In my opinion of course. This mini has to be the single coolest mini I have ever bought. I just wanted to give Chaz props for great work done!
  4. dude, 90 min? Thats rocks!
  5. I am all about the BSG! Those cute little dudes pulled me away from the last game I was playing and sold me on Warlord. The more dudes riding giant bugs the better!
  6. Had a blast, looking forward to next time.
  7. Yea I'm painting a beetle rider right now! I love the model. The only Gnomes I don't like so far are the Pinners and Pulgers and with such little time to paint I don't want to spend it on guys I don't like. Any recommendations for DL replacements?
  8. All very good points. I'll just have to get one in my hands and then decide. So what would I need to do to put together a 500 point army for next game? Thanks again for the great demo tonight! See ya in 2 weeks.
  9. First off, I love these guys. I think these guys alone are going to get me to come over to Warlord and drop the game I'm playing now. With that said what is up with the Bloodstone Matron? I love the body but what is that face? I think this mini is a chick but that face looks like a smashed pile of mud. Am I alone on this, or does anyone have any conversion ideas?
  10. sorry dude, I got sick. I'll try and make it next time.
  11. I’ve got to say being new to Warlord, but having played my fare share of table top games I find this thread an interesting read. Being a teacher, every day I have students explain to me how when they forgot something or did something wrong it’s “Not their fault”. People don’t like to be wrong… ever. And when they are they love to blame it on something else. I think that the primarily problem I have playing some times go’s far beyond the game mechanics and comes back to the attitude of the players. I was playing a game with a friend this weekend (not at reaper con, not even warlord) that wanted to quit because “The last 3 hours haven’t been fun at all, just frustrating.” What that really meant was “You don’t agree with every one of my interpretations of the rules.” At the end of the game, even though he had won, he was still poopy pants and said he would never play again. I think with any of these games it’s about finding the right players that will enjoy the game for the experience rather than the victory. I find the “this game is broken” idea ridiculous. I used to love playing Street Fighter 3 3rd strike. There are some strong characters and some weak ones. I used to love playing one of the perceived weakest characters in the game because since she was considered weak and uncommon people didn’t always know the best way to play against her. Since the dawn of time strategy have been about understanding your weakness and find out how to hide them or make them advantages. I guess all I’m saying is if you aren’t having fun playing it might be worth finding new players before finding a new game.
  12. I like the Idea of an Aztec style army. One with Humans mixed with different were like creatures.
  13. Wow guys, thanks for all the quick replies and info. So why the departure from the Darkspawn army? Are you able to still use a mixed army or how do allies work in Warlord? Thanks for the heads up on miniature-Giant!
  14. I’m new to Warlord and was wondering, is Bloodstone its own faction or part of Darkspawn? They seem so cool. Also what kind of investment (troop numbers and $) would it take to get into the game?
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