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  1. I love the orc skin tones and the two-tone mage robes, nicely blended! That water base is awesome. Can you provide a tutorial?
  2. its been a while since i have been on, I hope you are well and look forward to seeing your work again 

  3. Looking awesome! And I love how you sculpt the actual inner anatomy, even when you're just going to cover it with more layers of greenstuff.
  4. Yes, I did. I also used a hobby knife to carefully scrape off the worst of the mold lines.
  5. Mice & Mystics is like D&D with no DM, and only combat, no role-playing. It's fun, but I can only take so much of it before it gets tedious. My son made up his own 3-tile chapter to play with his friends. They got through 2 before they quit to go wrestle in the living room. They seemed to be having fun while it lasted, though, and they're only 10, so their attention spans are limited. Jab, I painted them from the character card art. No other reference is really needed, though of course you're welcome to look at mine if you find it helpful.
  6. Very cool, love your WIPs, where we get to see the skeletal structure building up to the full miniature.
  7. My son got the board game Mice & Mystics from Santa this year. I just finished painting the mice characters (6 of them). I have not painted the minions (centipede, rats, roaches, spider) yet. I like how they turned out as a set, though the last mouse was a little rushed, because I wanted to finish in time for his Mice & Mystics themed Birthday party. Can you figure out which one was rushed? (Hint: it's not the last in line). Here's a photo of my son playing with his friends:
  8. I finally got around to logging on again after joining the house. Thought I'd pop in and say hi. I can't even remember the last time I picked up a paintbrush...
  9. Green? Probably one of many layers added on. Certainly not the base coat.
  10. It's just a very thin layer of black paint added on after I finished the face. It's easy! You can do it, too!
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