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  1. Yea actualy, there seems to be a market for slightly tooled up superhuman monsters in bloodbowl. Even GW once made a cyborg, lately somebody has put out a road warrior-esque team. It would be an intresting angle to take the fantasy figure line from. (And one that reaper would excell with).
  2. Well... Ill be honest. I would want to play Grandma Willson's popular tabletop game with the figures. There are some odd miniature publishers geting into making fantasy football miniatures. Some of them are awfull, others inspired. Reaper could publish their own rules set based off of americian foot ball. That would be simple, and I am shure they would love the help. They could even have it as a download to justify the miniatures. Perhaps they could take a diffrent angle... like Mutant League Football? But seriously, I cant see somthing like that not selling. There is a long term market with a constant demand. Its a field generaly dominated by Grandma Willson, but I would be happy to give my money to whomever made the best sculpts. Many blood bowl turneys are independently run and GW seems to no longer support the fantasy football hobby.... There are so many people using reaper sculpts as coaches... its time they made a few teams as well. With reapers ability to publish miniatures they could have a few teams out in a cupple months. They could even go so far as to publish "coach packs". I dont know a single blood bowl player who has stoped at only 1 team.
  3. Got talking with a friend... why are you guys not making these? Reaper would dominate this field. (Pun Intended) Seriously, compare the quality of some of the sculpts out there to reaper. See if impact will allow you to make figures for elf ball, im shure if you ask nicely... I think they would sell just fine in comparison to your other ranges and I know if you came out with the right teams I would buy one!
  4. Sort of meant the "Jabberwock from Alice". GW once upon a time had a guide and all I could think was "I wish reaper would put out a miniature like that...." I am really a tallenless sculpter and dont want to take the time for a conversion. I would not mind owning one however... so really, I was wondering if anyone else ever wanted to paint/own one. I think a reaper sculpt is long overdue.
  5. That Inq. sculpt is very... UGLY. Here, perhaps a frame of refrence would help. http://www.coolminiornot.com/140420 http://www.coolminiornot.com/87717 http://www.coolminiornot.com/189860 http://www.coolminiornot.com/107980 My goal is to present Genestealers as a phenomonon outside of the tyarnid sphere of influince. IE. To make them look like a Old School Cult/ Chaos Runagades again. To this end I would like to find two suitable sculpts. I have plenty of bits to convert them, but lack the base models. This expidition is also on a budjet, I want to see if I can do it cheaper then tracking down a single magus on Ebay(20usd). Sculpt 1- A Patriarche Genestealer Requirements: Few, because I am looking to get away from the broodlord sculpt and despise the old GW sculpt I would love to find somthing unique. I would prefer somthing along these lines, http://www.coolminiornot.com/87717. But would be happy with a tenticled head. I have plenty of claw bits to substutue the hands but would prefer to use a suitable model. A tenticled or bulbus head would bolth work. Sculpt 2- A Magus (Rogue Psyker) Requirments: A (hopefully bald) wizard that would take the conversion to 40K fairly well. An imperial gothic look prefered. Troll magazine once had alternate magus sculpts and conversions, and these would fit the bill but I was wondering if anyones knowlage of Reapers product range might help me. Again, I am asking for help because I am frankly so un-familiar with reapers product range. If you know of a non-reaper sculpt that is fine, but at this time I have dicided that reaper is most likely to meet my needs due to its extensive colection of Deamon and D&D monters. Thankyou for your time.
  6. GW has canceled bits-orders. (Im an old spacehulk player, I am well aware of these). Actualy I was hoping someone who was more familiar with the reaper range might direct me to some Stealer-isque boss model. Somthing that could be used as a Broodlord. Same thing with a cult leader. I noticed that on Fig search I can type in Deamon or Claws but its unlikely that I am seeing every sculpt avaiable. Just hoping that someone might know of a good fit. I really dont care for the old partrach model, and the Magus goes for 15-20 dollars on ebay. I would be just as happy spending 20 dollars on a model that looked similar. (This might sound strange) Also, I prefer not to think of them as Nids. Rather I would like to think of them as some kind of deviant alien spicies or chaos runagade. Thus using an alternte sculpt is not a big deal, I would prefer to think of them as some "galatic plague" or Xenomorph. I have thrown this question up in a few places and I never get a good answer.
  7. I was hoping that someone here could direct me to an alternative sculpt for a Genestealer Broodlord and Cult Magus. I am open to other intreprations and mild conversions. I was hoping to do a "Cathlu" intrepretation focusing on a nicely done cult magus leading a large grouping of puritians. I was hoping to find alternative broodlord sculpt that would follow the basic anatomy of a genestealer. Rules wise I am using a rogue psyker from the Witch-hunters codex and A broodlord with a entirely genestealer list.
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