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  1. I agree the magic system update is nice (but that sorta dips into the issue of why it wasn't really all that well done or thought out in the first ed.) I was thinking / hoping rather than removing everything that made the system stand out a bit more from others, there would be updates to smooth out and correct the issues you pointed out. My bad. I will keep my expectations to a minimum from here on in regards to Warlord products I would preferred to pay more for an actual second ed rather than Warlord light. Data cards are available online as is an army builder. I never mentioned them, you did. No. No. No. Sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Before you take your ball and go home, you might want to consider the following: 1. Regarding cost, the first Edition book was printed in much greater numbers. The Second edition revision was performed largely by a bunch of volunteers that poured a year's worth of their free time in to the game in the hopes that Reaper would consider giving the game another shake at a printed rulebook it desperately needed. Because of this, the print run was much smaller and the book was produced in black and white. Fortuntately (or I guess, unfortunately from your perspective), it did well enough off of that first printing to warrant a reprint, and a follow-up hardsover, Savage North. But the bottom line really is, prices have gone up, everywhere for everything - yes, the Second edition softcover is only $5 less than the First edition hardcover, but it is also the exact same number of pages (144), and was printed 5 years later. To expect differently is wishful thinking at best, and plain ignorant at worst. 2. The "screwy organization", as you call it, is *exactly* the same as the First edition hardcover; each faction has a fluff section in the front of the book (p.8-27 First ed vs. p. 6-15 Second ed) with the model fluff and datacards in the back (again, p. 80-109 for First ed, vs. p. 54-141 for Second ed). 3. I'm guessing that when you say the rules have been stripped down in Second edition, you are referring to the removal of things like Stunts (p.77-78), the horrible convoluted Campaign system (p.114-127, 130-139), the Generic Cards and their completely unbalanced customization rules (p.140-143). Oh, and let's not forget the Role-playing section (p.30.-32)... Yes, these things were removed, and all with very good reason. Warlord is a wargame, not a RPG. The goal of the rulebook is to provide everything needed to play it as a wargame. The fact is, all this other stuff (and the painting guide too) went by the wayside to make room for a better, cleaner game with more datacards than every before. As I am disinclined to count them, I can't say for certain how many datacards existed solely in the First edition hardcover. I can say, definitively, that there are 393 Datacards in the Second edition book. I'd guess that the First edition book has less than half that. The First edition book had a whopping 16 spells; the Second edition book has 13 *Tomes* of spells, each having 5 spells a piece (except Open), and that does not include the Faction-specific spells. If anything, the rules have been bulked up (where it matters most), not stripped down. And if you can't find a datacard close enough to what you want from the incredible 610 datacards present in the game (counting those from the SN hardcover), then I'd suggest that you aren't trying very hard. It's a shame you feel ripped off, as I expect it will probably sour any game experience you try to take away from Second edition. Which is sad, because it really is a much, much better game now. ~v
  2. I just received my copy of the new second edition...(not the Savage North but the base book) Are there campaign rules in the Savage North? Are the loot rules in the Savage North? Are the build of custom character rules in the Savage North? I'm kinda feeling a bit ripped off. The rules are stripped down, there are no color photos. I know it was only 20 bucks but the first edition was only 24.95...huge completeness and quality disparity between the two IMHO. Not to mention organization is screwy. The faction descriptions are in the front and the faction stats are all in the back. I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed with the book.
  3. Well here is my first "real" attempt at painting a mini since the early 1990's I think...(don't laugh to hard... ) I'm a lot older now and my hand isn't as steady as it use to be and I am pretty much re-learning as I go. I see the gun barrel needs to be fixed up Looks like I have a chip on the hat to repair
  4. Hey everyone, What is a good material to use for snow on bases that looks good? I picked up GW's snow but it looks pretty bad. It's a real fine grass-like material. It looks like white shaving stubble to me. It did not give the effect I was hoping for which was a nice smooth snow covering rather then fuzzy. I've heard of people using baking soda? Any orother suggestions?
  5. This mini is apparently out of production for some time now but my wife reallyyy, really would like to get it. (10001 Druid Stones) Any ideas or does anyone know of any store with a stock of them? My link
  6. Nice Make it a torch rather than a Staff and we are in business Why a torch? So you can burn more witches of course!
  7. Well it's a labor of love, I've been busy (kids and Christmas coming)and getting re-acquainted with painting (it's been about a decade)but here is what I did with converting the Reaper witch hunter dude. It took longer to get then I planed because apparently my order didn't work or disappeared or something so after 2 weeks I had to reorder. Additionally I am stationed overseas so the Army takes their time delivering. So I dropped his arm a bit and added a pistol rather then that hammer. I'm thinking about replacing that sword also...I'm not feeling the "Witch Hunter" vibe from it. He needs more of a saber IMHO. (P.S. Solomon Kane on DVD in EU, check it out, pretty good flick - think "Witch Hunter, the movie")
  8. Hi all, I just picked up some really badly painted minis off of ebay.(nice minis for a good price) What is the best way to strip that paint job off? It looks like standard GW or so paint, no enamels. They are metal minis not plastic.
  9. Yeah, I'm going to try to chop the head off of Duskwalker and attach it to Blood. I need to actually see the minis together so I can judge if its a good match or not. A little "green stuff" can smooth out that coat. Plus I have some Warhammer bits to use because that sword is a no go for Matthias....I'm thinking about replacing the pistol as well. (I picked up a bunch of sword arms and pistols on ebay for under 10 bucks). Streng was a tough one, I picked a guy that doesn't really fit the book description all that well but he conveys the brutishness of the character pretty well.(14329: Street Thug, Mercenaries Grunt...maybe attach a crossbow to his back) Dunno, I can always try a different guy later. I also picked 02956: Cyndria Stormcaller for Matthias's love interest (can't remember her name at the moment)She needs a bit of work with that sword however....yikes... And for the Knight Capt from the Church or Morr (03292: Almaran the Gold, Paladin With Flaming Sword) Again, I know he's not the best match to the description (sword and shield vs two handed in the book) but I like the mini... Anyway, this should keep me busy for a while.
  10. But they are 32mm , I don't think he will fit into the rest of my concept :) I'm trying to build a group based on the Warhammer novel series "Mathias Thulmann, Witch Hunter"
  11. Nice, I've been eyeballing this companies mini's for a while now.
  12. Here we go, thanks to Josh's hunter suggestion 02861: Abram Duskwalker Now...to get rid of that hammer... maybe this? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/pistol/sku-down/14271 (actually, I think he looks a bit better as a Witch Hunter...maybe a head conversion with Abram...????)
  13. Sure, I know the history, My Witch Hunter in WAR is named Soloman Kane :) ( ) I just didn't want to seem like I was promoting anyone else's product.
  14. I'm looking for a mini that is similar to a typical "Witch Hunter" from another lines world :) Anyone have any suggestions, conversion or otherwise? (I'm hooked on the MMORPG character class and would love to paint a mini similar to it but can't find anything)
  15. I'm not sure I am tracking the company stratagy here at Reaper minis. There are 2 fantasy miniature lines going but only one is usable with the Warlord rules? I understand that the DHL are more of a generic line but I don't understand why they are not all standardized to be used with the ruleset they publish. Seems like a waste of a marketing opportunity to me. Why not incorporate DHL into Warlord? (aside from the handful they currently have)
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