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    My wife and I go on vacation to the Gulf Coast every year for the 4th of July. But the real vacation for me for the past six years has been ReaperCon. Sometimes I paint. Sometimes I game. Sometimes I just sit and relax. Bryan, so many folks tell you how much they appreciate what you Reaperpeeps do and how much fun they had. My way of saying thanks was, on my way out the door, to tell you 'bring it in here' and give you a big bear hug. The weekend was perfect as usual. And I second the thought about my fellow Reapergoers. I left my digital camera and video camera and all my other stuff on the table to go home and walk my dogs at lunch and my bundle was never even moved over out of the way. I lost my metal trade slip twice. Once the girls made me a new one without a question and the second time I found it on the table, unmolested, right where I had left it, with over 200 oz. of credit. Finally, and this might seem trivial, but more than once I sat down beside Matt or Ed or Dave at a table where they were having serious/semi-serious business discussions and they did not miss a beat or even look over to see who was horning in. To me, that is very unusual and very classy. You guys deserve all the success you are having and more. See you next April, Warlord Dan
  2. You got me. It's not nice to fool your Warlord . . .
  3. Thanks guys. Vince, you have no one to blame but yourself for the position of feudal underling that you now find yourself in for the next year. I begged you to play. Did everything but wrap myself around your leg . . . Everyone knows that I am permanently scarred by what happened in 2011, but thanks for the reminder. No matter. Fact is, I am now your Warlord. Signed, Asterisk Dan
  4. Aw, c'mon Heisler, you did a great job as usual . . . and none of us are getting any prettier.
  5. Jason, Give your Warlord some credit or I will have you flogged. The restricted terrain vs. the BSG prevented me from spreading out to avoid close combat with monsters and those Blood Net spells. 90% of my casualties were from the Worm and the Lesser Golem that I was too hemmed in by terrain to avoid or even more by magic for the same reason. Plus the Lesser Golem and Warlord dude both got up tough twice. The BSGs also had many one-track guys that somewhat lessened the impact of my two-point slow fire hits. Not to mention that in the first game I chose the wrong doctrine and that my opponent was a very skilled player. Also remember that the Razig I used repeatedly crushed all comers under all kinds of conditions in the two months leading up to the convention. That combo of the swarms of rats and the Seahag with Hold, Lighting and Domination can really slow down and break up attacks and leave the enemy vulnerable to the 18" 2-point damage hits of my Slow Fire shooters. Enemies that manage to close still have to deal with the First Strike of my bayonets and swarms of counterattacking rats. Against the Elves, I slowed the charge of Darren's massed Centaurs with my Rat Swarms, stopped them with bayonets, and killed them with a volley or two. Darren's most effective tactic was using the mirror spell to double his archers. Almost all of my losses vs. the Elves were from long-range missle fire that I was initially unable to respond to until the threat from his melee units was resolved. Against the Dwarves, even though my shooting die rolls were initially poor (one troop with Crow's Nest Willy and six Bone Marines was 0 for 14 shooting the first two turns), my opponent had only one shooter and no magic, so I was able to advance to meet him and just shoot him down. There was all kinds of luck and there are all kinds of excuses. In the end, the majority of the damage done to my shooty army was by a magic or other shooty guys, not by melee. Also, I avoided high cost guys in favor of cheaper guys working as a team. The most expensive guy on my list was the Seahag at 74 points. So what is my conclusion? I don't know. In the end the results still come down to getting the right match-ups and scenarios. And a bit of luck. OK, alot of luck. Darren taught me the game and Jason has been an inspiration to me to keep playing and investing in new armies through the dark days of near extinction. I hope that you guys who missed the tournament really do make an effort to play next year. Nay, as your Warlord, I demand that you arrive at ReaperCon 2014 ready for battle. Warlord is such a fun game that I would hate to see it die. Your Warlord has Spoken, Dan the Mighty
  6. I made this video mainly for the folks who were unable to attend this year. I'm not the greatest videographer in the world, so please excuse my spotty camera work. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Yea, sure, I finally won the Warlord Tournament on my 6th try and I am the Warlord before whom all my minions must bow. But as I told Vince, there will always be an asterisk by my name for 2013 in the Warlord Book of Victories because he did not participate this year. For anyone who is interested, here are my scores: Game 1 vs. Bloodstone Gnomes W 11 - 9 Game 2 vs. Elves W 14 - 6 Game 3 vs. Dwarves W 17 - 3 The spoils of my victory was a $75 gift certificate with which I purchased an Army Painter Precision Plastic Cutter; an Army Painter Miniature and Model Drill; ReaperCon 2013 Sophies x 2; and a Munchkin Cthulhu game. Thanks to everyone for a great time, especially Jason. See you guys next year.
  8. Day 3 I did not get the Painting Contest Award Ceremony on video. I forgot to hit the 'record' button. Ugh.
  9. Here's the tournament list for my Razig. Be afraid: Troop 1 Mister Blood Seahag Familiar Bone Marine x 6 Skeletal Harpooner x 2 Treasure Map Luck Stone Troop 2 Black Knife Tom Bone Marine x 3 Skeletal Harpooner x 3 Rat Swarm x 5 Troop 3 Crows Nest Willy Bone Marine x 6 Troop 4 Rat Swarm x 6 1000 Points I thought it only fair to give you guys ample warning.
  10. Avoiding me, Dan? ~v Naw. I just got a new job and I cannot make it until late on Friday. You know I love you, man.
  11. You can make a pretty good army just with the guys you listed. You need to buy a 2.0 rulebook. Razig faction information can be downloded for free at Reaper website homepage / Games / Reaper Games.com / Helpful Downloads. They play about the same as before, if a bit less killy. Carronade went away. Murder of Crows got neutered and rats changed to rat swarms with to damage tracks vice one but almost twice as expensive. Doctrine stuff and unique equipment got refined and has some really cool options. Here's an idea of a build that uses all the minis you listed except for the Grim Pete & the Zombie Recruits: Mast of the Maiden Treasure Map Luck Stone Troop 1 (Warlord & Bodyguard that can shoot and melee) Razig Skeletal Crewmen x 4 Troop 2 (Melee Troop) Baron LeBone Jackie Bones Skeletan Chain Ganger x 4 Troop 3 (Shooty Guys - Harpooners protect Marines) Mister Blood Bone Marine x 4 Skeletal Harpooners x 3 Troop 4 Dark Maiden Troop 5 Soul Cannon 999 Points Good luck.
  12. Had more fun playing Warlord. Gamed with Steve and Jason last night at Area 51. We were there until almost 1:00 A.M. gaming and chewing the fat. First time I played since Reapercon last May. Game 1: Steve TPKed my Reptus with his Dwarves. Firestorms got me a couple of times and crossbows caused alot of damage as well. Game 2: Jason beat Steve's Dwarves pretty handily with his Crusaders. Looked to me like Steve spread his guys out too much and they could not support each other, but what do I know. Game 3: My Reptus TPKed Jason's Crusaders but I finished with only 4 Spikeshells on the table. I hate getting first striked. So we were each 1-1. That is about as balanced as you can get. I cheated twice but only got away with it once. I was caught taking a regeneration roll for my Dragon Turtle but got away with "best 2 out of 3" rolling for one of my tough checks. Jason would disagree, but passing a ridiculous amount of tough checks does not count as cheating. Jason was not impressed with how I used my snakes. I blame the snakes. My MVP was the Dragon Turtle (his name is Virgil). My LVP was my Crymorian Warrior (his name is Vince). Krungbeast (named Bruce) was lots of fun as usual.
  13. From what I saw, the new stuff - 2.0 and Savage North - got off to slow starts and the Reaper folks lost interest. I was one of the playtesters for 2.0 and one of the guys that worked alot on the Razig. Personally, I just got busy with life and kind of lost track of the hard core guys, but I am getting back in touch now and playing tonight. In the last five years at the ReaperCon Warlord tournament I finished 2nd twice and 3rd once (we won't mention the other two times). Did I worry about play balance? Nope. I painted armies that I thought would be fun to play and figures that were fun to paint and looked cool. That's it. I hardly ever use casters because I like to keep it simple and not have to remember how to use them or worry about protecting them. I fielded a very shooty Resurrection Crusader army (Crusaders) that was almost all archers; I fielded my Necropolis army with lots of flyers and bat swarms; I played Razig proxied as British marines that had a treasure map and bottles of rum and shore bombardment with lots of sea creatures and ship rats. All were fun. Isn't that the point?
  14. I have painted five different armies for Warlord over the last five years and I am working on a Reptus army for next Reapearcon now. Warlord is a great game. I like that you can proxy anything. Here are a couple of my past armies:
  15. Check out my YouTube video, "Why You Should Go to ReaperCon . . ." Skip ahead to 12:18 to get to the part specifically about ReaperCon.
  16. The GF9 bases mentioned by Stubbdog work great. I use them for some of my historical figures. I use the large round GF9 bases for my Nappy and ACW Generals. For Warlord, I cut my bases from 2mm thick styrene sheet from Hobbylinc (also best source for Floquil Figure Flat and Zip Kicker) and magnetic sheet from Hobby Lobby. Print out the 40% coupon from the Hobby Lobby website before you go and get a rolled 2' x 1' magnetic sheet for $6.00. I do not use the standard 25mm black plastic bases for a couple of reasons. First, since they are tapered, you have less room on top for models and/or terrain. Second, the undersides are hollow making it difficult to apply magnetic sheet. I use covered cake pans from WalMart for storage. The cheap ones are best . . . figures tend to slide on the teflon pans. Finally, if you want to simplify your lives, don't rebase, just say that anything on the table within 1" is in B2B. Just make sure you declare that the figures are going to be B2B and that your opponent rogers up. For good sportsmanship, explain your intention and clearly measure where opponent can see that your figs can make it into B2B before moving figs within 1". I have used this method often as recently as the tournament last week when figs get jumbled together and especially with figures like my gargoyles with wings and claws sticking out everywhere. It's never been a problem with anyone and for folks with painted figures it can save on wear and tear, since paintjobs do get damaged during the course of play as figures bump and collide. Unpainted figures can be especially injurious to our little beauties. Anyway, that's my thoughts on the matter. Hope I don't get blacklisted for mentioning prices and suppliers . . .
  17. Humansquish is being modest. He's a really good player and fun to play against as well. He took my ranting to Jason about his luckstones well. Good for you, man. "Jason. You're killing me. Dude shows up with a bucket of luckstones worth +2 each. You're taking the dice out of my hands. Rolling lots of dice is the funnest part. You're taking my dice away. This is broke. What were the playtesters thinking? You're killing me here, man." Jason just smiled as he usually does when I moan and groan. HS also got me so frustrated with his shooty dude that I diverted two Gargoyles from exiting the board, which would have been another point (58 pts x 2 = 116 rounded to 100), to kill it and subsequently get swarmed and killed by Sable Guards. I did not play Kuro Cleanbrush, so I do not know why he won the Sportsmanship award, but Humansquish must have been in the running. But I think that the games that challenge me or that I learn from are the best and most memorable. Schooling some beginner dude ain't memorable, Memorable was my 1-19 loss last year to Vince last year, but I also remember every move from the time I first beat Jason back in '09. Sparky - Darren - first taught me to play over numerous Saturdays and Sundays back in '07. I still accuse him of being a notorious cheater every time he "focuses." Anyway, thanks again to everyone for a great time. I am already looking forward to next year. Hopefully my Reptus will be ready enough to bring by then. I'm still trying to figure out a list for my three Krungbeasts Blizzard, Big Red and Bruiser.
  18. I stuck with my usual fare of Chicken sandwiches and Frito Pie. Had a breakfast burrito with tater tots one morning as well. Thanks Mike.
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