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  1. I prefer top down. My logic here is that the paint is resting against the nosil instead of the little bit of air that's in the bottle. I have very little need for a pokey tool to clear nosil clogs.
  2. Make sure you do a layer or two of dullcoat between your rust and the paint. Otherwise you may chip off your rust.
  3. That could be Inarah. Maybe it was more like a civil war? I have to look at it again. It had a western look to it.
  4. I was under the impression next year is cowboy themed
  5. I decided to go with another place. It was easier and less :-)
  6. I can't seem to find a class schedule anywhere. does someone have thus stashed away?
  7. yes yes march! see how flustered I was?
  8. Maltique

    Hilton Code

    FYI folks, according to the Hilton the code for the discounted room rates expired on May 26th and not on April 4. I will be calling to try and resolve the issue, but the room rate went up to $139 a night.
  9. use the other end of your paint brush. no additional tools required!
  10. PLANNED! There are several I have to get from the boneyard as they didn't make it through the great paint desk shuffle and move of 2011. Good lord that is the longest paint commission turn around EVER.
  11. So, I havn't been on the forums on an insane amount of time. I haven't been to a Con in 2 years and it's about time. Ridiculously excited... had to share.
  12. Heck ya! I may make it if I am still unemployed. We shall see!
  13. Good lord @That Guy... really setting the bar high aren't we? LOL Awesome job and best of luck! I am not going to be in on this one, but I will watch in anticipation!
  14. I AM OUT!! I almost wish i had surgery. they said there was nothing more they could do and that they would have to keep me for a week to figure it out or I could go home and do it outpatient. my liver enzimes (ALT and AST) are supposed to be at 35ish and they are currently at 275 and 279. It can't keep up that way and we have to figure out what is wrong. so, off to a specialist back home i go. It will be an ongoing battle
  15. LMAO froggy!! Thanks for all the well wishes folks! I am still waiting on the final word on the when/if things are going to get done. I will keep you posted! I have my amazing and awesome boyfriend here in St Louis. He came up to Gencon to surprise me and I am SO GRATEFUL to him. He is from here so I have a local around.
  16. Gencon was great this year! It will be GREAT when I get to go home. I made it half way there and had to stop in the ER!! Looks like I may have my gall bladder removed in the next few hours. I don't know whether to be frustrated about not being home or grateful that it didn't happen in Indy. More to come later!!
  17. I will be there! I don't know about D&D but some board games or Munchkin would be awesome!
  18. i tried to clean a blender while it was plugged in about 3 months ago. finger still attached, but it felt like it wanted to fall off for days.
  19. good god, that is horrifying. I have tried to cut off a finger before with an exacto, but that king of injury can really do you in. Death by miniature painting?
  20. I get mine from http://www.creativecoldsnow.com/
  21. wait... we grazed over the Jester subject. He will be there... in the same room with paint and minis. Do I see a comeback in the future???
  22. Aw dang, that was really fast this year. THANKS KIT! (and anyone else that was involved)
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