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  1. I know this have been crazy, with KS and all. but does anyone know if there will be metal releases this month. not trying to be pushy just curious thanks Reaper Peeps for all you do. :)
  2. I Miss the old site. the new one feels broken and incomplete. Wish we could revert back the new one should be in Beta still
  3. https://antediluvianminiatures.wordpress.com/2017/12/03/shop-medieval-demons/
  4. Just wondering if Preview Gallery is coming back. I’m getting use to new site but miss some of the others features. Also thank you for your hard work :)
  5. Will April Metal releases be posted soon?
  6. For Dungeon Dwellers line some Old school bearded gnomes in style of Bobby Jackson’s Halflings.
  7. I thought I heard somewhere a Minotaur was coming in near future. But don’t quote me on it. Orc Raiders are listed in Releases for this month and I thrilled about that. I’d love to see more of the kobolds and goblins and a Bugbear or two. I hope this line continues beyond this year. ;)
  8. A set of 3 metal modular orcs in this style would be amazing! ;) ;) ;)
  9. Just received mine, thank you Reaper! reminds me of Angus McBrides MERP paintings. More of these orcs by Bobby Jackson in this style! please Reaper Ron, make it so :)
  10. Throw it away? ever here of eBay or giving a friend a gift ? All free collector models should be metal. Bones is fine for paint and play. But as far a collecting, they offer little collectible value and are not the choice of serious collectors or painters. Metal rules! ;) \m/ (><) \m/
  11. I would like to see Bob Ridolfi take on Orcs, I love his style and feel they would be really cool. but if not that, maybe a group of Skeletal orcs and goblins from him instead ;) Also more horse mounted metal minis like undead and Player Characters;)
  12. Awesome! Do these now have the Dungeon Dwellers card backing? As opposed to the Anniversary backing 07001 Rictus came with. I ask because I'm also collecting unopened versions along with one to paint ;)
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