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  1. FlintLoque, I am sure what you saw was FlintLoque.
  2. I don't think there should be a Mouseling Villain, everybody knows ferrets are the villains and criminal masterminds. Super Hero Mouseling . . . where have I heard that one before . . .
  3. On a related topic: the sigils (logos symbols) for the Taltos factions are available on the Reaper Forum/Website (as handy little gif files; they are even available as forum avatars - like mine) but there is no sign of the Savage North ones? Was there a command decision to make them less available?
  4. Could you paint the boxy shapes [caskets?] on the deck of the big boat in somewhat the same style as the chest? Do the ends of the smaller boat with a stylized lotus color scheme? Or, for the smaller boat, green on the lower part of the hull, bronze/gold detail on its ends, do some stripes...[?] Looks like you could go nuts painting the hulls with fine details and murals if you wanted to: http://egypt.myweb.hinet.net/photo%20new/00021.jpg http://www.lessing-photo.com/p3/080102/08010261.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3147/2897725560_e15365251e_o.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a98/kmt_sesh/Tut%20Exhibit/tut026.jpg http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/223/1566/X1300/PreviewComp/SuperStock_1566-063866.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_hL4UsejIVKQ/S91GrYDmgoI/AAAAAAAAAk4/pY6uiA6AhEw/s1600/tomb+of+menna+luxor+egypt+boat.jpg [Edit] One more:
  5. There is model RR ballast, there is colored sand at craft stores ( Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. ), there is ash tray sand. Natural sand is a multitude of colors. So mix several different colors if you can. Grain size (geology definition): sand is particles 2mm in diameter or smaller. Scale: your scale is either 1:12, 1:18, or 1:36. Depending on whether: your 4 inch tall figure represents a 4 foot tall dwarf - 1:12 your 4 inch tall figure represents a 6 foot tall barbarian - 1:18 your 4 inch tall figure represents a 12 foot tall ogre - 1:36 So the best case is: you need to scale down 2mm grains to 1/12 that size which means grains no bigger than 0.167mm. Luckily there is such a thing: A mix of Very Fine Sand (1/16 to 1/8 mm) and Fine Sand (1/8 to 1/4mm) would be about right. But, I am assuming your dwarf is standing on Very Coarse Sand. BTW, material smaller than 1/16mm is considered silt not sand (again, geology definition). Whew, that was fun. Math and Geology in the same post. So, what actual scale is your miniature? Cyanoacrylate glue really likes sand. Put a blob of CA glue somewhere, gently pour a sand mix onto/into the glue, (I use drinking straws to pour nice and slow), wait patiently, let the glue dry, go watch TV..., then tip the figure to let the excess sand fall away. It dries very hard, like miniature concrete.
  6. The market is kinda saturated with villainous, rat-like, rodents . . . just sayin'. King's Musketeer Mouslings, 4 poses: Atho-mouse, Portho-mouse, Ara-mouse and Mouse-tagnan . . . not, most definitely not,.. ..Mouseketeers.
  7. Fortress America was the one with Bombers, Helicopters, Hovertanks, 8 Wheel APCs, and Infantry. Four factions: Red menace from the Atlantic, Yellow horde from the Pacific, Blue Hegemony from the Carribean, and the defending US forces were a proper army men Green. Later in the game the US side could develop battle laser stations, but I don't remember nukes.
  8. How many paws does each beastie sculpt have? I tried to count, but my eyes kept getting confounded... I tried to look up "Banth" online and got two answers: 10 paws or else 8...
  9. These are some 'art school' books about color theory: Albers Albers Edwards Itten Itten Itten Wong I present these more as a review (warning) than a recommendation. They are the typical texts that would be on the reading list for a college level course in the subject of color theory. I have owned (and may still possess) a couple of these titles. (But I forget exactly which...sorry...it's been awhile.) My guess (based on dimming memories of whatever older editions I have) is that none of them are what you are wanting. But they are some of the big-name titles in the field. Written by art professors, their approach to the subject was not exactly mathematical or technical. However, I do recommend Amazon's preview pages feature. You ought to be able to get a sense of whether one of these is the sort of book you want using that. And, here is the Amazon link to the book Michael recommended: Wilcox
  10. I think you picked a very tricky flame color (blu-ish) plus a very tricky to highlight garment color (black). Would a black surface reflect much blue, even from a blu-ish light source? Thought experiment: what if the sword snapped off and got lost? How would this model look then? To me the highlighting on the robe looks perfect as: dark-robes-on-undead-horror with-chalky-highlights-where-the-dust-of-the-ages has settled on the garb when he blasted his way through an old wall. So good news: save your notes on how you did this because it is an excellent technique for Wraith Robes covered in Dust from the Tomb. It looks excellent as that. But the bad news: OK, that was not what you were aiming for...
  11. The 345 total is assuming the GM never re-cycles figures?
  12. Out of curiosity I tried the experiment Jon suggests with this image. The Power Palette found all of these in the one face: 09067 Rosy Shadow [+] ⇒ (upper lip, her RHS) 09111 Burnt Orange [+] ⇒ 09201 Orange Brown [+] ⇒ 09138 Intense Brown [+] ⇒ 09073 Chestnut Gold [+] ⇒ 09225 Redstone Highlight [+] ⇒ 09232 Bright Skin Shadow [+] ⇒ 09242 Carrottop Red [+] ⇒ 09243 Highlight Orange [+] ⇒ 09068 Rosy Skin [+] ⇒ ...it took over a dozen tries to find Rosy Shadow
  13. Better pay? my thought is see if that holds up after you calculate the difference in state income taxes. In fact, have a tax accountant take your current salary and find out what salary number you'd need to earn in MI to break even. [Edit] It might be worth pondering how much taxes might go up in both NE and MI. Each state's budget troubles, here are some MI figures, might have some bearing on what happens next tax-wise.
  14. You should post a picture of a crackled cloak. Meanwhile, consider whether there is anything new or different about the drying process. Things like hotter lamps, brighter bulbs, more airflow, humidity of ambient air, ambient temp...
  15. IIRC, that was only a quasi-official event sponsored/instigated by Froggy the Great and/or ReaperBryan. I am suspecting it was a: he-who-brings-the-dead-gadgetry is in-charge-of-that-research sort of deal. With any luck one of them will officially deny-all-knowledge and clarify things further after noticing this thread.
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