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  1. If I was evil I would make a MuP just to be number 500... Hmmm...
  2. As of right now there are 219 members registered who have 0 posts. I only counted the last 19. You can search the member database by number of posts and set it up to return 100 results at a time. :p I'm doing my part to post more. Of the people who joined since December (and I joined at the end of December), only haldir has more posts than me. (You are member #35 Lady Tam)
  3. Yes, that is me in the glasses. I did say I was a ref now. Being a ref is a lot easier on the body and lets you keep working up the heat from the crowd. Also pays better than being a no-name wrestler. More fun than jobbing (throwing the match) too. I'm not big enough to be a heavyweight and I'm not insane enough to be a high-flyer (and I'm not stupid enough to be hardcore). I really wish I had the video or at least a pic from that show when Sonny/Tammy Lynn Sytch slapped me. The crowd went WILD! It was awesome. I love that... Unfortunately Aryanuns and my experience is not uncommon. People start up feds and think they are the next Vince and are going to be raking in the cash. After losing money on a couple shows they suddenly get very tight with the cash. It's worse in NY with our Athletic Commission, it only adds more expenses to the operation. What was I thinking when I spelled paid in that post? Time to go edit... Oh yeah, WotC loss is Reapers gain. What's this thread about again?
  4. The funniest part of that sketch is the redneck guys reaction to that line... Umm, any further explanation could be dangerous.
  5. Actually candy and cigarettes (along with beer) are staples of convenience stores. It was a great job except for the company that I worked for. That's a big problem with indy feds and a big reason why I left the biz. I have a couple feds that are being set up by wrestlers that I've worked with in the past that are calling me to come back though. It IS addicting (I love the boos from the crowd). Sadly I don't have that many action pics of me, but here's me and Chris Candido from a show I did a couple months ago (I'm mainly a ref now): I got paid way less than I was supposed to for that show, but at least I got paid. If you saw the place that show was held you would have been happy to get paid anything also...
  6. The Reaperpeeps don't NEED to, we all know they put out a better quality product. No need to create any bad blood, you never know who may be working for Reaper someday with WotC getting rid of their designers, companies going out of business, and normal turnover. A lot of the best small or niche market business' work together to build up the industry, not tear each other down (from my experience running a used car dealership and with convenience stores, but there are also many business associations out there). As an aside, from my days as a pro wrestler/referee, I never understood the bad blood between companies anyway. A lot of the same wrestlers would go back and forth between feds, so putting down a fed (and by association, their stars) would only make you look foolish if they ever came to work for you. When I worked for a candy and cigarette distributor it was just as bad though. My boss actually wanted me to threaten the people working for the competition! But the same thing, the salespeople would often switch companies. How you went to the same stores and said "I know last week I said these guys were horrible, but now I want you to buy from them" I don't know. Not to mention if I had actually threatened someone and then had to work with them...
  7. Gimp suits, if you've seen The Simpsons: The one-armed guy (name???) ties up Snake and Officer Wiggum in a gimp suit-like get up on chairs (a nod to PF) in the Tales of Springfield episode. Actually, that episode may have a different title, it's been a while since I've seen it. Been a while since I've seen Pulp Fiction also... :(
  8. There are still a ton of Chainmail minis at every LGS around me. If you have a WotC store around you they may still have a few left at a discount, but the LGS I've seen haven't dropped any prices... They have also repackaged some Chainmail minis under the D&D logo as boxed sets as well.
  9. That was probably it, thanks. When you say "it was stopped by the death of the main char..." do you mean IRL or in the series? Was the ghost WW game called Wraith: The Oblivion? Was there a Changling: ?? that you could play a Troll in? My replacement characters in that campaign were a Ghost and a Troll (brothers, also brothers of Cletus. Enos and Eugene IIRC.), rather unmemerable except the Ghost got a crit on his first attack ever, before the other characters even knew about him, leading the other characters to distrust my Troll (why did that guys face implode while you were talking to him?).
  10. Virgin!!! ::Jumps on JTs seat and does various unmentionable acts:: ::Hopes others do this (Umm, I mean have seen this done) at their shows...:: Well, if everythings cast already I guess I won't show up as Eddie so I'm just going to the Zen Room...
  11. Ooh, I wanted to type in the "responses" while reading it... Of course, the censorbot would be too overworked if we could do responses... ON OUR FEET!!! :p
  12. Does anyone remember that ill fated V:tM TV show (on Fox IIRC)? Didn't even make it a full 13 weeks for a summer run, but I thought it was pretty cool. Of course my group played a mix of WW games at the time (table top, not LARP). It was actually started as a GURPS game until my Psi got "lost" (Wierdness Magnet disadvantage) and the DM realized the rest of the party fit the WW games (a vampire, a werewolf, and a mage, how convenient...) and we switched.
  13. Eeek, the double post thing happens a lot over at the Wizards boards. It's usually a slow connection or slow boards that make it look like your post didn't take that leads to a DP. It's a good way to get your post count up... (BTW - I thought that was the EVIL smilie, not the angry smilie...)
  14. E-mail the Ewok and ask him...
  15. However, by the rules, a peasant is only proficient with one simple weapon (Core Rulebook III, pg 38)... ???
  16. I think it's supposed to be an easy to use weapon (simple) and weapons that need some sort of training to use (martial). This doesn't really work completely for me though, as a handaxe, saps, and bows are martial weapons (?). Some classes don't even get all simple weapons as a proficiency (Wizards) and some get a mix of some (not all) simple and some martial. If they are simple, why doesn't everyone know how to use them?
  17. Not to sound terse, but find another store. If they won't take the time to let you test out a camera (especially a digital camera with negligible film costs involved) find one that will. This may be easier for me to say though, living in the shadow of Kodak there are quite a few small local shops around me (LCS?). Web pics usually optimize at 72 dpi, but if you have a digital camera you will eventually want to use it for more than just posting pics on the web (speaking from experience) so I would go with the best you can justify spending. Note that technology will undoubtably improve and you will want to upgrade at some point. The level of what you will be using it for currently may not lead you to buy top of the line at this time but think about how much you will spend on an upgrade when the time comes (it may be justifiable to buy a better camera at a later time, just making you aware). The better the camera the more expensive it will be (most of the time), so make them earn their comission... Or buy cheaper on the web after they show you all your options. ReaperIvy, can I make the same adjustments in the "lite" version of Photoshop? I've never really had much luck in adjusting my digital pics beyond cropping, sizing, and a simple touch up. I really wish I could find the manual for my digital (a 1.2 mpxl Kodak DC-120 from before some marketing genius came up with the "megapixel" tag, sadly now orphaned by the big yellow box). Well, I also have a "disposable" US$10 (that is NOT missing a 0) one that I would never use for anything important.
  18. Anyone care to post pics so that we could compare? I've never seen a painted Drow and said "That's what a Drow looks like!" You know what I mean?
  19. D&D 3rd Edition (previously 4 FR campaigns, now just 2 :(. I never used Drizzl and El IMC). Previously: WEG d6 Star Wars (I really liked this system, unfortunately WEG went belly up in the middle of our campaign). GURPS (I liked this as well, but the rest of the group did not share that feeling). 7th Sea. Shadowrun. Deadlands. Vampire tM (with Mage tA and other WW games thrown in). A host of others that we only played a few game of that I can't remember now. Long ago: AD&D, Car Wars, a homebrew Hockey RPG (really), a homebrew WWII air combat sim (based off of a WWI air combat sim), and a spy RPG.
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