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Status Updates posted by MamaGeek

  1. Not enough time to paint lately, so progress is slow...

  2. Painting too many things at once

  3. ...painting Lanura Windsong

  4. I am wondering what I should paint next...

  5. I'm in Troll Heaven!

    1. Silas Coggeshall

      Silas Coggeshall

      Painting trolls or trolling people on the internet? LOL

  6. My current project is a 54mm Andrea Miniatures model of Rob Roy, which I'm painting to be historically accurate.

  7. is working on a couple of old-school Reaper dwarves circa 1995 or so.

  8. And hello to you, too!

  9. just donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love!

  10. Thanks, Andy! The old one was getting a bit dated. This one was from my college homecoming this year. It was my grad class' 10-year reunion year.

  11. Welcome to Reaper, and the great hobby of miniature painting! With Andy as your tutor, you will be producing top notch minis in no time!

  12. Welcome to Reaper! It's good to see you jumping right in. I hope you find these boards as friendly and helpful as I have over the years!

  13. Welcome to Reaper! I hope we can all help you to become an even better painter. Post up lots of minis, and ask any questions you want. So, pull up a chair, and stick around for a while!

  14. Reaper boards are lucky to have you as a member. Your posts, WIPS, show-offs, etc. are all so very useful, and you're always willing to help out a fellow painter. Thanks so much!

  15. How long have you been painting?

  16. Hi Jatbugg! Thanks for asking!

    I use many layers of very, very thin paint. Olliekickflip has an excellent blending turorial thread in the Painting Tips forum. That's where I got started, and I suggest you check it out. Other than that, it's just a matter of practice and yes, patience. Good luck!

  17. Thanks! That's my goal!

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